Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology: vigorously develop new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries to achieve overtaking


Original title: Xiao Yaqing, Minister of industry and information technology: promoting high quality development of new energy vehicle industry from five aspects
On January 16, Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, delivered a speech at the online forum of the 7th China electric vehicle 100 people’s Congress, saying that in today’s world, the competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, so we should seize the opportunity, vigorously develop new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries, and realize overtaking on the curve.
Xiao Yaqing, Minister of industry and information technology
Xiao Yaqing said that novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the impact of the past year, driving the auto industry to counter the trend, and has produced brilliant answers on scale and quality. Models designed based on the new pure electric drive platform have become the mainstream. Chinese brands have gained a firm foothold in the middle and high-end market, accounting for more than 50%. Some products of enterprises have been exported in batches.
“Looking forward to the future, China’s new energy vehicle industry is in an important period of strategic opportunities, but both opportunities and challenges have new development changes. For us, how to optimize the industrial layout and how to better maintain the smooth supply chain have become the key questions that the whole industry must answer. We should seize the opportunities, meet the challenges and overcome the difficulties. This is also the key to whether China’s new energy vehicle industry can reach a new level in the next 15 years. ” Xiao Yaqing said.
To this end, Xiao Yaqing proposed that the Ministry of industry and information technology will implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping and give instructions to the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and give full play to the role of the inter ministerial joint meeting of energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development. Together with the relevant departments, we should take the new development concept as the guide, strengthen the overall planning and make comprehensive plans to accelerate the production of new energy vehicles. With strong technology, industry and facilities, we will lead the process of global automobile industry electrification, focusing on five aspects.
One is to implement the action of strengthening the chain and repairing the chain.
Around the short board and forging long board, the action plan is prepared, from both sides of supply and demand, through the three links of technology research, platform support and demonstration application, to optimize the use environment, promote the brand upward, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain.
The second is to speed up the key technology research.
Focusing on the issues of cost reduction, safety improvement and all climate applicability, we should give full play to the role of innovation centers in power batteries, intelligent networked vehicles and other manufacturing industries, support technological research, and accelerate the R & D and industrial application of automotive chips and operating systems.
The third is to strengthen the promotion and application.
Promote the improvement of the level of electric vehicles in the public domain, carry out a new round of new energy vehicles to the countryside activities, continuously improve the user experience, accelerate the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure, improve the level of interconnection, and encourage the innovative development of power swapping mode.
Fourth, optimize the environment for industrial development.
Focusing on the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, we should study and formulate the technical roadmap for the implementation of automobile industry, deepen the reform of management and service, open up OEM production in an orderly manner, make good use of market rules, and promote the promotion of industrial concentration. At the same time, we should resolutely curb the phenomenon of blind investment and avoid inefficient and repetitive construction.
Fifth, deepen high-level opening-up and cooperation.
The global automobile supply chain has formed a pattern of “you have me, I have you” which is of vital importance. It is necessary to strengthen the open cooperation with various countries and parties, speed up the internationalization of standards, guide enterprises to actively participate in international competition, and form a new pattern of open industrial development.