The full version of Zhang Xiaolong’s 16000 word two hour speech on the 10th anniversary of wechat


Original title: the 10th anniversary of wechat, Zhang Xiaolong answers everything! 2-hour speech with 16000 words
Zhang Xiaolong’s deep thinking on the next 10 years.
Speaker: Zhang Xiaolong
Editor’s note: on the evening of January 19, the 10th anniversary of wechat, Zhang Xiaolong appeared in the “wechat night” of 2021 wechat open class.
In his nearly two-hour speech, Zhang Xiaolong answered many questions concerning the industry: Video number, live broadcast, one shot, floating window function
At the end of the speech, Zhang Xiaolong said about the ten years of wechat, “everyone has their own experience, and even many people may consider it from the perspective of people’s daily living habits and social changes. I won’t think so deeply. I think from the perspective of products, what we have done, we may do a lot of things, if I have to sum it up to one or two very simple things Words, I want to use two words to express it, one is’ connection ‘, the other is’ simplicity’, which is the core of wechat.
The following is the actual record of Zhang Xiaolong’s speech, which was edited by Tech planet (wechat ID: tech618) at the wechat open class meeting.
Zhang Xiaolong: Good evening, friends at the scene. I just stood here and saw a lot of friends I knew. Although I wore masks, I could recognize some of them. This form is very good. Thank you very much for joining our wechat night here tonight and spending such a night with us.
I really didn’t expect that this year’s open class will be conducted in such a form. I remember an open class several years ago. Is it a waste of time for so many of you to come to the scene? If we really want to deliver information, we should be able to do it online. Why do we have to go so far offline?
I didn’t expect that this year, because of the epidemic situation, it has really become an online activity that we have to carry out. In my opinion, I still feel that I don’t want to think about so many live viewers, and do such a product discussion on a small scale. This year has witnessed rapid changes. With the outbreak of the disease, many people feel that it has been a very difficult year. At the same time, many unexpected things have happened.
Wechat has done a lot of things in 2020. At this time last year, we didn’t expect that this open class was mainly conducted by live broadcast of video number. Because of the epidemic, our annual meetings have become online.
I believe a lot of people pay special attention to our open class, because this year is just the 10th year of wechat, and the time passes very fast. Ten years ago, the idea was very simple. I didn’t use QQ very much, and I also need a communication tool. If there are many people who need it as much as I do, in fact, the purpose of that year was to write something and send me an email. The starting point is very simple, so I started to do it.
In fact, I never thought that wechat would be like this in ten years’ time. When we look back ten years later, I feel very lucky. One is that I feel that I have been chosen by God, and I can’t do it by my own efforts, so I still have a lot of regrets. Let’s look at a set of data. Today, 1.09 billion users open wechat and 330 million users make video calls; 780 million users enter the circle of friends and 120 million users publish the circle of friends, including 670 million photos. How many video contents do you guess?
There are 100 million short videos, 360 million users read official account articles every day, 400 million users use small programs, and there are many such orders of magnitude. There are many other things, including WeChat payment, enterprise WeChat, WeChat reading, search, and no enumeration of data. Just as WeChat payment may be like your old wallet, it has become daily necessities. I also think that WeChat is a living party. It’s the same.
At that time, I felt very empty, just to give myself some space to imagine, but what I didn’t expect was that ten years later, it really became a way of life in a certain sense. I would like to thank you for this occasion. As a content creation platform, WeChat also thanks every creators in the platform, including the official account, the small program and the video number. If they did not create their own, our rope ladder might not be so vibrant.
This year’s open class is divided into several topics. Many people will be more interested in the progress of video number this year. I want to tell you some stories about video number as our first topic.
Video number is the future
Probably in 2017, I talked to the public platform team. Official account is only suitable for long articles. People who write long articles are few. Most people can not write long articles. We should have more than one thing under the circle of friends. At that time, we wanted to be non friends circle, and sent some short passages and photos, videos and friends circle is symmetrical.
Pony (Ma Huateng) and I once talked about this point during dinner. He agreed with me very much, and then we didn’t know it. Maybe it was too big a project, and the whole account system was different. Although there were many changes over time, we thought that the non friends circle was mainly composed of text and photos. We gradually found that video expression became more and more popular, and became more and more popular It’s a habit of ordinary people.
We can see from several sets of data that in the last five years, the number of videos sent every day in wechat has increased by 33 times, and the number of videos published in the circle of friends has increased by 10 times. Therefore, when we consider this kind of short content, we should use text or video content, and video expression may be a main body in the content field in the next decade.
Although we don’t know whether words or videos represent the progress of human civilization, from the perspective of personal expression or consumption level, the era is moving towards the direction of video expression, so in 2019, we set up a very small team of 20 people, and we started to develop a product like “video Number”. At that time, you can understand, give it to us Its positioning is a video micro blog.

