Old fellow Kwai: the old iron man lost the world.


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One afternoon in July 2017, a Kwai Chung headquarters in the 22 floor of block B, the edification of science and technology building in Wudaokou, is scheduled for a weekly meeting. The data team analyzed a tiktok product for the bosses: jitter.
Interestingly, after the report, the reactions of the senior executives present here are as follows:
They didn’t respond.
One year later Kwai Chung, the tiktok lived 150 million, faster than the fast runner. At that time, the former went online for 500 days and the latter for seven years.
The fate of a product, of course, depends on self struggle, but we should also consider the historical process. How did Kwai Fu, who once sat on the best historical opportunity, become a supporting actor step by step?
On the eve of Kwai Chung’s listing, we’ll resume the process to see what’s going on.
Two transformations
Gif Kwai was a GIF animation tool when it first launched in 2011. Users mainly came from QQ space and micro-blog. In April 2012, on the first anniversary of the opening of QQ third-party login, Cheng Yixiao, as a representative of the industry, wrote a word:
Cheng Yixiao, from Tieling, the “end of the universe”, is reticent and has an obsession with making social products. By the end of 2012, Kwai’s attempt to community-based community was not smooth. GIF is also a picture. At that time, there were many giants in the graphic community, including renren.com, the former owner, and Weibo.
In the field of mobile image and social networking, there are dozens of teams who want to be instagram in China. After getting the financing, they are in a mess, especially after Facebook announced its US $1 billion acquisition of INS in early 2012. As a result, the wechat circle of friends, which was launched in April 2012, will beat these Chinese ins all over the place in the coming year.
On the other hand, China’s first short video App “micro beat” was born in the same month of Kwai Tong in 2011. Then 3G was in the early stage of popularization, with slow network speed and high charges. Mobile phone users without WiFi couldn’t play short video happily, and the first batch of short video products unexpectedly became martyrs.
In 2013, Cheng Yixiao tried to add audio to the product, but the effect was not good. Later, I thought about it. It’s a short video? Kwai started the second transformation and transformed it into a short video community. The result was even worse, and the daily activity dropped to about ten thousand. During that time, Cheng Yixiao met Suhua after Zhang Fei of Chenxing capital (now Wuyuan capital).
At that time, Zhang Dong, the old superior of Suhua and Google Baidu, had just finished two big deals and bought a villa after wealth freedom. His life was simple and boring. Unlike some media reports, he did not join the Kwai in the first time.
In 2013, Kwai Hua has been the recommended algorithm consultant for several companies. Cheng Yi’s quick smile is just one of the customers, and a client is Zhang Yiming’s headline today. At that time, Suhua planned to start a business with his wife Tang Yuyu. The companies were all registered, and Chen Haozhi, who made money by “fishing talent”, also invested.
In the second half of 2013, due to the sharp drop of data after the transformation of short video, Cheng Yixiao prepared to change to the GIF animation and short video mixed mode. Before the modification is finished, the recommendation algorithm and short video have a chemical reaction. In early 2014, the fast data began to rise, and later got ten million dollars for Shun Kwai, DCM and Sequoia. Suhua and Cheng Yixiao think there is nothing wrong with this direction, so they formally form a team and rush into Kyushu.
Later, the old fellow Kwai 666 was quickly drawn. But the Kwai tiktok of 2014 is rather small and fresh, even like the early quiver. At that time, the head of the fast hand was represented by Huang Wenyu and Kwai Wang.
Cheng Yi smiles very much, and is the top runner of the fast hand. The popularity of Kwai is comparable to that of the cold love between the unfamiliar street and von Ti mo. Kwai Wang began publishing the GIF dynamic map in 2013, and began playing the net ensemble in 2014. He participated in a series of films and TV works, published books, and acted as the heroine of Joker Xue’s “ambiguous” MV.
What if the Kwai tiktok develops in this direction may become another beautiful shot, or there may be no chance to shake. But things changed in the second half of 2014.
Old fellow Kwai Tai
Many young users are Kwai Fu. They start with funny stories, though there are some local flavors, but the general style is quite normal.
The early Kwai and the social shake were limited in content, but young people love to imitate and follow suit. Some users resent this
The advent of Providence has indirectly activated the northeast of Kwai.
Li Tianyou, from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, dropped out of junior high school and began to mix with the society. He won the first place in the beating. After years of wrestling at the bottom of society, he found himself by shouting.
