Self Immolation hungry Rider: salary deducted 5000 yuan, repeated unsuccessful begging and suicide


Reporter / Han Qian intern reporter / Li Tong, Wang Huanrong
Editor / Yang Baolu
Liu Jin is waiting for debridement in hospital
At about 10 a.m. on January 11, Liu Jin, a 47 year old hungry takeout, stood in front of a distribution station in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, where he worked, spilled gasoline on himself and set himself on fire. On the signboard of the distribution station behind him, the words “instant delivery, good life” were written in white on a blue background.
Surrounding businesses quickly rescued him with a fire extinguisher and sent him to the hospital. After diagnosis, Liu Jin suffered from deep second to third degree burns, with a total body burn area of 80%. On January 15, Liu Jin underwent debridement, a key step in deciding whether he can be pulled back from the line of life and death. That night, Liu Jin’s sister, Liu Ping, told shenzeng that the operation went smoothly and a second operation would be carried out next week.
In the eyes of his colleagues, Liu Jin is an honest middle-aged man. 18 days before the incident, Liu Jin found that his salary had been deducted by about 5000 yuan. He went to the head of the distribution station many times and tried to communicate with the boss of the company. No one knows the details of the exchange, but it is obvious that Liu Jin did not ask for his salary back. Finally, the speechless takeaway chose to end his life in an extreme way. After being sent to the hospital, Liu Jin told Liu Ping, “I don’t want to live. I’ve lived enough. I’m too tired.”
After the self Immolation was put out, Liu Jin stood up
The man on fire
It was not until his body caught fire that Liu Jin attracted everyone’s attention.
“Fire extinguisher! Fire extinguisher In a live video taken by an eyewitness, someone noticed a man lying on the ground, wrapped in an orange red flame, and began to hastily call the merchants around to put out the fire. Two people holding the fire extinguisher rushed forward to spray dry powder at Liu Jin. Ten seconds later, Liu Jin’s fire was put out.
As the light yellow powder diffused in the air gradually dissipated, Liu Jin’s appearance became clear – he was lying on the ground groaning, his clothes were all burnt down, large areas of naked skin became scorched black, and his hands were still stuck with scorched gloves.
In another video, Liu Jin even stands up after the burn. Behind him is the “hungry” hummingbird distribution Wanda station in Taizhou City, where he works. On the white and blue signboard of the distribution station, the words “instant delivery, better life” stand out. When the ambulance came, the onlookers advised him to “go to the hospital first” and “life is more important than money”. Liu Jin shook his hands and repeated, “no, no, I don’t want my life. It doesn’t matter. I want my hard-earned money.”
One side of the police rushed to Liu Jin’s promise: “you go to the hospital first, we take the initiative to go to the hospital to find you (investigation situation)” Under the guidance of rescue personnel, Liu Jin was finally sent to Taizhou People’s hospital 6 kilometers away.
Liu Jin’s sister, Liu Ping, received a call from her sister-in-law at 11 a.m. When she rushed to the hospital to see Liu Jin, she saw her brother, who was burned “out of shape”. Liu Ping asked him, “why do you make yourself like this?” Liu Jin told her: “I don’t want to live, I live enough, too tired.”
The diagnosis of the hospital showed that the total burn area of Liu Jin was 80%, which was deep second degree to third degree burn. On the afternoon of January 11, in order to prevent throat edema blocking the respiratory tract and causing asphyxia, the doctor opened the throat for Liu Jin.
On January 15, Liu Jin underwent a large-scale debridement operation. The doctor told Liu Ping that it was an operation to decide whether he could survive. That night, the reporter learned that Liu Jin’s operation was very smooth. After that, he had to stay in the intensive care unit for two months, and he would carry out more than 20 debridement operations, large and small. The overall treatment cost was about 1 million yuan.
Liu Ping said that doctors had given the family a “preventive injection”: one of Liu Jin’s hands burned and his nerves were numb. Even if people can pull back from the gate of death, they will basically lose their ability to work, and even need help in their daily life and meals.
In retrospect, Liu Ping felt that this was definitely not a suicide on purpose. Gasoline must have been prepared in advance – Liu Jinkai’s car is a battery car. In his daily life, he can’t use gasoline at all. Sun Yue, a delivery clerk who knows Liu Jin, told shenzeng that before the accident, Liu Jin told his colleagues at the site that if he didn’t get the 5000 yuan salary owed to him by his unit, he would “die.”. But no one takes this sentence seriously, “who can think of committing suicide for 5000 yuan?”