You can see that the video number looks like a microblog. Many people say that the video number is the strategic focus of our company, but it’s not like this. The focus of our company’s short video strategy is still micro vision. We didn’t ask the company for any resources. We didn’t even hold a meeting to set up an item to say that this is a major project. It’s not like this. We found a wave of people and started to do it ourselves.
Many of you understand that this is a style of wechat team. It’s better for a small team to do a new thing quietly, rather than turning it into a big project. We give ourselves goals, we have to do it, we have to do it, so this kind of pressure comes from inside, not task-based.
After the release at that time, many media were not optimistic about it. We said that in fact, we had summed it up a long time ago. If we were not optimistic about wechat at the beginning, it means that there is still drama in it. If we are optimistic about it, it may be very troublesome. So, its origin is very simple. Back to the video number, what kind of thing is it?
Give a simple definition, is everyone can create short content platform, it is a public domain content platform. We have the first problem, about its ID and identity. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it. The great value of wechat lies in its identity or its ID value. With this identity, we can do many things, such as wechat payment, because it’s the most convenient way for us to pay. All payments are related to identity. Now you take a body ID is based on social and communication fields, and it is private, not public.
However, you can use WeChat to comment on an article behind the video number. No one can contact you and interact with him. He can’t visit you because it’s a private ID. We first need to put a new identity in the video number. It will actually have challenges. This is actually a piece of WeChat which has been missing very much, because we have an open identity, formerly the ID of the official account. This ID doesn’t mean that every ordinary person can have an ID, so from this point of view, I once shared internally that the meaning of the video number is second to that of the video, and more importantly, there is a number here. Through this number, everyone has an identity that can speak publicly. In the future, the content of his voice may be video or live broadcast The significance of some things and accounts will be greater here.
This is why you can see that our live broadcast is going on very fast. No matter how we do it, we will find that we can’t break through this identity. Therefore, our live broadcast is just a kind of live broadcast in the private field. Until we have the ID of video number, live broadcast becomes a kind of thing in the public field.
I still remember that when we first started making this ID, there was an internal solution. When everyone entered the video number, they had to create a new ID, so that they could comment on the content and interact with a single ID, so that there would be no conflict between the two IDs. Fortunately, we didn’t choose this path later, so the social networking would not work. Social networking is based on the ID of wechat. As you can see, the products accumulated by wechat over the past decade, including video numbers, are the result of selection and iteration.
Just now I said that ID has a particularly important role, not for individuals, but for institutions. There are a lot of people who are very qualified. As you know, the biggest ID in the PC era is the so-called official website. Every company or organization will set up its own website to register a domain name. The domain name is its most important ID.
But in the mobile Internet era, it is no longer meaningful to build a website. If you look at the development of WeChat, you can see that WeChat is always thinking about how we can help these institutions establish their official website. When we first made public numbers, the public number was the official website of every institution. When we were doing the small program, we added that the official account is your official account. Network, you can put the service in it. When we made the video number, we said that the video number is your real official website, which is reasonable, because the official website also needs to evolve.
This angle, we will understand the video number, it will bear a lot of institutional services, and it is not limited to these contents, we can imagine that the future video numbers can be hung up a lot of things, this organization small program, official account, even some of your membership services, coupons, etc.
Because from the perspective of a ID, the video frequency is actually the most suitable carrier. We hope that at the airport or at every airport, we will have a two-dimensional code of the official account below the official account. The public address has become an institution ID. We hope that under the small program we have the two-dimensional code of the advertiser’s applet under each advertisement board. Now we are On the contrary, we hope that under each advertisement, we will finally connect to the QR code of its video number.
So in the first version, we only built such a simple ID system, which is very similar to the official account, but much lower than the official account. Indeed, ordinary users can create a ID of their own video in seconds. The content performance is also very simple. It contains a mixture of attention, friends’ anonymous like content and system recommended content. After it is released, because it is grayscale, the amount is not large. A group of users are still colleagues of our company. Later, it gradually released some amount, which is also very poor. It can’t attract particularly good creators. We do recommendation in it, this one The quality of information content recommendation is very general, so we need to improve the recommendation algorithm. Later, we set up a team of recommendation algorithm, with more than ten engineers in each team. We hope to find the optimal way of recommendation through different methods of these three teams.

There are some misunderstandings from the outside world. We are not particularly strong in technology. In fact, we have deep precipitation in the field of algorithms. We have a search team with hundreds of search functions in it. We have our own team to do speech recognition and machine translation, which should be the first-class level in China. For example, many people say that the speech recognition in wechat uses third-party services, I don’t know why there are such doubts. They are all developed by our own internal team. At present, there are more than 500 million voice translations in wechat every day.
At that time, we used a measure to enter the small team of video number to form a very closed-loop small team operation. The recommendation team worked very hard, but our rolling effect in the first few months was very poor, because it was a dead circle. If your content was not good, there would be no views, and if there were no views, there would be no good content, so the recommendation could not be better Let’s see what’s in it.