In the summer of 2014, God bless a passionate, Kwai – Kwai, “ladies, you guys listen to me”, and exploded the fire on the fast hand. The God of fortune registered the fast account, and the powder rose four hundred thousand in a short time. Later, he led Kwai fan and early fans who he had chatting on another live platform to enter YY. At the end of the year, the “YY annual event” took the first place of “best male MC” in one fell swoop.
In 2014, PC live broadcasting represented by 9158, six rooms and YY was booming, in which YY gathered a large number of northeast anchors. With the tacit consent of the platform and the instigation of the guild, YY has formed a one-stop routine of “shouting, scolding, and PK”. By artificially creating antagonism, the gold owners and fans stand in line with each other with money, and the anchor, the guild and the platform make a lot of money.
A new force suddenly rises. It takes only a month for YY players to realize the role of Kwai Fu. On YY, the anchor and fans can only interact live by live broadcast. The short video platform of the mobile phone can satisfy the needs of the hosts’ interaction with Kwai fans.
In early 2015, a large number of YY anchors LED fans to Kwai Tai, and directly cut live video clips into short video releases. The Kwai’s community atmosphere is being impacted, the old users are rapidly marginalized, and the YY style anchors, users and contents attract each other. In just two or three months, the Kwai DIU life has been broken through by tens of millions. The data is rising, and Kwai’s style is completely northeastern.

The 2015 Kwai Fu is the short video version of YY. The elements of these old iron men are flying around, such as shouting wheat, shaking up big brother, old fellow, social worker and luxury car. Young women are materialized and marginalized in this scene. The female anchorperson wants to get pink quickly, either with heavy makeup and bare chest and legs, or with tattoos and smoking.
Also in 2015, the conditions of mobile terminal, network and tariff were mature, and the air outlet of mobile live broadcasting took shape. “17”, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Yingke are online one after another.
Seeing the great potential of commercialization of live broadcasting, Kwai began to launch live coverage on a small scale in November 2015. After the Spring Festival of 2016, Kwai Fu officially opens live broadcast to all users. At the same time, Tang Yan’s Momo also launched UGC live broadcasting business, and the stock price soared.
Due to technology and auditing, the Kwai Fu did not allow all users to start broadcasting before 2018, but automatically opened live broadcast rights by the algorithm according to the comprehensive data of fans, short video playback and violation. The restrictions of live broadcast and chemical reactions of the basic user of the sinking user led to the Kwai’s style of painting, which evolved to the cruel words that were exposed by the media on the previous northeast wind. What logic is this?
Kwai chill’s early slogan is “a little bit interesting”, and what’s more, the money making atmosphere is very mild, and there is no self abuse content. Later, self abuse was not “recording real life”, but a kind of performance. The motivation of this performance came from the real desire of users for interests.
The significance of live broadcast to Kwai is not only commercial income but also incentive production.
What motivates content production? By example. Some people are making money by selling WeChat quickly, and Kwai collecting gifts to make money. Everyone cares how to get the powder up and how to open live. The answer is that the more popular the works are and the more fans they have, the easier it is to open live rights.
Users are weird things, and the incentive of these benefits is very good. It stimulates the production of fast track content and the Kwai Shen of content. Ordinary people have no talent, they perform hard, they do not make enough life to play the duet, and they are not enough to eat and broadcast, and they are not enough to abuse themselves. After they finish, they shout: thank old fellow iron, give their brothers a free double click.
Sinking users also have an additional advantage, that is, low threshold, easy to motivate.
Short video play a little larger, comment more, earn more than a few hundred dollars per month through live broadcast or selling, which is not a matter of a second line user, but it is very useful for old fellow Kwai Tong. Do or think the same without prior consulation2, vested interest or official hope, add a thank you official to the signature, as if the driver Kwai a Bodhisattva on the rearview mirror.
However, once the interests of the old fellow are touched, the rebound is also very strong.
As some users are increasingly low in the short video and live broadcast, and the exposure of the cruel bottom story in June 2016, Kwai has intensified the examination and punishment. So the old fellow Kwai Kwai came prepared to meet the challenge of Wudaokou’s fast hand headquarters and quickly hired a lot of security guards to be there. This is a grand occasion that can only be seen by the electricity supplier company.
In April 2017, a big sister in Hebei hit Kwai Hsin headquarters. The security guard at the gate was heavily guarded. The elder sister made trouble for three days and cried to see the leader. Suhua Cheng goes in and out with a smile, which is the same as ordinary employees. Her elder sister meets the leader as she wishes, but she can’t recognize him.