Diagnosis certificate issued by the hospital
Moonlight’s takeaway
Liu Jin, 45 years old, is about 1.6 meters tall and looks very thin among the takeout staff. Many colleagues who knew Liu Jin could not find any other personality characteristics except “honesty” when they described him to the reporter.
A takeaway often sees Liu Jin in the supermarket where his colleagues gather around the site. Liu Jinhui often comes to the supermarket to charge the battery car, but seldom chats with others. He usually stays alone, smokes and waits. Sun Yue also said that in the takeaway wechat group, people often chat and joke, but basically did not see Liu Jin chatting in it. “He doesn’t talk, he’s not annoying, but we won’t be particularly close to him.”
It has been more than ten years since Liu Jin came from his hometown of Yunnan to work in Taizhou. According to Liu Ping, Liu Jin started to pull cables with the engineering team. When the engineering team was disbanded three years ago, he started delivering takeout. “My brother is over 40 years old. He has no education and no skills. He can’t get into a better factory. He can only take out food. At least he earns more than watching the gate.”
Sun Yue recalled that more than a year ago, he worked with Liu Jin. At that time, Liu Jin’s monthly order delivery volume was about 1200, which was basically in the top 20% of the site riders’ rankings every month. According to the salary of 6 yuan, Liu Jin’s monthly salary is about 6000 yuan or 7000 yuan. The rider’s internal software can see the ranking of employees’ working hours in the site. In his impression, Liu Jin always goes offline late, basically exceeding the 9-hour working hours stipulated by “hungry” every day, reaching about 12 hours.

“The whole family depends on him.” Even if we don’t have much communication with Liu Jin, most of our colleagues know something about his family. Last year, Liu Jin had a rest for half a month due to a car accident. When he returned to work, Sun Yue heard that Liu Jin was borrowing money from his colleagues. “He basically belongs to the” moonlight clan “and can’t save money. He can’t have an accident yet. Once he has an accident, he will have no money
5000 yuan is not a small sum for Liu. “If a month’s salary doesn’t arrive on time, his family will have no rice to cook.” Liu Ping sighed. Liu Jin’s wife suffers from liver disease and can only do odd jobs with a monthly income of more than 1000 yuan. The eldest daughter is 21 years old. She has just entered the society and is still an apprentice. The youngest daughter was admitted to university in September last year. When she needed money, the whole family’s expenses were almost on Liu Jin’s shoulders.
According to Liu Ping’s calculation, Liu Jin has to pay his little daughter 1500 yuan a month for living expenses, plus the couple’s monthly rent of more than 1000 yuan and living expenses of about 1500 yuan, resulting in a fixed monthly expenditure of 4000 yuan. “Coupled with Liu Jin’s wife’s medical expenses and miscellaneous expenses, she can hardly save money.”
This year, Liu Jin’s youngest daughter’s tuition and miscellaneous expenses were collected by relatives. More than a month before the accident, his mother was ill and hospitalized again. Liu Jin also borrowed 2000 yuan from his colleagues to call his mother. Two days before the self Immolation, Liu Jin borrowed 2000 yuan from Liu Ping to pay off the debts of his colleagues. Liu Jin after the accident, his wife rushed to the hospital, to pay, card only 400 yuan.
Liu Ping remembers that the last time she saw Liu Jin before the accident was on last year’s national day when her relatives had dinner together. At that time, Liu Jin’s little daughter had just entered school. During the dinner, he was in a good mood. “My brother also said at that time that after the child went to college, he had to work harder to earn money. We all agreed to let him relax, and the whole family would work together to help the child go to school.”
Liu Jin’s previous work photos at the site
Or 5000 bucks for job hopping
It took 18 days for Liu Jin to find that his salary was 5000 yuan less than his own, and then he decided to set himself on fire. A number of takeaway workers said that in order to get paid, Liu Jin went to the stationmaster of the distribution station several times, and also went to the headquarters of Jingjiang Yingpao e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yingpao company”) to find the boss. But no one can accurately restore what Liu Jin has experienced in the past 18 days. Even to his wife, he only complained a few words: “the salary is too difficult to ask for, and he won’t give it several times.”
In Sun Yue’s view, this may have something to do with the salary adjustment of the salesmen of Evonik. Since November last year, in order to improve the work enthusiasm of employees, Evonik has changed the salary of takeaway from 6 yuan per order to a ladder system. The monthly income of 600-800 orders is 4.5 yuan per order, 800-900 orders is 5.2 yuan per order, 900-1100 orders is 5.5 yuan per order, 1100-1200 orders is 5.8 yuan per order, 1200-1400 orders is 6 yuan per order, and 1400 orders is 6.2 yuan per order. Another takeaway Wang Jiangtao confirmed the salary adjustment to reporters.
