Weima Shenhui talks about Baidu car making: it’s good to have more players coming in


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Sina science and technology news at noon on January 19, Weima automobile announced today that Weima W6, an intelligent driverless vehicle, was officially put into mass production and delivered in the first half of 2021. It is a new intelligent driverless vehicle developed by Weima and Baidu in-depth cooperation. Shen Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of Weima automobile, talked about the cooperation with Baidu and Baidu’s next car building. He said that the current car building track is still relatively narrow, and it’s a good thing that more players come in to build cars.
Shen Hui said that Baidu is the largest external shareholder of Weima, and the latest W6 automatic driving technology is jointly developed by both sides, which also uses Baidu Apollo’s cloud computing power. He believes that the ability and cost of autopilot are closely related to computing power, and making autopilot in the cloud can use the high computing power in the cloud at a low cost. Weilai adopts different routes. Its Adam platform integrates four NVIDIA chips and eight cameras, providing more than 1000t of computing power.
When it comes to Baidu’s off-site car building, he said that at present, the new energy car building track is still relatively narrow, and it’s good to have more players come in to build cars to set off the atmosphere. (Zijian)