“Did the people in the countryside eat your rice?”
After tens of millions of products live every day, the negative image first exposed in front of the mainstream public opinion is that Suhua can’t sit still.
In the second half of 2016, Suhua appeared in person, frequently participated in activities and interviews, and at the same time, looked for candidates everywhere, built a brand and public relations team. Ceng Guangming, senior media member and deputy editor in chief of NetEase, joined Kwai Fu as a partner and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).
Zeng Guangming is the No.37 employee of Southern Metropolis Daily. He is the first generation entertainment reporter in mainland China. He once explored and cultivated Zhuo Wei and Feng Ke, the two leading paparazzi in mainland China. I didn’t think of it. I Kwai turned the boat quickly.
After Ceng Guangming joined the office, he quickly changed slogan to “record the world record”, and began a series of routine operations such as Kwai naming and brand launch. However, the mainstream public opinion is still immersed in the lingering charm of “eating pork alive and eating pork dead, and exploding crotch with firecrackers”.
What Kwai tau asked is a question of “taunt”. Suhua, who was diving in Zhihu, was very upset, so Zeng Guangming wrote his own answer
As a result, it was hit hard by Zhihu big V’s “party building”
It’s not over yet. A few days later, the party Kwai ran out of a private letter harassed by the staff.
Kwai Fu official account responded that the employee was based on public information and personally connected to the party. However, the user didn’t accept this explanation, and ended up with Zeng Guangming’s personal apology. As far as I know, this “uncle on the edge of heaven” is Zeng Guangming himself.
After the half year, Liang had faded from his Kwai Fu’s daily work. In April 2018, Kwai Chee was put on the rack for rectification for half a month because of his low content and punishment. In July, Zeng Guangming announced his resignation in his circle of friends. The first phase of Kwai Fu’s brand floatation failed.
There are two phenomena when we finish the rectification of this fast track. The content of Kwai Kwai is poor in compatibility with the second line users, and the brand strategy is not appropriate.
The former is easier to understand. The core competitiveness of Kwai Fu users and content is becoming a burden in the circle. The typical Kwai user characteristics are summed up as “three low” (low education, low age, low income), and “Three Guarantees” (cleaning, security, nanny). The content production and consumption taste of this kind of people are difficult to accept by the first and second-line users.
For example, Kwai Fu video can be added to the text. The background bar of the text is an early design, and the color and style are very exaggerated. At the end of 2016, designers and product managers felt that these banners were too big and moved to the back of the options, but users still stubbornly turned them out for use. In the middle of 2017, looking ahead, the information flow is still in full swing

What Kwai Kwai city’s brand strategy is, however, is a rather baffling “life without any difference”. Zeng Guangming also made public knife. “Most of the users of fast moving products are from the second tier cities, and the highest education level is lower than that of high schools. They are looking at low in the urban elite, but they are not in the elite judgment framework.”
Kwai: what do you mean by telling the elite not to play fast? But the boss obviously doesn’t want that.
Going to old iron will lose the characteristics of the fast hand, but the old fellow will be Kwai Fu. The brand will have to be cool and special. The bottom-up development of content community products is so difficult.
Kwai old fellow Kwai’s spirit world is fast. 985, 211 elite graduates are not able to do the same. Many people didn’t use it before entering the office, or even heard of Kwai Fu. After entering the office, I recommend this product to my family and friends. I feel frustrated because my family members and friends are not Kwai Fu typical users.
When Kwai tiktok was first sprayed into a sieve, the next door was shaking the first tier cities, and the young users, named “hip-hop” in China, opened up the top-down acceleration.
From 2017 tiktok, the external effects of the jitter became more prominent, and a batch of divine songs, red products, net red shops and even net red city were built in 2018. The Kwai’s external influence is basically “old fellow iron no fault, double hit 666”, strictly speaking, this is still the cultural heritage of YY period.
A lot of Kwai tiktok is in the jitter. If you look at it quickly, this is a good thing. A real man should be on the top. Our journey is the star of the entertainment industry. But the user does not agree: serious point, our this society shakes.
Wong Cho Lam is the first batch of Kwai’s fast star. When the first broadcast was launched, the anchor Er Lu Hao became number one with 400000, but Zulan didn’t understand the customs and didn’t thank big brother according to the rules. Two ass Kwai stamp with rage. At the public screen, he shouted, “get out of the fast track, you will broadcast a fart, record your running dog!”
