In 2020, there will be 500 million Mau of wechat games, and the proportion of male and female users will be 5:5


After the accumulated registered users of small games exceeded 1 billion in 2019, wechat small game platform maintained a growth of registration, and broke through 500 million Mau for the first time in 2020.
Let’s take a look at the users of the small game platform. On the small game platform, the ratio of men to women will still be 5:5 in 2020. The proportion of female users is still more than that of traditional game platforms, and there is a trend of convergence in the distribution of users in cities and the age distribution of users. On the small game platform, the number of users over 30 years old has reached 65%, and the number of users in the third to fifth tier cities has also exceeded 60%.