Until the (may) special big revision, let us see the hope again, we found that there was a little reason why it couldn’t go at that time. We came to a conclusion that machine-based recommendation couldn’t go on in the less comprehensive content at that time. For example, we would like to see which content was praised by our friends or recommended by the machine. We can obviously feel that the content praised by our friends was anonymous at that time. We can know which friend it was in the background and compare it with the recommendation In fact, friends like it better.
At that time, we almost gave up and didn’t continue to do algorithm recommendation. It’s really like some books or other things that we usually read. Most people read it because there are people around who recommend it. They don’t go to an online bookstore to find their own books. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons why video number first used social recommendation.
We often change a version every two days, until two weeks after we released it, we released a version based on friends’ likes. After the release, we saw that the data went up very well and the user retention was very high. So in June, in fact, the number of users at that time reached an order of magnitude. Just now, our public relations didn’t allow me to say that number, but it didn’t matter.
The reason why I say this is that for a product in the form of content, a certain level of users and activity means that you have passed the life and death line, that is, its traffic cycle has already started, otherwise, you have to find a way for its survival, so it is particularly interesting. This is a typical product method of wechat. It is through us to find the prying point of things and use the product rules to make the whole thing flow.
Finally, when we have this user base, what we need to do later is to lay out some related capabilities, including live broadcasting. If we don’t go through this life and death line, the more functions we do may be useless. Therefore, social recommendation played a very important role here. At that time, the proportion of machine recommendation was very small, the number of video views was very small, and the retention was also very low. But it’s not that machine recommendation doesn’t work. Machine recommendation may just say that it works better when you have rich content.
Here’s a little story. When our new version was still under development in June, I wrote a guess on the blackboard. I said that in the future, what’s the proportion of video consumption in our video number? I just said that there are three concerns in our video number, friend’s praise and machine recommendation. I said that the ratio of content consumption should be 1:2:10. On average, a person watches 10 concerned videos, 20 friend’s praise videos and 100 machine recommended videos. Why is such a ratio?
Although the machine recommendation was still very low at that time, we just thought like this: We divided all the content into two kinds: one is the knowledge content that you need to spend your brain to understand, which is learning in short; the other is that you don’t need to spend your brain, and you can consume it very comfortably. In your comfort zone, this kind of content is entertainment content in short, which is generally speaking That’s the content.
Friends like the content, in fact, friends force you to receive some new information, or learn something, not necessarily you are particularly interested in, it belongs to the learning type. The things recommended by the machine are more comfortable and relaxing for you to browse. You don’t need a computer and prefer entertainment content. In addition, there should be both of these two kinds of content in the attention. Let’s guess why we say such a proportion? Because what you pay attention to is probably something that is not new to you. There may not be something new in it. It is not attractive to you, so the proportion is 1. Friends like things to see very tired, you have to see, you do not want to miss the hot spots, so it is, 2 times larger than the attention. Machine recommendation is in line with the principle that people are lazy. Most people will consume more comfortable content, so it’s a guess of 10.
But our current data is not such a proportion. We are friends now, and the total amount of likes we watch is more than twice that recommended by the machine. Does that mean that our conjecture is wrong? It’s not like that. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. This is the total amount. I asked our team to run a data and focus on the data generated by users. Because there is still a small proportion of attention in us, the number of active users and the total amount of content consumed by users in these three parts is a little surprising when we look at the data, because the per capita consumption of vv (video) generated by active users in these three parts is very low View (abbreviated for the number of videos played) is exactly 1:2:9. This is not to say that the prediction is particularly accurate, but that we are used to doing things. If we do this, we should first infer such a result to verify the data, and find that the idea or direction is right. So, we now see that the total amount of recommendation is one half of the total amount of likes from friends. In fact, it’s not normal. I estimate that for example, the proportion will become larger and larger, 1:2:10, because we don’t have enough content distribution now, and our machine recommendation touch is not so big.

It’s a bit too product. I think many of you will be very interested in these specific new product forms. Wechat has tried all kinds of product forms. In fact, many other products may not have this opportunity to try. Maybe the amount of content consumption brought by machine recommendation will be more and more. Many people will think of what I said before. These are two things. Indeed, we will not pay attention to the duration of users. We will not consider a goal as a guide, or as a KPI, we will pay more attention to helping users complete what tasks.
If he spends a small amount of time in the recommendation, it means that we have a lot of content to watch, but the goal is not to consume more time, so the time will be a result in the end. Just now we talked about the most critical transformation point. Social recommendation in wechat enables us to have a foothold in video number, and promote the method of machine recommendation in the next step, so that the content can be contacted by more people.
There will be a lot of problems in this process, which is very interesting. For example, we have a problem in the middle, what is video? This time, we talk about video every day. What is video?