The rise of fast hands is because it provides users with a platform for entertainment rather than “Kwai Hui”. No matter how many line users are, they are all people and need entertainment. Tiktok Kwai is the ultimate content production and consumption scale. If you talk too much about brand and public relations, it’s easy to deceive and paralyze your employees.
“Bullshit is a Kwai Fu community,” said a group of media. “Now the voice is the media. Now looking back is a tiktok. Tiktok is also a community, and it may be a more healthy community. A Kwai old veteran said. Leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, and Kwai Chung emphasized that everyone is equal. My previous judgment and cognition are almost all wrong. ”
be inferior to others in skills
The Kwai’s initial cognition of the difference between the two tiktok is single row double row. The development of tiktok was rapid, and was once classified as a single column, and browsing experience was better.
The Kwai’s double row information flow pattern has been fixed for a long time. Let’s have a look at the 2014 interface
In early 2017, Kwai Tai lived faster than the US and the second. Tencent investment in Kwai D, but also closed its own micro vision. In high and vigorous spirits, the company has been expanding, and the two generation of products tiktok has been rising and rolling.
Kwai tiktok noticed some trembling sound as early as 2016, and suggested that China should pay attention to it. Interestingly, tiktok Kwai’s conclusion is that “users play jitter is good for fast hands”.
No one has ever considered a question: when the flow of the early motion of the jitter began to sink, tiktok continued to grow, and this was a very dangerous signal.
Tiktok Zhang Nan, who was the head of the shake hands, shared the core competitiveness of the past year in the past year, which is tiktok, music, special effects and personalized recommendation in 2018.
There is a common misunderstanding that the experience of single video information flow is more friendly than double columns, so the tiktok will win. In fact, the experience of single column viewing is friendly, which requires two preconditions: the algorithm and content quality are good enough.
The recommendation algorithm needs to grasp the user’s preference within three slides, otherwise, it can provide the opportunity of reverse selection, tolerate the double columns of lower quality content, and the content tolerance and function scalability will win.
Tiktok is the key to fast evolution of the algorithm. Compared with double column, single column interaction is more simple, only up and down and watch, close to human instinctive reaction. The operation of less dimensions provides more pure data, which is conducive to the rapid evolution of recommendation algorithm and more accurate matching of content and people. In addition, immersive browsing strengthens the advantages of user experience.
Two Kwai fast hands, as the container of training algorithms, have too many operations and the output data are not clean enough.
As for the quality of content pool, the first year of the control and the trembling sound is mainly PGC and PUGC, that is, the operation is effective in content intervention. The first impression of tiktok is not too bad. There are a lot of low-quality content in Kwai TSE content pool, which is not present before new users without operation intervention, cold start optimization and user segmentation.
In Cheng Yixiao’s view, communities can self purify and evolve. For example, if the audience is tired of watching content such as eating and broadcasting, they will not watch it and no one will send it. This obviously underestimates the low and “ugly” side of human nature.
Although Kwai Wah agreed to do the cold start optimization, but on the one hand, the fast hand did not have content operation at that time, did not analyze, grade, label the material, on the other hand, the data did rise. It seems that this is not necessary, so this matter has been shelved until the end of 2018.
The result is that Kwai’s publicity and product style are particularly divisive. A second line user saw Kwai Fu advertising or soft Wen, and was moved to tears. So download the product, open it, and you’ll see a burst of tears again: that’s it?
In short, such content and user groups, feeding algorithm, is the old fellow algorithm, let a second line and southern users how to play? For many years Kwai Tung’s only southern province with faster penetration is Hainan, the legendary fourth tiktok province.
Content and algorithm need to achieve and develop in coordination with each other. Kwai Hua, who is a machine learning technology, will not understand the importance of algorithm evolution. But at that time, fast hand had a bunch of technical debts to repay.

In May 2016, the number of Kwai staff was just 100, and the size of the team was inferior to the byte beating algorithm team next door.
Products and enterprises are not well-known, recruitment is difficult, and manpower is insufficient, so they have to work overtime. The work intensity of 10 weeks in the morning, 10 weeks in the evening and 10 weeks in the week has continued for many years, making recruitment and retention more difficult. The number and quality of employees can’t keep up, which leads to more and more technical debts, such a vicious circle.