Win run company just contracted Taizhou “hungry” three site takeout operation in September last year. Tianyancha shows that Evonik is headquartered in Taizhou and has branches in six cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Although Liu Jin’s daily work is under the management of Yingpao company, he has not signed a contract with the company. The relevant person in charge of the Publicity Department of Hailing District, Taizhou, told Shen Zeng that Liu Jin, as an individual industrial and commercial household, signed the “project subcontracting agreement” with Haohuo (Xuzhou) Network Technology Co., Ltd., and contracted the “hungry” distribution business of EVOOP.
After the implementation of ladder salary system, it caused the dissatisfaction of the takeout staff in the three sites of Evonik. At one site, five riders resigned in November. In Sun Yue’s view, the company’s approach is nothing more than to improve the work enthusiasm of employees and make the data of the site more beautiful. However, the number of orders in a region will not increase with the efforts of riders. For most takeaway salesmen whose monthly orders are less than 1200, this adjustment means a disguised salary reduction.
Liu Jinmeng came up with the idea of working on a new platform. On December 5, he asked for a month’s leave on the ground that he had something to return to his hometown. In fact, he transferred to meituan people’s Park station to work.
As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to improve the transportation capacity, the local meituan distribution service contractor began to issue incentive measures for new employees. A meituan rider told shenzeng that at the people’s Park station where Liu Jinxin went, the current reward measure is that if the new employees work for three months and their performance meets certain standards, they can get 10000 yuan reward. Wang Jiangtao explained to shenzeng that “hungry” also has performance appraisal for contractors. If the number of takeaway staff is not enough, resulting in poor data of delivery service and failing to meet the standard, they will be fined by “hungry”, so they will attract takeaway staff by subsidizing new people in the peak takeout season.
December 25 is the day when Liu Jin received his salary in November. On that day, he only received a salary of more than 1000 yuan, about 5000 yuan less than the expected salary of more than 6000 yuan. Sun Yue believes that the 5000 yuan deducted is due to the fact that Winrun company regards Liu Jin’s behavior as “urgent resignation” — there are provisions in the labor dispatch contract they signed that they need to report to the company one month in advance to apply for resignation. If they quit suddenly, their monthly salary will be calculated as 1.5 yuan per delivery fee.
Liu Jinxin’s work site is less than 2 kilometers away from the original work site. When the takeout workers deliver meals, they will bump into him and say, “the news that Liu went to meituan’s work spreads to the stationmaster’s ears. The stationmaster must be unhappy to know this situation.” Sun Yue said. However, he believes that even if Liu jinsuan is regarded as an “urgent resignation”, there are still problems in the company’s practice. “If you want to deduct money, you can only deduct December’s salary according to the regulations. How can you deduct November’s salary?”
No one knows why Liu Jin didn’t go through the resignation procedure of applying one month in advance. Sun Yue thinks that this may be a way to minimize losses after Liu Jin’s temporary intention to change jobs. Wang Jiangtao told reporters that in the local area, meituan has more orders to deliver, and the delivery time is more tense. He guessed that Liu Jin probably wanted to experience it first to see if he could adapt to the work intensity of the new environment.

In order to get new employees’ subsidies in the peak season, or to pursue higher income, it is common for takeaway workers to change jobs between different platforms. Wang Jiangtao said that some riders had asked for leave for a month to try it out elsewhere, but no one was as stiff with the site as Liu Jin. In his opinion, the site’s attitude to riders is “watching people’s dishes”. If they are bullied, they will charge more money. Nearly to the end of the year, the site does not want the loss of employees, to Liu deduction money is “kill the chicken and frighten the monkey”. “Liu Jin is just too honest. If he was more tactful, things would not be like this.” Wang Jiangtao said.
At present, Liu Jin has a clear consciousness and is waiting for debridement surgery in the hospital. Liu Ping said, “are you hungry?” now she promises to her family that she will be responsible for the treatment cost of Liu Jin’s early surgery. Ju Xiaoqin, the legal representative of Evonik, told shenzeng that before the self Immolation incident, he didn’t know about Liu Jin’s claim for salary. At present, the dispute has been handled by the headquarters of ehemo.
(to protect the privacy of the interviewees, Sun Yue and Wang Jiangtao are both pseudonyms)