QQ read user browser history without authorization? Here comes the response


Image source: visual China
Reporter Lu Keyan
Recently, on the V2EX forum, netizen @ mengyx said that 10 minutes after he logged into QQ on the PC, QQ tried to read the user’s browser history, search the shopping records and upload them selectively. QQ office Tim also has this phenomenon.
Specifically, QQ automatically scans all the folders under appdata / local, and further scans the user data / default / history. It is reported that user data default history is the default history storage location of browser based on chrome / chromium. Google browser, 360 speed, 360 security, cheetah, 2345 and other browsers are all successful.
In response, the official account of Tencent QQ said that the operation is a technical solution against malicious login. In the past, QQ system recognized that many forged QQ clients would visit multiple websites maliciously as early auxiliary work, so QQ added the access logic of detecting malice and exception in PC client to judge forged client.
QQ said in a statement that all detected data will not be uploaded to the cloud, stored or used for any other purpose. At present, QQ has replaced another set of detection technology logic to solve the security risk problem, and released a new version of PC QQ. In addition, mobile QQ does not exist above operation, so it is not affected.
Subsequently, the official account of 360 security guard also responded that the team analyzed the technical details of the above QQ users’ browser privacy scanning for the first time and confirmed that there was no risk of original data leakage.