At that time, because of the limitation of YY Association contract, Kwai Kwai did not often broadcast live quickly, once the broadcast was launched, the fast server would collapse. Every time Tianyou starts broadcasting, the technical team is like a big enemy. Expansion one after another, Suhua also often personally to Jiuxianqiao server room run.
To what extent is the technology of Kwai Fu in those days? Take two examples.
In the first half of 2017, the Kwai Fu visual data backstage was not developed. After the ideal analysis of data, the product either needs the help of technical colleagues or applies for permission to write SQL to query the database. Even worse, Kwai Fu’s client statistics were chaotic and random, and the value of data was greatly reduced.
AB test is widely used in Internet industry, that is to extract user groups in a small range and verify data in groups before new functions are launched. Kwai AB test, user sampling is ID tail number random, can not accurately locate the target user groups, the meaning of the test can be seen. Not until 2018 did Kwai Fu develop the true sense of the AB test system.
In addition, the mobile phone user base with Android’s Kwai Fu has brought different resolutions and different mobile models. Many users are not updating their old client versions, which brings many troubles to the development of iterative adaptation and maintenance. Android’s multimedia development environment is bad, a large number of early function modules need to be reconstructed and optimized.
At that time, Kwai’s application update log is always “Bug repair, performance enhancement, user experience optimization”. There are still many analysts who Kwai do restraint in the unknown.
The mobile phone has no historical burden, and it is very easy to get the full screen HD on the tiktok. It has caught the 4G and the high screen mobile phone’s outlet. The user’s mobile phone performance and development technology, fast quality, poor quality, the content of the earth Kwai, the impression is even worse.
The overall quality of the content is poor, the accuracy of recommendation matching is low, the user circles interfere with each other, and the operation is not done. In the context of quick publicity, these situations are described as “recording real life”, “flow Kwai Hui”, “do not disturb users”.
After five years of rapid development, several products, such as connotative paragraph, today’s headlines and volcano, have been in stable operation. They have accumulated rich experience in front-end and back-end technology, growth, recommendation algorithm, multimedia, operation, commercialization and market.
The birth of the jitter, mobilizes all advantages tiktok. In 2017, the Spring Festival data was good, and all kinds of resources of the company were connected immediately. In four months, the daily living reached 5 million.
At the end of April 2017, the new fast partner, CHO, Kwai Siu, announced that from May 1, the working hours would be changed from half past nine to seven pm, and five days a week. The staff cheered.
Zhichun Road, a subway station away from Wudaokou, starts 996 and speeds up.
“Swimming trunks can’t keep up”
China’s Internet enterprises have two common troubles: one is that the success of the first product comes from the opportunity of the times, and it is difficult to copy; the other is that the business and scale develop too fast, and the management level, organizational ability, and corporate culture construction are seriously lagging behind.
The eleven Chinese tiktok products are listed, including the “jolt”, and most of them live over ten million. This is just a product of byte beating in Chinese mainland.
The Kwai Fu official website is opened, and the “series products” column gives “quick shadow”, “AcFun” and “one sweet camera”. Fastmovie is a video production tool launched in 2016. Acfun was bought by impulse consumption in 2018. It is said that Cheng Yixiao likes binary content very much.
It is unfair to use the byte beating of the Kwai App factory as compared with the fast hand. Behind the ability of new product incubation is the ability to copy successful experience. Is there any experience in Kwai’s success and is there any possibility of duplication? The Kwai can’t wait to start trying.
Kwai’s real attempt to create product matrix starts with the “cosmic video” and “shrimp casting” in spring 2017.
“Universe video” was led by Zeng Guangming after he took up his post. Because of the dissatisfaction of the fast user and content, he hoped to make a product, presenting the content of the Kwai Kwai content separately, attracting a second line user. In the envisage of the year, the relationship between cosmic video and fast main products is similar to the relationship between App and Kwai main products in the same period.
This project is stuck in the development resources after the product manager outputs the design scheme. At that time, the development resources of the fast hand were not satisfied with the demand of the product manager at the main end. Even though Kwai Liang was a partner, he couldn’t push it forward. As a result, the design of that year was shelved. A year later, several versions were developed, and then repositioned, which was quite different from the original.
Including social products “shrimp investment” and later “quick game”, is Kwai Wah Tang Yuyu’s separate team development. In 2018, when Tang Yuyu took maternity leave, Suhua invited Zheng Ying, a former Baidu colleague, from Youku, to formally set up a new product team, and developed nearly 20 new products before and after. Most of them went offline quietly, leaving only “Yitian camera”.
