Zheng shuangdu’s robbery, Prada’s tears


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By Yao Yun, Tan Liping and Gong Xiangxin
Source / lunch box (ID: daxionfan)
Prada’s light, just shining on Zheng Shuang’s commercial territory, went out.
On January 18, it was reported that Zheng Shuang and her ex boyfriend Zhang Heng gave birth to two children in surrogacy in the United States more than a year ago, and were preparing to file a divorce lawsuit. After Zhang Heng published his article, I don’t know if he was affected by the incident. The Hong Kong stock price of Prada, a brand endorsed by Zheng Shuang, began to fall sharply on the afternoon of the 18th, and finally closed down 1.70% to HK $46.20.
However, the subsequent exposure of a suspected conversation recording between Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang’s parents and Zhang Heng’s father has actually impacted Prada. #Prada’s share price fell, Prada’s tears, Prada’s drop and other topics rushed to the top ten of microblog hot search, and a large number of ironic, questioning and even abusive messages poured into Prada’s official microblog.
Comments on Prada’s official microblog
But Prada can be avoided in this case.
From the perspective of the public, Zheng Shuang is not suitable to be the spokesperson of Prada, a blue blood brand, because of the events such as the runaway rollover of the first live show, the arbitrary change of the script of the variety show, and the sudden slap in the face during the publicity activities. When she first became the spokesperson of Prada, there was a controversy in the public opinion. This time, she directly asked, “why do you want to find such a high-risk spokesperson?” “Tell you not to choose Zheng Shuang” “who made the decision?”
In fact, how to choose a good brand spokesperson has always been a metaphysics. As soon as the Luo Zhixiang incident happened, Mengniu Chunzhen quietly pulled down the poster and interaction announced by the government the day before the incident. A large number of messages asking for replacement were poured into the official micro blog of extreme challenge and creative camp 2020, and a number of boycott messages were poured into the official micro blog of Chao brand “gotnoears” founded by Luo Zhixiang.
However, for the brand side, different from the black swan events such as the collapse of Luo Zhixiang’s and Wu Xiubo’s buildings, Zheng Shuang’s controversy this time is a typical grey rhinoceros – a potential crisis with high probability and great influence.
What kind of business cooperation has been directly impacted? Judging from the commercial point of view, is Zheng Shuang’s commercial value also based on great uncertainty? For brands, how to deal with this kind of crisis?
ID: daxionfan combs Zheng Shuang’s endorsement, variety show and other business cooperation information, searches and analyzes the business information of relevant enterprises, and tries to find the answer to the above questions.
The hidden worry of traffic
The partners have quietly cut with Zheng Shuang.
With the help of “let’s see the meteor shower”, Zheng Shuang has been on the road for 12 years. In the past 12 years, it has established a relatively stable commercial value. According to public information, Zheng Shuang ranked 82nd in the 2020 Forbes China celebrity list, 67th in the 2019 Forbes China celebrity list, and 30th in the 2018 Forbes China elite list.
On January 8, Zheng Shuang published a photo of a luxury house in his personal social media, with the accompanying text “independence in 2021! Really decided to live alone, come on, Xiao Shuang! This time I have to do the decoration myself. It’s a lot of fun. Later, netizens picked out the details of their luxury house: coordinates of Shanghai Fuxing Longyu air villa, 150 million blank. It is reported that the building area of the mansion is 630 square meters, not including the terrace area, and it is composed of two floors of super-high terrace.
In the entertainment industry, such a large sum of money is no exaggeration, but it can be seen from the side that Zheng Shuang’s wealth has already exceeded 100 million.
According to the statistics of Zheng Shuang’s recent exposure, it is found that in 2020, Zheng Shuang will suddenly start his career, with continuous brand endorsement, variety show activities and commercial activities.
In addition to Prada, it has successively announced that it has become the spokesperson of zhiyouquan cosmetics, Aussie kangaroo shampoo and hair care, opan 0 jelly brand and lolarose Greater China region. Besides, he also served as chief experience officer of Yihe life, a partner of Kwai Chee innovation laboratory, and a brand name recommendation officer.
From 2020, there will be more variety shows. Make complaints about the brother’s “chasing brother” after the end of 2020, because of the good words and phrases of Tucao make complaints about the more than 20 kinds of entertainment.
Recent Zheng Shuang main exposure, lunch box financial mapping
Among them, there are six kinds of fixed variety shows, including “let life look good”, “pop money come second season”, “wonderful little forest”, “I’m waiting for you in the summer palace”, “let’s fall in love second season”; where are the human beings in fashion “,” talk show 3 “,” please refrigerator 6 “,” travel notes of youth circle 2 “,” you from mobile phone “,” trump to trump “,” Miss Beauty “and” a good lesson “by Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala and Kwai Tan New Year’s Eve are more than ten variety shows or parties.
Among these activities, magazines such as fashion bazaar, Ruili, weekend pictorial, style and f fashion pictorial have not been included. For stars, endorsement and business cooperation are often linked with their business value. The commercial value of Zheng Shuang can be seen.