When it comes to video, you will think that a video file is a video, just like in the circle of friends, you need to upload a local file, video file. We really encourage you to upload like this, so that the original rate will be higher. What I want to tell you is that video files may disappear in the future. I don’t know if you have ever thought about it.
We used to use windows, when you go to the MAC system, you will encounter such a problem. Where is the windows manager? You can also say where the file manager has gone and why there are no files this time. These are things that should not exist alone. Files should belong to an app to explain it. Otherwise, some raw data is meaningless.
The same is true for videos. Most of the videos we talk about now refer to video files, which are sent to the circle of friends and so on. But the original data is just a file, which can’t be associated with other things. It can’t mark who is the creator, can’t directly see the comments of the audience, and can’t know who has seen them. It’s really just a matter of time for us to turn a lot of videos in our group I’m just transferring some documents.
For video numbers, video should be structured data. Only structured data can have all the things mentioned just now, and it should exist in the cloud, so that it can be easily shared. Every time we share a video in wechat, we have to send a file to it, which accounts for the traffic. This is wrong. It should be eliminated.
This will also make us reflect. We also encourage users to upload videos in the circle of friends, which should be updated. Your videos should be structured data and then uploaded to the circle of friends. When we share the content of the video number with the circle of friends, we encounter a problem. Should it share the video style in the circle of friends, which can be played at a little bit, or should it be a link style?
The key question here is whether it’s a website, a web page, or a video file, or a video. My answer is that our cloud based structured video is video. Local video files are some bare data and should be eliminated. Video is a video format that should be transferred to the cloud.
You can see many people’s videos with video numbers in the circle of friends now, which is no different from that in the circle of friends. The video in this place can be understood as the carrier of structured video content, so the video content circulating in wechat in the future should be more and more in the form of video numbers, rather than video files It’s a way of thinking.
Official account system is official account. The public number is the carrier of the article. Because the value of the article is shared. Someone can see that if there is no such a carrier as the official account, we can only pass some documents out, but it is very laborious. So if you understand the value of the official account to the article, we can understand the value of the video number to the video. I think the two are very similar.
The more significant of video number is that it is a carrier of video content. Many people may not have a deep understanding of the word carrier. What is the meaning of carrier? Carrier is carrying the content, which means that we are not doing the content, we will not produce the content, we will not buy the content, we do not pay attention to what the specific content is, carrier means that we only carry and deliver the content, do these things. So if you do not understand it, recall the official account again.
There is also the problem of long video in the video number, which is artificially distinguished. When we first defined it as one minute, it is a bit similar to short content, because it is easy to brush it. Naturally, many people would say that I have more than one minute of video. At that time, we were faced with the problem of how to integrate these longer than one minute of video content.
We will have a practice in the first place. We define long video as a special data type, which is different from short video. We should not make such a distinction when we watch long video. Their consumption scenarios are different. When I brush the information flow, I want to brush short video. In other places, I may want to watch long video, which should be the same thing.
But we attribute the answer to this question to the fact that there is no distinction between long and short videos, only short videos refer to within one minute, and if it is a long video, it is defined that the first minute is the cover of the whole video. Therefore, you can share it in the first minute and brush it in the stream. If others think it’s good-looking after your cover for one minute, they will continue to read it. If it’s not good-looking, it means that your cover is not attractive.

Later, we will cancel the ability of long video in the video number. There is no long video to distinguish it. Another meaning of long video is that we know that data content precipitates it, and it becomes very meaningful and valuable. We hope to precipitate such video content from now on, so that wechat, like a video library, can precipitate more and more video content over time, which is a great knowledge Database, we hope that one day this knowledge base can be mined through search recommendation. Long video is the accumulation of future data.
I just said so much, it seems that it has nothing to do with everyone. It’s more active to send videos here. More people don’t send video numbers every day. Our goal is that everyone can easily express their content through video.
We also know that it is very difficult for an ordinary person to publish content. Although we have not yet done so, we have made a small move, which is much better than what we expected. We put the video number in the famous film, and the result is much better than we expected. More users put their own video number in the famous film The content is related to the past. I want to say this data, but PR won’t let me say it, so I can’t say it again.
This is a particularly good trend, which shows that many people are actually willing to express themselves through video numbers. Sometimes people think that wechat is very conservative, but it is not conservative. Indeed, many things are wrong or should not be done.
For example, we can put the content of video number on the business card. Why didn’t we do such a display before? In fact, we have discussed internally many times whether we want to put it under the business card. Many people have set up a circle of friends for three days. It can be seen that there are more and more, probably more than 200 million. We can’t see things when we open the circle of friends. Why don’t we provide them with the function of photo selection and display? We don’t want to do this function. Once we do it, if you put the best photo in history, you won’t modify it. This data is not live, and it’s meaningless for people who watch it.
