Foxconn plans to build a new factory in Vietnam, possibly producing macbooks and iPads


Foxconn’s factories were previously concentrated in China
Sina digital news on the morning of January 19, foreign media reported that Foxconn, Apple’s supplier, has obtained permission to build a new $270 million factory in Vietnam, which may produce macbooks and iPads.
Foxconn’s new plant will be located in Beijiang Province in northern Vietnam. Upon completion, the plant is expected to produce 8 million laptops and tablets a year.
Foxconn is one of Apple’s largest manufacturing partners. Last November, apple wanted Foxconn to move some of its iPad and MacBook assemblies from China to Vietnam as it tried to diversify its supply chain.
It is reported that Foxconn has invested $1.5 billion in Vietnam so far, and plans to increase its investment by another $700 million this year and recruit another 10000 local workers. Foxconn is also said to be considering investing another $1.3 billion in Vietnam’s Qinghua province.