According to incomplete statistics, Aussie kangaroo shampoo, lolarose, weekend pictorial, Shouhu Ping’an, fashion bazaar, etc. have all deleted their official microblogs before publishing. Not to mention Prada, who has not responded yet but has been drowned by negative emotions of netizens.
Aussie has deleted cooperation microblog
This incident is undoubtedly a blow to Zheng Shuang, who has just started his career.
Zheng Shuang, who has been tasked with make complaints about parity, has been a high-profile official spokesman for Prada 7 days ago.
According to incomplete statistics of boxed lunch finance and economics, from 2009 to 2019, Zheng Shuang has endorsed 13 products, including Tsinghua Tongfang notebook computer, Li Ning winter clothing (Graphic), Dahua Shuihu, dolphin glasses, Yili ice factory, pelaya, etc.
2009-2021 Zheng Shuang brand endorsement form, lunch box financial drawing

From the endorsement chart, we can find that after 2012, advertising endorsement is relatively less, until 2016 and 2017. During this period, Zheng Shuang’s plays such as a little smile, lonely empty court, late spring and before the summer solstice were popular.
These endorsements have two characteristics: 1. The brand positioning is sinking. In the early stage, most of them cooperated with Yu Haoming and Zhang Han, the stars of “let’s see the meteor shower together”. 2. The peak of endorsement mainly appears in the initial stage of Zheng Shuang’s acting career, and in 2020, which has a high degree of topic on the social platform.
On January 11 this year, Zheng Shuang broke this trend. Prada, a luxury brand, announced three brand spokesmen through its official microblog, including Cai Xukun, Chunxia and Zheng Shuang. Zheng Shuang has also appeared on the cover of the magazine and attended the activities in Prada clothing for many times, maintaining a close cooperative relationship.
Zheng Shuang, who has always claimed that he is not keen on his career, is not hot enough to search his works. According to incomplete statistics of netizens, Zheng Shuang has been on the hot search list of artists from January to June 2020 142 times, second only to Xiao Zhan, Yi Guan Qian Xi, Cai Xukun, Wang Yibo, Lu Han and other top-notch male stars, ranking first in the hot search of female artists.
Hot search list of artists by netizens
For brands, traffic, hot search is not a bad thing. Kwai Kwai Kwai has news that Zheng Shuang will soon be a senior partner in the field of administrative micro blog, and will be a partner of Innovation Lab. Its fast account number has increased nearly ten million in less than two months. But soon Zheng Shuang would turn over the car in the fast broadcast. In addition to losing control of his first broadcast, he even talked to himself in the fast broadcast process of January 13th, Kwai Kwai, making frequent moves.
Zheng Shuang (right) once said in the live broadcast that “such live broadcast is too commercial”
During the live broadcast on January 3, the whole process was out of state
This has also become the neglected grey rhinoceros — Zheng Shuang, who relies on his cool words and upright character to gain traffic and fans, has become the favorite of brands and businesses, but the unstable factors in his character have been ignored.
From entertainment to AI
The obvious risk is not only in the business cooperation activities, but also in the individual investment behavior.
Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng used to be lovers and partners, but now the objective relationship is the plaintiff and the defendant.
News has revealed that Zheng Shuang v. Zhang Heng’s private lending dispute will be heard in the near future. Surging news report said: on the afternoon of January 8, 2020, we learned from the people’s Court of Jing’an District of Shanghai that recently, the court accepted the case of Zheng Shuang v. Zhang Heng’s private lending dispute, which is currently under trial. In December 2019, Zheng Shuang and her ex boyfriend Zhang Heng are suspected of having an economic dispute after their breakup, or will go to court.
At the end of 2018, Netizens found through enterprise investigation that they jointly established a company, fully known as “Shanghai Jinggu Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.” Zheng Shuang contributed 13.6 million yuan, accounting for 68% of the shares, and was the largest shareholder. Zhang Heng contributed 6.4 million yuan, accounting for 32% of the shares, as an executive director. According to the current enterprise search information, the company is still in existence, and their shareholding ratio has not changed.
Equity penetration chart, source enterprise check
Industrial and commercial information shows that the business scope of the company is: artificial intelligence application software development, artificial intelligence public data platform, cultural and sports entertainment activities and brokerage agency services, big data services, emerging software and services, digital cultural and creative software development, e-commerce (not allowed to engage in financial business), business Internet cultural information services.
Obviously, this company and Zheng Shuang’s entertainment gene are not in coordination.
According to the enterprise survey, there are nine affiliated enterprises under Zheng Shuang’s name, seven of which are concentrated in the film and television cultural industry, all of which are in the areas of “radio, television, film and recording production industry”, “business service industry” and so on.
Zheng Shuang’s foreign investment in 9 companies
But in addition to these nine companies, there are two companies with obvious cross-border attributes. One is Shanghai Aiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in May 2020. Zheng Shuang holds 20% of the shares and subscribed 1.25 million yuan. The other is Jinggu, a joint venture with Zhang Heng.