The new products of Kwai’s are social and community oriented, and the common treatment is that they basically can not get the flow, technical support and capital input of the main products. Some employees said that Kwai Hua’s attitude toward new products was that they hoped to replicate the miracle of the fast hand, and to do it without resources, and then to add resources to the company.
I’m not sure if this is Suhua’s real idea, or because Cheng Yixiao, who is in charge of the main product flow valve, is too conservative to support the new product. However, Su Hua does talk big inside the company, which may not be able to express his original intention.

At the end of 2017, Liu Xinhua, the CGO (chief growth officer) in charge of growth, overseas and commercialization, was appointed. At the meeting of the overseas products department, Suhua said confidently: we have done it for 56 nationalities. What’s the difficulty in going to sea to be dozens of countries?
At a two week meeting, there were staff questions, why Kwai do not like today’s headlines to do content classification index tab. Suhua replied: why do we copy a data that is not as good as our backward products?
The success of the Kwai Fu is too fierce to push the company forward. Management and organization problems have gradually surfaced.
Suhua and Cheng Yixiao are not good at words. The former dive everywhere and don’t speak. After leaving Renren, the latter never leave a word on the social network. In contrast, Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Yiming in the early days and Wang Xing in the present are just talking.
This kind of silent and passive personal style makes subordinates’ ability of upward management and communication extremely important. But in the early days, the middle and high-level managers who paid attention to upward management and positive extroversion were not the type they appreciated.
At the end of 2016, Xu Xin, who entered Tencent after graduation and worked for ten years, returned to Beijing. Introverted, he first interviewed the vice president of unfamiliar products, and later became the CEO, the same introverted Wang Li, who was not happy. But he got a more pleasant appreciation of Cheng Kwai’s smile and was responsible for the quick product department.
Kwai Chi did not have a full-time product manager before August 2016, and the design team acted as a product manager. When Xu Xin started to expand his product team after he joined the office, he faced two problems: the real product leader of Kwai Chung is Cheng Yi Xiao; the development team is very cautious about the involvement of the product team. What’s more, Cheng Yixiao and Suhua didn’t really devolve the power of product modification.
Xu Xin is keen on the glory of kings. He Kwai black every day after lunch. He has three external public speeches as the vice president of fast hand, and the two example is Rong Yaoju. After ten years of training in Tencent, Kwai Fu was impressed by the team status and the current situation of the enterprise. So the product department did not hold a regular meeting in 2017. The product managers participated in the company’s weekly meeting, even if the information was synchronized.
Outlandish costume tiktok and Kwai Fu design, operation team, the former there are many hair coloring tattoos, strange clothes, the latter is as smooth as an engineer. The Kwai tiktok style is so cool that it is impossible to produce a product that was so fast at the time. The early video shooting length limit is divided into 7 seconds, 17 seconds, and 57 seconds, because Cheng Kwai thinks that “fish’s memory is only seven seconds”, which is probably the understanding of the straight line of engineering for romantic limits.
Kwai Fu’s early employees summed up the values of the company as “true”, that is, earnest, real and sincere. Everyone will take the initiative to take responsibility for the work, will not shirk or calculate. However, the situation soon changed, and the atmosphere of closing, suppressing, and asking for credit began to spread. The island of work, the new self survival, work handover no documents, their own thinking.
A 2016 employee who left Kwai soon said that the internal communication was not smooth at that time. “When there are more than 100 people in the company, they all have the feeling of a little daughter-in-law, hidden and tucked in, plus the inexplicable sense of superiority and strange values.” He sighed, “I can only wish you well.”
When I asked another Kwai Fu employee in the same period, why did the atmosphere become so? He thought for a while and said, “I don’t understand that. I got the idea from the team later. The superior needs proofing, and the subordinate can learn from it. When there are few people, we have to build trust and pass it on. Once the link is interrupted, bureaucracy begins. It really took Zhang Yiming time to be honest and clear about this matter. The frank and clear way of the quick is to say that Kwai Hua did not work hard for it.
If you don’t work hard, you pay the price.
In 2017, Kwai began to recruit crazily and expand its scale by more than 100 people per month. The two-week full staff communication meeting and new employee introduction meeting were held in the dining area on the 22nd floor of block B of edification science and technology building, and later moved to the first floor of Wenjin Hotel, the newly rented hotel next door.
