Mr. Zheng Shunjing, the first general manager of Tesla in China, passed away


Sina science and technology news on January 17 afternoon news, Tesla’s first general manager of China Zheng Shunjing died, the reason is unknown, many friends have in different forms to mourn Zheng Shunjing.
From March 2013 to April 2014, Zheng Shunjing served as general manager of Tesla China. As the first general manager of Tesla in China, Mr. Zheng Shunjing helped Tesla establish a team with initial scale in China, and opened its first store in Beijing Fangcao, helping Tesla complete a series of preparations for entering China.
After Zheng Shunjing left Tesla, Wu Bizhen, who had worked for apple and had sales experience in FMCG products, took over his position and became the second general manager in China. In early 2017, Zheng Shunjing joined Moby bike as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), mainly responsible for Moby bike’s marketing work, and reported directly to Hu Weiwei, founder and President of Moby bike.
China China joined China’s Hongkong Dahang group before joining Tesla, and is responsible for Bentley’s Chinese mainland business development. From 2003 to 2013, he worked as manager of occupation department, Bentley China business director and deputy general manager of Bentley China, leaving the position of general manager of Bentley China in 2003. (Zijian)