Biden’s inauguration ceremony set off an upsurge of “P-map for Bernie Sanders”


Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of January 22, according to reports, on January 20, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, dressed in casual clothes, attended Biden’s inauguration ceremony. He was wearing a winter fur coat, knitted gloves and a mask, and sat with his arms crossed at Biden’s inauguration ceremony, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding “painting style”. This dress was captured by overseas netizens, and the whole network set off a wave of “P-map for sanders”. Sanders then responded to the hot discussion about clothing, saying that he lived in the cold Vermont, and cared less about fashion, but more about warmth.
Before long, netizens quickly figured out how to use snapchat and the expression pack generator of Google Maps streetscape to make their own Bernie expressions.
Here’s how to enjoy it:
Senator Sanders can go anywhere your mobile phone can. As long as you have a snapchat application lens, which uses augmented reality technology, you just need to superimpose his figure on the image that your mobile phone camera can see.
First, you have to download the snapchat app to your phone. Then turn on the camera function while turning on snapchat, click on the same expression code of Mr. Sanders, and focus the camera. Once you have successfully completed this step, you should see a pop-up window.
After the camera is aimed at the mobile phone, you can choose “send to a friend” or “take a picture”. Click to take a picture.
Now, you can go anywhere you want Bernie to appear, then move the image and zoom it in or out. Just press the camera button at the bottom to take a picture, or long press to take a video.
Google Maps
By using Nick sawhney’s expression pack generator, a graduate student and software engineer, you can make sitting Bernie appear anywhere you can pull out the street view of Google maps.
To get Bernie’s photo, just fill in the address in the link box of the website.
When the expression pack is generated, the page will show that Sanders is sitting in the address of your choice.