This time, we are willing to do so. If you are related to the content of the video number, it will be alive, because you will keep updating the content of your video number, rather than I choose the best photos in history for exquisite decoration, which will never change. So for the video number, although we haven’t done it yet, we still hope that it will become a product that ordinary people are using. We don’t want it to be just a place where some big V and net celebrities show up here.
Many people will also pay attention to the fact that the video number is becoming full screen. You can see that we have become full screen in our attention and recommendation. We will also do grayscale experiments in our friends’ praise. I will say a little bit professionally. What is the concept? In fact, it is about the concept of the presentation form of information list.
Information list is a list of items. How do you show it. We often see some so-called waterfall flow, information flow and full screen. The difference between them is how many items are appropriate to put in a screen, and only one item is put in a page at the bottom of the full screen. In this process, after a variety of explorations, we have to sum up a rule, that is, the number of content items in a screen is inversely proportional to the hit rate of users who are interested in a page. If you are interested in more of these 10 items, you can put fewer items in this page; if you are interested in each content, you can turn it into a full screen, with the number of content items and hit rate In inverse proportion, if you choose one out of 10, you have to have a choice. We want to put 10 for you to choose. That’s what we mean.
Take the circle of friends as an example. For the circle of friends, if we change it to full screen now, the circle of friends will die, because the hit rate of the circle of friends is not very high. You brush the circle of friends every day very quickly, and you will not take every one seriously. A large number of content will be put in one screen, because the hit rate is not high enough. It may follow your friends More, the hit rate will be lower. People will say why we don’t improve the hit rate of our circle of friends.
To improve the method, we need to analyze the content and put the content that you are interested in in in the front. When we look at the content of the circle of friends, we don’t see whether the content is good or not, but whether I am familiar with this friend or not. At present, the machine system can’t do it, so the circle of friends won’t significantly improve the size of each content, even if you are familiar with it The circle of friends sent a video, hoping that we would not do the same with full screen.
The same is true for your concern. The more you focus, the lower the hit rate, because not everyone will be interested. When we changed the official account, there were many people who complained. The reason behind that is that when we used the folder entrance to the summary mode, the number of screens in the screen became less. If the same hit rate, the number of bars will be reduced. It means that you have to improve your hit rate. If we don’t do that, we’ll make each one bigger. In fact, there will be problems.
So we saw a interesting data, and the number of people who had noticed less in the official account revision increased. The reading rate was high because his attention rate was still high. His attention was very low, and the amount of attention was reduced, because the cost of his choice was even greater. So, later, we added a new label at the top of the subscription number, and I found what I wanted to see, which offset the fact that we need to increase the area of each item to improve the hit rate. It’s a bit ironic. We don’t need to understand it too much.

For the video number, the content richness in the first half of the year is not enough, and the hit rate is very high. There are multiple contents displayed in one screen, not just one. In this way, users can have a choice, or they can brush and skip over if they don’t like. At that time, if we were on the full screen, we would start to enrich the content in the second half of the year. At this time, the hit rate will be improved. We can try some full screen display, and indeed a single full screen display will be much better than half screen display. It’s an interesting data. When we compare the data, we can see that the average duration of attention here has declined. When we pay attention, many people still have to pick out the content they are interested in, rather than looking at it one by one. We can deduce that the hit rate of our attention is not high enough, and the full screen brings a slight choice difficulty It is difficult. Recently, we also do user priority sorting in public official account, which is also to improve hit rate.
After full screen, we will focus on the stream, and also do the content ranking of machine recommendation intervention, because only in this way can you pay attention to a lot of content. When you choose to have difficulty, the machine will help you to see the most important thing first.
Therefore, full screen is a big risk. If you have a low hit rate, it is not a good thing to do full screen. We will also recommend the content of this stream in the next step. You can think about it. According to the hit rate theory mentioned just now, will it bring users more or less like it?
The possibility of wechat live broadcast
Next, I’ll talk about things in the field of live broadcasting. We observe the whole history of the Internet and find that the content form has been evolving in the history of the Internet.
In the early days, when you wrote online, you needed to learn a format language like TML. Later, there was a blog and the form of short content on Weibo. Now more people choose pictures and videos, and live broadcasting is moving towards the point where ordinary people can produce and consume more. The simple embodiment is that the content is becoming more and more fragmented, so I will also think about what kind of content form is more acceptable than short video content, and ordinary people can also produce content and are more willing to consume it.
Thinking here includes that after we have made the live broadcast, I personally think the live broadcast has this opportunity. In the evolution of content form, it has come to a point where it is more easily accepted by the public. Although live broadcasting has been developed for many years, you may still know live broadcasting in the field of show or goods. This is from the way of content form to think about the content form of personal expression.
