Glory Zhao Ming: Hardware stacking can only play 70% of the performance through software and hardware tuning differentiation


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Sina science and technology news on January 22 morning news, glory held today V40 series new product launch, which is also the first launch after glory independence.
Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, officially released the V40 series. Zhao Ming pointed out that many manufacturers stack hardware, and the products only play about 70% of the capacity. Glory in the future to break through the system architecture and tuning. By embracing the world’s excellent industry chain partners, we can give full play to the performance of excellent devices to achieve 90%, even 100%.
In his opinion, this requires integrated software and hardware tuning at three levels: software system, hardware and software integration acceleration engine, and SOC computing power.
“We use the same chip and operating system as our friends, and we can keep differentiation.” He said that by introducing optimization technologies such as link turbo, GPU turbo, 5g engine and memory management engine, we can have better performance and experience under the same chip.
GPU turbo technology was originally based on Kirin chip developed by Huawei, which was used to coordinate CPU and GPU operations. Zhao Ming said that by using industry chips this time, the concept of GPU turbo was implanted into GPU turbo x technology, which can be integrated with many industry chips in the future. (Zhang Jun)