Alibaba Hong Kong stocks continued to rise in the afternoon, or expanded to 10%


Sina science and technology news January 20 afternoon news, Hong Kong stocks afternoon, Alibaba straight up, or expanded to 10%. As of 13:54 p.m., Alibaba rose to 10.156% to HK $269, with the Hong Kong stock market valued at HK $5822.5 billion; Alibaba concept stocks also rose in the afternoon, with ALI health up 16.2% to HK $27.25; Jingdong health up 11.156% to HK $164.4; meituan up 7% to HK $365, with the share price reaching an all-time high; Tencent holdings up 3.2% to HK $676.
On the morning of January 20, Ma Yun met with 100 rural teachers across the country in the form of video connection and made a speech on the line. He said: “we will meet again when the epidemic is over!” It is reported that this is Ma Yun’s first appearance more than two months after he “disappeared” in public.