You may find it difficult to live, because you haven’t been there in person. I don’t know how many people here have shown their faces in person and raised their hands. Only about 1 / 5 of them haven’t tried. You really can’t feel that feeling. I can’t express it in words. I’ve live it myself, but I’m a private live broadcast. I live it with my colleagues and thousands of viewers Inside, I have an intuitive feeling about it, and the live broadcast is particularly relaxed.
For example, if I make a short video for all my colleagues, I will feel great pressure. I have to prepare ideas, prepare manuscripts, and prepare content. However, in the face of thousands of people, I didn’t make any preparation for the live broadcast. I just put the mobile phone stand of the live broadcast camera here to start the live broadcast, and everyone will ask questions. I will answer the questions according to this question Question.
Here, I realize that short video has creation threshold, but live broadcast does not need you to do basic content, so I am not live broadcast here now, I still prepare content. If a real live broadcast is actually very easy, no matter how many viewers there are, you may say a few words, which has nothing to do with you writing a word on microblog The essential difference is a very relaxed expression.
Therefore, in the future, live broadcasting may become a personal expression that many people are using. Sometimes we often think that our wechat business card is too rigid, just a picture and a name, and we can’t see anything in the circle of friends. Let it become active. I click on a person’s business card, which is alive. This person wears a pair of glasses Live broadcasting is what he sees. As long as you enter his business card, you can see his live broadcasting and what he sees with his eyes. This may be a form of live broadcasting. Everyone is someone else’s eyes, and everyone can see what he sees through other people’s eyes. Here, live broadcasting has become a very ultimate thing.
After we got the ID of video number, we found that it was very smooth. Not long ago, there was a popular rain broadcast, and soon more than 1 million people watched it, which was beyond our expectation. We didn’t do any promotion for this activity. It was formed by users’ spontaneous rolling, and it also worked through social recommendation. Some people spontaneously forwarded it to the group and the circle of friends. We can think about it For example, although few of us are watching, there may be quite a lot of people watching the live broadcast. This is a huge energy of social recommendation in wechat.
We will still connect in the video number and live broadcast entrance. After more live broadcast, in addition to your friends telling you that you can watch a live broadcast, we also hope that the system will tell you which live broadcast is worth your time, which will be a greater test for us. We don’t have a live broadcast portal yet. We may have a live broadcast portal in the next version. Let’s adjust its position, live broadcast and nearby people.
There will also be the ability of e-commerce in the live broadcast, including the live broadcast can be linked to the third-party small program. Many people said before that whether we can only hang our own small program, of course, it won’t be like this. It’s just what we did in the early experiment. Openness to the platform of small program is the first thing. It’s wrong for us to make our own small program and the third-party PK, and we won’t do this What kind of things.
As for the relevance of live broadcast, we may have been used to grabbing red envelopes and paying New Year’s greetings in groups during the Spring Festival, but it’s really an online way of paying New Year’s greetings. Our traditional way of paying New Year’s greetings is really face-to-face. This scene is more like the live broadcast mode. We hope that some people will pay New Year’s greetings through live broadcast this year. That’s especially good. Let’s talk about the video number and live broadcast In.

This afternoon, my colleagues from the Marketing Department reminded me that many users may be particularly concerned about creators and what kind of traffic or support the platform will give them. However, it does not mean that the platform will not support this thing. The platform will support this thing from another perspective. As mentioned earlier, we hope to be a content carrier and make the video number an official of individuals and organizations Website, you first have to have your own official website platform to help you, so it’s different from making an official website in your previous webpage. You can only buy search engines to make an official website accessible. Wechat contains a lot of things that other products may not be able to try. For example, for information, we may have search, recommendation, system recommendation and social networking There are some ways to deliver.
So don’t worry too much that no one will watch the content here. At the beginning, we will also invite some stars to come in the video number. The star said that we don’t want to come without signing fee. We said that we don’t want to come if we don’t want to buy some content, but he should create his own content here to attract fans. When he has fans, of course, there will be rewards, he should We should try our best to do this instead of buying content. We will not do this in the future. It’s not to save money. If we don’t spend money to buy content, and the creators are willing to come in, it means that we have really established an ecological environment that can operate. Therefore, we have not emphasized this in the history of wechat, for example If we do well in the efficiency of systems and rules, it will be much more efficient than the operation.
As we can see now that WeChat pays a very large coverage, we do not pay much WeChat. If we pay such a full contact with the offline industry, we may be responsible for the whole industry by one or two people. The official account number Slogan has been broken by it. Now it is also applicable to the video number.
When wechat’s x experiment is in progress
Making products is a whimsical process. You first have an idea to verify that 99% of them are unreliable. If one or two of them can be reliable in the end, it will be very fun. What happens if you take a picture of a person’s head? Take a picture of someone chatting with you. You throw a bomb and smash his screen. It looks really broken. What happens? When you listen to a song, you can see who else is listening to the song with you, and the picture. You are in a certain state, you have insomnia, and you find that some people are also insomnia, and even you count sheep with them, which is also very interesting.