At the meeting, we asked more questions about when the workplaces were tense, what the 22 level of air-conditioning suck up, when to implement housing subsidies, and so on. Suhua also finds it annoying. Does this kind of trivial problem need to take up the time of the biweekly meeting? What do you want the administration department for?
In the future, it is difficult to hold a full meeting because of the large number of people. Employees who do not attend the meeting are mainly concerned about the hard dishes for dinner after the biweekly meeting, such as roasted lamb leg or fried prawn. Let’s feel the Kwai prawn 2017.
Kwai Fu employees go forward with great strength and vigour. In addition to old fellow iron, there is no consensus on the development goals and values of enterprises. We all use our previous experience, and then we can’t get used to each other. Kwai’s corporate culture stays on the lips, walls and promotional materials. Distrust what I say goes. That’s the real corporate culture of Kwai Chung.
Make snap with twisted roots and gnarled branches of the public and reorganize the personnel administration process. At that time, the Kwai Chao, who had just over five hundred people, was already complicated and complicated. He offended a lot of people and was out five months later.
Conservative like Xu Xin, I’m happy to see the situation. I can do it. Isn’t it enterprise politics? As a result, after three years of fishing, there was an illusion that “I can survive”, which was replaced by Wang Jianwei, who is also from Tencent and good at upward management.
As for those from Peapod, Baidu, Tencent, 360 The middle level old fellow iron companies flexibly applied the art of war learned by the original enterprises, expanding their territory, and fighting against each other. But there is a principle that can’t be changed, that is, don’t let the boss think you are fussy or make a mistake.
As early as 2017, the commercialization team was ready to launch the information flow advertisement, but it was pressed in the name of protecting the user experience. In the spring of the next year, Zhang Yi, the head of the commercialization team, agreed with Liu Xinhua, the CGO, to increase the volume of information flow advertising to 70%. As a result, Cheng Yixiao said “who allowed you to do this” at the meeting. A few months later, Zhang Yi and Liu Xinhua left their jobs one after another, and Yan Qiang, who had written code for two years in the commercialization team, volunteered to be on the top.

Talent echelon construction is another weakness of Kwai Tung organization construction. People are not prepared in advance. With the rapid development of business, the elderly are not competent and there is no one available below. Parachute has become a routine operation. However, the boss often recruits new people and does not dismiss the old people. The old people feel sick and the new people are unstable. Both sides led the team to pinch each other, and the results were not happy.
If the middle and high levels are still so passive, the feelings of the grass-roots staff will be more chaotic. Every day I think about how not to be made, how to hold a new thigh, and how to do things. “In the process of execution, there is almost no undeformed action.” One employee recalled the past few years. “I really want to laugh when I read the article about Suhua of Buddhism last time. We’ve never been Buddhists. Suhua wants to be radical. I can’t be radical! ”
To be honest, there are many other businesses like management and culture, such as Kwai Fu, and Kwai Fu. A worker who worked in Kwai and byte said: “I even think the byte beating is not so excellent, not so excellent. He just did what a normal organization looks like, that’s all.”
In the market competition, management, organization and enterprise culture are also important parts of enterprise competitiveness. If we do not solve the problem or even dare not face it directly, growth may be able to whitewash peace. Once growth stagnates or internal contradictions intensify, problems will erupt.
On this point, Su Hua’s old colleague at Google, Huang Zheng of pinduoduo, should also be very touched recently.
In September 2019, the byte beating was double month. Some employees asked Zhang Yiming how to view the Kwai K3 campaign. Zhang Yiming’s answer is as follows:
“A lot of companies want to finish their work and get it done. This idea is wrong. There will be competition all the time. Even if you beat your opponent now, there will be a new one after that. We should get used to challenges and keep growing. ”
A year later, after the K3 and the Spring Festival Gala were launched, the Kwai Fu fell to below 300 million. In the same period, Zhu Lantian, an early employee, complained tiktok about the company’s chaos in the intranet, and the daily life of his voice was over 600 million.
After that, Kwai 8 was revised in a comprehensive way, feeling tiktok crossing the river, and not mentioning the initial heart of fairness and general gratitude. Start to tell the story of live e-commerce, burn money and make losses, and pave the way for listing. Now Kwai Kong is coming soon, and the Spring Festival war on Internet products is also about to begin in 2021.
The Chinese market is big enough to coexist with several similar products. The world is boundless, but old fellow Kwai may still be the ten year old fellow.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)