BYD Wang Chuanfu: the time is ripe for electric vehicles to replace fuel vehicles


Surging journalist Cui Zhuzhu
On January 16, Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the online forum of the 7th China electric vehicle 100 people’s Congress. In recent years, the battery, motor, electronic control and other technologies of electric vehicles have become more and more mature. In terms of acceleration, noise, energy consumption, maintenance convenience, intelligence and life cycle cost, electric vehicles have surpassed fuel vehicles in an all-round way The time is ripe to replace fuel vehicles.
Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Co., Ltd
“The transformation of the new and old kinetic energy of the industry has accelerated, and huge opportunities and energy have burst out. We have reason to believe that 2021 will be the first year for the rapid development of China’s electric vehicles. The industry pattern will be adjusted rapidly, and the hundred year reform will start from the” spring and Autumn Period “to the” Warring States period “, and the electric vehicle industry will accelerate into a new stage of development in the” fourteenth five year plan. ” Wang Chuanfu said.
Wang Chuanfu said that in November last year, the state promulgated the new energy vehicle industry development plan, which strengthened the confidence and expectation of the industry’s development, and proposed that the sales of new electric vehicles will account for 20% in 2025, and the public sector vehicles will be fully electrified by 2035. In the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of the industry will reach more than 37%. At present, many cities in China are making the “14th five year” new energy vehicle industry development plan, making clear the promotion and application goals of electric vehicles in the next five years, and pressing the “fast forward” key of development.
Wang Chuanfu also said that from a global point of view, the wave of car electrification swept the world. In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, accelerating the overall electrification of automobiles has become a strategic choice for the world’s economically developed countries and automobile powers. According to incomplete statistics, there are 17 countries and 25 cities in the world that have announced or formulated the schedule of fully electric vehicles.
In terms of industrial chain, Wang Chuanfu revealed that BYD will speed up the opening of supply of key parts to the industry in 2021. “At the beginning of this year, BYD released a new brand logo in the domestic passenger car field, embracing the Centennial reform of the automobile industry with a more open attitude, and striving to walk out a road from independent innovation to comprehensive open innovation.”
For the future development of electric vehicle industry, Wang Chuanfu also put forward three suggestions
First, continue to improve the safety regulations and standards of electric vehicles. The automotive industry is in a critical period of change, which requires innovative technology, products and industry leading standards to solve the pain points of the market. More than ten years ago, when promoting electric vehicles, consumers were most concerned about the driving range; now, the number of electric vehicles in China is about 5 million, and consumers are most concerned about product safety. The key to the safety of electric vehicles is the power battery. Acupuncture test is a very effective and rigorous method in power battery test. In 2015, the old version of the national standard “safety requirements and test methods for power batteries for electric vehicles” clearly stipulates that the single battery should not explode or catch fire during the needling test. Therefore, it is suggested that the needling test of power battery should be gradually included in the mandatory standard, and the current requirement of thermal diffusion test should be increased from no less than 5 minutes to no less than 30 minutes.
Second, we should enhance the predictability of double integral price and establish the integral pool management mechanism referring to the grain reserve regulation mechanism of agriculture. The relationship between integral supply and demand is affected by multiple factors such as the output and fuel consumption of automobile enterprises in the industry, which is unpredictable. It will lead to the oversupply of integral in some years and the undersupply of integral in some years. Through the establishment of the integral pool management system, when the supply of integral exceeds the demand, the surplus integral can be put into the integral pool, and when the supply is less than the demand, the integral can be used again, so as to adjust the balance of supply and demand of the integral market in each year and ensure the effective operation of the double integral policy.
Third, the electrification of private cars needs both plug-in hybrid and pure electric. Last year, the electric vehicle market rose at two ends, one is the middle and low end cars, the other is the middle and high end cars. In addition to pure electric, plug-in hybrid technology is still an important technical route. China’s new energy vehicle industry development plan clearly defines the “three vertical” parallel development route. Plug in hybrid and pure electric are the key technical routes supported by the state, and also the global mainstream technology direction. Plug in hybrid has realized the driving mode of “short distance electricity and long distance oil”, which is of great significance to realize the development goal of “20% by 2025”.