Can you give these users a canvas, and each person can draw a point, and no one will tell them what to draw? If there are 10 million or 100 million people to draw this point, can these points become a picture in the end? Do you think so? What kind of painting? No one dares to say, face, I think no one knows? No one knows that such things are very interesting. If we really make them into products, it’s what we usually call creation, creating something.
Let me share some of the following experimental functions. It may not be very mature after it comes out, but the first step of anything, especially the function of social products, is hard for you to predict what role it will play in users. It is necessary for many users to participate in and interact with each other to know what results it will produce, so we will also observe it in the end It’s a good effect.
If these new functions are possible, we will release a new version in the next few days to experience them. However, compared with the video number, these are small functions. One of them is expression, which is actually the most basic element in our way of expression. We have been looking for the most basic elements of things in all fields. We don’t do too many things, but we have to do them. There are many people who don’t like to be patted by others. There are many people who make mistakes and are embarrassed. There are still 120 million people who set the tail of patting, which is the basic element of a way of expression. It’s different from all other ways It’s different to simulate human body action in reality, rather than sending a message.
Once I joked internally that people’s life will become more and more online in the future, and people will miss the very old way of interaction between people, so facial expression is the basic element of our expression. Wechat facial expression has not been upgraded for many years, and users have contributed a lot of custom facial expressions to us, so that it can always have the latest facial expression in it If the quantity of statistical data is too large, it is meaningless. We have observed some relatively small amount of data, which can reflect some trends. For example, the emotions expressed by people are getting stronger and stronger, and the split expression is very popular. There are not so many strong things before. I just said that if a bomb is thrown out, the screen is split, or the animation effect is broken, how about us Classify such a thing as the basic element of expression, making it a general product function. Fortunately, we finally found a way to do this. I won’t tell you. You can use it in a few days. Our new version contains some expression capabilities.
As for status, when we open a person’s wechat business card, there is almost nothing in the card, but in fact, in the future, the business card should be alive and should contain your current status. For example, if you are sitting here now, this is your status. If there is not a lot of privacy, you don’t mind being seen by many friends. People sitting together in a meeting say we are in a state All States are the same. We hope to see each other when we hold a meeting here. This is what we hope to achieve by introducing “state”.
Video dynamic expression of a person’s state, but video expression in this place is very difficult, only more than 1 million people send video dynamic every day, we will also upgrade it, go to the other side of the video, everyone sends text is very difficult, you send a paragraph of text for many people to see is very difficult, if you say a word is not difficult, so the “state” should be random In a word, let’s go to the other side of the video and express our state by saying a word or writing a few words.

So, we also want to see a scene. In the future, if you are in a certain state, you will also want to see who is in the same state with you, and you also want to see them, such as people playing games together, traveling together, and even people in the same mood can be included in the “state”. Sometimes I often say that the essence of social communication is the “state” Finding the same kind, state is also a way to help us find the same kind.
I really don’t know what the result will be, and it’s not perfect, so I think we need to go through two or three versions later to make it more perfect. Even so, we still put it in the new version, so that we have a chance to try it first.
Just now, I talked about a new attempt on personal status. Another audience talked to me about how to see a song. Songs are not for listening, but should be used for watching. Since the advent of mobile Internet, I feel that many people listen to fewer songs. They only listen to songs when driving, because you would rather watch TV at any other time It’s too frequent.
Wechat actually contains a lot of information. I’ve always been dissatisfied with the fact that listening to songs in wechat is not very good. For example, I don’t understand why all players are connected by a record player. When I was in middle school, I had a record player and I went to buy records. I don’t think most users will experience a thing they didn’t know in that era Pin, a turntable is spinning there.
What should we do when we listen to music? Many people will choose what we should not see when listening to music, but should listen to it. But I hope we can see something when listening to music. You will have imagination when listening to music. We like listening to music when driving because our eyes see a lot of things, and our imagination is more active than usual. There are many people listening to the same song, and another person is in another scene, which is very interesting If there are many similar people and the pictures in front of the audience are connected, there are always some people. From this point, we have made a visual display of the listening experience. The base has not yet reached that point. There is a camera in our eyeball that can be transmitted to the cloud in real time. It is also terrible at that point. Sooner or later, it will come to that point. At present, we can only do it through other products In this step, some enthusiastic users will be able to turn into a beautifully made thing similar to MV and share it with more people. This is the experience of listening to songs.
We also made a few minor changes. I don’t like the floating window. It’s especially like a dogskin plaster, occupying a place on your screen. Many friends can’t finish reading articles, and it’s not a good solution to read while processing messages. You don’t need to occupy the screen in the new version, so you can quickly cut back to the articles you want to read. Another problem is similar to the floating window. For example, when we encounter another problem, sometimes we don’t know where to click in the live broadcast. When I go back and look for the live broadcast, I can’t find it. After closing it, you can see a long article in the same situation, we have also made a small optimization. In the past, we can pull down wechat, which has the most important content Recently used small programs, recently read the article did not finish, live did not finish, video did not finish, here you can quickly find them.
