Hungry? What’s the matter? A former rider died suddenly and then burned himself. He has fallen behind in the takeaway industry


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Hungry? A few days ago, he said that he was very sad about the self injury caused by the fire of the delivery man master Liu. After learning of the relevant situation, hungry immediately arranged the front staff to rush to the hospital, and set up a special team.
“At present, the special team is still trying its best to assist the hospital in treating and recovering the injured and accompanying their families. Master Liu and his family’s treatment and related expenses have been paid by hungry. We will try our best to do a good job in the follow-up work. ”
Before the incident, Master Liu, a 47 year old hungry takeout, set himself on fire on January 11. On the sign of the distribution station behind him, the words “instant delivery, a better life” were written in white and blue. Although Master Liu was rescued, he was severely burned.
Rider Master Liu is waiting for debridement in hospital
The fuse of the matter is that master Liu found that his salary was deducted about 5000 yuan. He went to the head of the distribution station many times and tried to communicate with the boss of the company, but to no avail. After that, he said, “I don’t want to live. I’ve lived enough. I’m too tired.”
Liu’s wife suffers from liver disease and can only do odd jobs with a monthly income of more than 1000 yuan. The eldest daughter is 21 years old. She has just entered the society and is still an apprentice. The younger daughter has just been admitted to university. When she needs money, the whole family’s expenses are almost on Master Liu.
Takeaway’s sudden death only pays 2000 yuan and is bombarded
Before that, hungry? There was a sudden death of the rider. At that time, Han Yiwei, a 43 year old hungry rider, was on the way to deliver the 34th order after delivering 33 orders. After police investigation, Han died suddenly.
When the family members investigated who was responsible for the work-related injury insurance, they were told that Han had nothing to do with the platform, and only provided 2000 yuan to the family members.
One of the terms of the contract is that hummingbird crowdsourcing only provides information matching services, and there is no labor or employment relationship between riders and Hummingbird crowdsourcing.
Hummingbird crowdsourcing may pay a bonus based on the rider’s service or other excellent performance, but this kind of bonus does not belong to salary, which is not equal to recognizing the labor and employment relationship between the rider and Hummingbird crowdsourcing.
“Any natural person can register to use the” hummingbird crowdsourcing “app. At the time of registration, the platform has relevant prompts. If it is not acceptable, it can choose not to register any more. Once it is accepted, it means that it recognizes the relevant agreement of the platform.”
“2000 yuan, one life.” It has aroused the indignation of netizens – hungry, enjoying the huge benefits of valuation, but the rider has become a mole ant.
Many netizens pointed out that they were wearing hungry uniforms, delivering hungry takeout, and being managed and assessed by hungry, but once someone had an accident, they would be completely responsible.
As for the shelling from the outside world, I’m hungry and can’t bear it. Finally, I say I mourn for the blue knight who died in an accident. Today, the security for sudden death on the platform has been increased to 600000.
Wang Lei, CEO of Ali local life company
In the two successive disturbances, it was very disadvantageous to be hungry. In particular, for 5000 yuan, the rider broke out the tragedy of self Immolation, which damaged the image of hungry Mody.
But behind this series of disturbances, Wang Lei, CEO of Ali local life company, did not come out to apologize.
Before 2018, Wang Lei once described the competition between hungry Yao and meituan. Meituan stood on the second floor and beat the first floor. After hungry Yao integrated into Ali, he wanted to beat the second floor from the sixth floor. At the beginning of 2020, Wang Lei said: “the next new competition will no longer be the track of flow realization, but the track of” new service “, which is the track that businesses develop with us.”.
In addition, the ant group CEO Hu Xiaoming also served as the chairman of Ali local life service company, and coordinated with Alipay and local life from a strategic height. Wang Lei also led the restructuring of the organization, set up three major business groups (home, shop, business center and innovation) and three major business units (logistics, new retail, pan life service), and introduced Ali B2B veteran Lei Yan group and Zhao Wei, and Li Jiankang, Zhang Liang and other persons in charge.
In Wang Lei’s words, in the past two years, we have been building digital facilities. Through continuous investment in cloud computing, logistics, financial technology and new retail, we have formed a digital economic “commercial infrastructure” with Alibaba cloud intelligence, rookie, ant financial services and Gaode map as the base and physical goods, services and entertainment as the focus.
Ever hungry? Founding team
The reality is that hungry has entered an embarrassing situation. After being acquired by Alibaba, the former hungry executives have left one after another, and the Ali executives have taken over. They originally found a powerful “father”, but they have been defeated by meituan takeout, and their sense of existence is getting weaker and weaker.
Hungry? In many places, the sound and shadow have disappeared, replaced by a large number of riders.
Are you hungry? Is there any hope
In 2020, the problem of delivery system will be exposed – the system will become a machine that devours riders’ time and safety.
In December 2020, Liu Xinyang, vice president of hungry Mody, admitted, “we really have too many details to do well.” “So far, we have held 47 Knight exchange meetings to understand the blue knight’s voice and think about how to do more to help the blue knight.”
Talking about how to help riders, Liu Xinyang mainly talked about three points
1. Iterate and optimize the business process. Platform settings allow knight to adjust the delivery address of consumers and recalculate the expected delivery time.
2. Strengthen the ability of technology, algorithm and product. Calculate which rider gives a reasonable order. Only when the system judges more accurately can the operation efficiency be improved.
3. Assessment and income. The platform assessment is too harsh, which directly affects their income. According to the plan, we will adjust the assessment from order to cycle, and evaluate the next cycle according to the overall punctual delivery rate in a certain cycle.
As for the problem of riders, Liu Xinyang said, “be down-to-earth and slowly solve the problem that every knight is most concerned about.” Then it backfired. In fact, hungry has been breaking out bad social events in recent years.
Up to now, riders still have a series of problems. In the future, are you hungry? Is there any hope.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)