Obviously, the investment direction of Cetus and Zheng Shuang in the past is different, but they are very close to Zhang Heng’s field of expertise. Zhang Heng was once the event director of “this is the iron armour”. The media once commented that this program “the biggest value is to boost the development of artificial intelligence in China”, which is a very influential variety show. Zheng Shuang’s love affair with Zhang Heng was revealed just after he took part in “this is the iron armor” in 2018. This program can be regarded as the origin of their acquaintance.
Zhang Heng made a series of capital operations after the establishment of Cetus. Firstly, Cetus invested 10 million yuan in Shanghai Jingguai Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingguai) established on January 18, 2019, holding 100% of the shares. Zhang Heng is the legal representative. On June 10, 2019, Lu Jiheng and Jiang yaokai, new shareholders of Jingguai, subscribed 1.9 million yuan and 900000 yuan respectively, holding 19% and 9% of shares respectively. The shares of Cetus were diluted, and Zheng Shuang’s shareholding ratio was reduced to 48.96%.
It is understood that Jingguai’s main business is to develop and operate a social software M77, which is an app only for Zheng Shuang’s fans. It has little commercial value and is dedicated to making lists. After continuing to burn money, on November 20, 2019, Jingguai stopped operation because there was no money on the account. Zheng Shuang originally planned to burn enough money on the account until February 2020, but there was no money on the account in October. Zheng Shuang decided not to make additional investment, and Zhang Heng also resigned from all positions of Jingguai.
In addition to artificial intelligence, Zheng Shuang also participated in the production of clothing brands, but also died of nothing.
In August 2019, messierviii VII, the clothing brand with the same name of tmall flagship store, went online. This brand is similar to whale Valley and operated jointly with Zhang Heng. At present, Taobao app has been unable to find the store.
Zheng Shuang’s clothing brand has now been found

On September 6, 2020, Shanghai Minhang District People’s Court issued a consumption restriction order. On August 25, Wang applied for the execution of Shanghai Jingguai arbitration case. Because Jingguai failed to fulfill the payment obligations specified in the effective legal documents within the specified time, the court took measures to restrict Jingguai’s consumption. As a company legal person, Zhang Heng was formally limited by the court and became the person who lost his trust.
Zhang Heng fell into a quagmire of dishonesty, and Zheng Shuang’s commercial territory gradually withered. Among the nine companies invested abroad, five companies in the field of cultural industry have been cancelled. Among them, Jiujiang zhengshuang film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. has the largest amount of investment, and zhengshuang has subscribed 6.8 million yuan, accounting for 68% of the shares. Among the other four surviving enterprises, one is whale Valley, the other is Shanghai Aiyi, which was just established in 2020, and Zheng Shuang, the other two companies, holds 100% of the shares.
From the perspective of industry attributes, “one shot in the East, one shot in the west” is its characteristic: there is not too much connection between entertainment, artificial intelligence, fashion clothing and other industries, nor centralized and systematic operation. However, from the perspective of investment relations, Zheng Shuang’s investment actions have obvious personal emotions: in addition to the entertainment companies that are good at the field, his investment is mostly related to Zhang Heng.
A risk we should be aware of is like a two ton rhino, pointing its horns at us and attacking us at full speed.
How does the brand deal with the intruded grey rhinoceros
Just like the distant relative (elephant) who rampaged in the porcelain shop, the grey rhinoceros is also huge, so we should easily see it. You might think that such a striking behemoth should not be ignored. In fact, the opposite is true. One of the reasons why we can’t respond in time and effectively is that it is so stupid and huge. (grey rhinoceros: how to deal with probability crisis)
Grey rhinoceros, black swan and white swan are complementary concepts of the same kind. The new crown epidemic is a typical black swan event, while the low probability has great influence; the White Swan refers to the high probability and small impact events. Gray rhinoceros is different, high probability of occurrence and great impact.
In the second edition of the global risk prediction report published in 2007, the collapse of asset prices is listed as the first of the potential risk severity, and the sixth of the potential risk possibility. As of 2008, this risk prediction report has been focusing on “financial risk miscalculation”. Just a few months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the report pointed out: the expected housing market recession, liquidity crunch and high oil prices are actually happening, pushing up the risk of economic collapse.
The characteristics of all kinds of crises come from the grey rhinoceros
Bankers have clearly understood the risks of the subprime mortgage crisis, but they are still unwilling to stop from this risky investment; because CEOs have not made any effective response to the emergence of disruptive new technologies, they can only struggle to maintain in the market after the leading enterprises in the industry have been replaced by new technologies and companies.
Under the packaging of traffic and topics, Zheng Shuang’s problems in personal investment and personal emotions are ignored by major brands, including Prada. Of course, according to convention, after the scandal, Zheng Shuang will face huge compensation, but the damage to the brand has already occurred.
In a rational business event, what a brand needs is not only flow and topic, but also brand reputation. The stability and professionalism of a spokesperson are crucial. The negative impact of Zheng Shuang event on the brand being endorsed is not the first time, nor will it be the last.
The proponents of the concept of “grey rhinoceros” give suggestions: when the grey rhinoceros attacks you, one thing must be kept in mind: don’t stand still. It’s not your job to stand still.
What the brand side should do is not only to quietly delete the cooperation microblog and erase the traces of cooperation.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)