In advance, there is a new thing that everyone usually needs. As for the input method, we didn’t have the idea to make an input method. We usually receive a lot of complaints, “are you exposing our chat records on wechat?” only some people in the industry can know how this is going on. Ordinary users don’t understand it at all. Maybe everyone here knows it We don’t really look at your chats, even if I believe you don’t believe that.
But people in our company do know this. If we want to see it, we will be expelled, and we don’t keep chat records here. Moreover, even the chat records of the last three days must be saved in the cloud. If we want to analyze these chat records, we can bring a lot of advertising revenue to the company, but in fact we didn’t analyze it, so wechat is very important to user privacy We are very concerned.
Why do you still say something in wechat and receive the advertisement later. There are many places where wechat is not the only one dealing with your information. From this starting point, our technical colleagues talked about why we don’t make our own input method. I thought, well, we have such a technical team, which happens to do machine translation. They had a very good accumulation in the field of AI. Not long ago, they won the championship of translation competition, and they also wanted to verify it If you can trust the privacy protection of wechat, you should also trust the privacy and security of wechat input method. Let’s do it, and we will do it soon.
Moreover, I think the input method and speech recognition have invested so much. I also hope that it will be the first entry for information input. In the future, the development of this area will become more and more intelligent. We can’t imagine that new input methods will come out. I heard that apple is making glasses. We wear Apple glasses. Apple has designed these glasses for us. Smashing them twice means sliding down and praising them twice. That’s also true It’s very possible that with the new input method, it will be very good for us to make some investment in the early stage.
This year, I’ve talked about these new abilities. It’s not like wechat. I think it’s a huge misunderstanding. In my personal opinion, I think doing things should be done quickly. There’s a saying in Sun Tzu’s art of War called “it’s as fast as the wind, and it’s as slow as the forest”. When it’s fast, it’s like the wind. Sometimes we’re fast and slow. Slow is not the result we want. We can’t do it The video number has set up a team of one or two hundred people and three algorithm teams, which can run faster than many large teams on a small scale. We should understand that the speed of video number is the normal speed of wechat. If we still do it so fast in the next year, we should not think that it is a normal state.
Zhang Xiaolong summed up the ten years of wechat

It’s close to the end. We have indeed gone through ten years. Everyone has their own experience in wechat. Even many people may consider it from the perspective of people’s daily habits and social changes. I won’t think so deeply. I consider it from the perspective of products. What we have done may be a lot. If I have to attribute it to non-profit If we often use one or two simple words to express it, I want to use two words to express it, one is “connection”, the other is “simplicity”, which is the core of wechat. Connection is very beautiful. Everything in our world is connected, making products, making connections, making the bottom facilities, making connections, and producing very rich results based on this connection, Many social products also do link up, even people do not go down, what is more, WeChat category is bigger, official account and small program are connected. We have been doing this in recent years. WeChat payment is the connection of money, and video number will become a lot of infrastructure. Heart.
“Simple”, I use such a word instead of “beautiful, practical, reasonable, elegant” this pile of words, summed up in the end is simple, you may not agree, I am recognized, simple is very beautiful, an object is often the most simple and beautiful, in the project, we may have a thousand ways to achieve a goal, only the simplest way is possible It’s the best because there are a thousand methods. It’s the most difficult and the most difficult thing for you to find the best method from a thousand methods. Some people know that I wrote “how many functions should be added to a product in order to become a junk product” on “Fanfu”. If I knew at that time that we would never write this sentence on wechat later, since we have already written this sentence, we should be worthy of it. Now I want to say “how many functions should be added to a product in order to become a junk product”. Although wechat is better than ten years ago There are many more functions, but these functions are achieved in the simplest way, and only when users see them can they see them. Wechat now looks no different from ten years ago. When one billion people use it, simple things are the best to use. Simple goals are the highest goals, which are very difficult to achieve, and users may not necessarily change If you care about the simplicity of what you make, many people will use a lot of shoddy products, and we will pursue this simplicity, because there are still some people who know the beauty behind the simplicity of products, and they will agree with this, which is also very important.
Although wechat is already a very large product, and after ten years, I still hope that it has always maintained its own style, like a small and beautiful product. In fact, the original goal is small and beautiful. It has its own soul, its own aesthetic, its own creativity, and its own brightness. It is not just a slave of digital goals. In this way, it can maintain its own style My own style, my own work and our team’s work are more meaningful. This is my summary of the last ten years of wechat.
Thank you for your presence, and also thank you for watching the live broadcast. I hope I don’t waste your time here. Thank you.