Thousands of monthly salary can recruit novel writers, who reaps traffic in the net text factory?


Author: Zhang Yi
Recently, some media reported that a domestic Internet company, which has been established for more than three years, is mainly engaged in online literature creation, with more than 40 full-time authors and hundreds of online authors. The company has a set of “algorithmic” logic different from the traditional network text creation, that is, it uses big data to draw a portrait of readers’ needs and accurately position “what to write”. The company has even set up a huge material library for the reference and adaptation of the author.
Jiefang Daily ยท Shangguan news reporter learned from another novel website that the application of big data in the industry is not new. It is mainly used to capture users’ preferences, count market popular categories, and make free online articles accurately reach users.
There is nothing wrong with the use of big data, but it is worth noting that as the “cake” of the online literature industry market becomes bigger and bigger, countless pipeline novels are emerging, which leads to serious homogenization. Not only that, some novel advertisements that attract attention by reversal and face slapping also appear frequently in the market, and even some online loan advertisements “reap” and sink into the market through the counter attack short video plot. The overflowing low-quality flow is worth pondering.
Mass production of Folksonomy
“In the first half of last year, there was a fire of” Fu son-in-law writing “, and in the second half of last year, there was a fire of” war god writing “. A copy of” Zhenguo war god “became popular, and there were many follow-up articles everywhere.” On the other end of the phone, Gu Xiao, an Internet writer with many years of writing experience, was very helpless. “Text factories” were everywhere. He searched the website for a popular novel tag, and novels written with similar routines emerged in endlessly. “After reading, you may remember the title of the book, but you can’t remember the author. Homogenization is too serious.”
Looking back on the past 20 years, network literature can be called a “century dividend”. According to AI media consulting data, last year, the total number of online literature works in China exceeded 25 million. The online literature reserves of 17k novel network, Jinjiang literature city and starting point Chinese network all exceeded 2 million. The number of users in China’s digital reading industry reached 510 million. It is estimated that China’s digital reading market will reach 41.6 billion yuan in 2021, and the scale of online literature market will grow steadily.
Industry insiders frankly say that the “cake” of online culture is very big. After its deep combination with the cultural industry, it forms the advantage of “content IP”, which is recognized as the source of digital cultural economy IP, so many small companies want to come in and have a share. When many companies started, they didn’t have many years of author cultivation and work accumulation like Yuewen and other head enterprises, so they can only start from imitation or imitation writing. Net text factory and making text factory also came into being in this way.
In recent years, there are more and more similar Internet companies or small studios, and their operation mode is quite assembly line or batch. “For example, if you hire 10 or 20 writers, you can pick out the outline and routine of an article that has become popular for a while. Then you can imitate the routine and write it in your own words. It’s another article.” Gu Xiao said, “in the Zaowen factory, the things written by 10 people are different at first sight, but they are all one” stem. “. These 10 articles have been put on different platforms, and if they work out a blockbuster, it will be great. ”
Not long ago, the Internet company, which has recently become the focus of the Internet, published an advertisement for 50 “novel writers” and 50 “on duty writers”, which showed that the monthly salary was 4000-8000 yuan and the education was unlimited. The writer needs to “write the outline and create the novel according to the direction and subject matter given by the company”; in the introduction of “on duty author”, the company said that “it doesn’t matter if you have no experience, the company has senior editors and great God writers to provide training guidance”.
In the text factory, the net text is produced in batches like goods. “This is usually a kind of imitation, such as the use of stem’s reference or similar routines. In fact, it can not be directly defined as plagiarism, but this phenomenon is easy to lead to the homogenization of the content of online articles.” Gu Xiao said. When Zhenguo Zhanshen was the most popular, the outline of the book, which was compiled by netizens, appeared on the well-known Internet Forum “dragon sky”, which shows the popularity of imitation writing.
With the popularity of web writing, there are more and more supporting products, such as web training classes and accelerated classes. “People who have never written are very curious. Those who can write will have no time to go.” Gu Xiao said that after the rapid training of the online training class, inexperienced Xiaobai writers are really likely to reach the threshold of online entry. “When an ordinary writer writes an article, he needs to conceive and refine the main line, but in some literature factories or training classes, he only focuses on the hot spots and writes what is popular. The normal author may not be able to deal with the details and suspense, but the template given by the text factory may have an advantage over the normal author. ”
IP, the son-in-law of traffic manufacturing and Ares IP, are rapidly invading the reading market. Gu Xiao is worried that although there are tens of millions of online writers, if the creation continues to be industrialized, the quantity is large and the quality is small, the industry will easily drive out the good money. “Homogenization is because it is profitable. The short-term effect of net text factory is very profitable, but it is not long-term. It is easy to cause big but not strong, many but not good, fast and unstable. A good creative ecology should have more abundant self-expression. ”
Traffic network literature is not network literature
On the one hand, it is the homogenization of Internet articles; on the other hand, the “flow of Internet articles” in the form of “novel advertising” also occupy the public view in a way of eye-catching.
Novel advertisements emerge one after another
The first two days, netizen “milk tea” make complaints about micro-blog, and was recommended by a big data to be a “novel advertisement”. The official account of Jiefang Daily read the tweets account and found that the content of the tweets was “graphic” and intercepted some of the novels with a long screenshot. The final goal was to drain through the comment area to a WeChat public number. Reporters immediately followed the official account named “read more every day”, and responded to the key words through the background. The reporter was led to a hidden pirated novel website. On the website, VIP chapters of popular novels also need to be read through recharge or annual membership. Meanwhile, the official account frequently plays a dialogue, inducing users to continue reading or receiving the “repaid gift package” to stimulate consumption.

“Here, network literature has become a kind of instrumental existence.” A personage in the industry who did not want to be named told Jiefang Daily Shangguan news reporter that there is a saying of “flow literature” in the industry at present, which is different from traditional network literature. Flow literature is spread by means of Internet media, especially many we media numbers, and its quality is usually not high. Its purpose is to harvest flow and stimulate low-level sense organs, and ultimately to transform flow into income. “This is a good idea The most humble part of the industry is that its content may be purely piled up and soulless. ”
Take the rather absurd “impulse essay” as an example, it hardly needs any content quality. It can be pieced together and copied into a “book”. “Usually a small website just rises, need to enrich the library, so don’t ask for quality, just look at the quantity.” Recently, some media disclosed that most of the market prices of impulse articles are 3 yuan to 5 yuan per thousand words, and the obvious low return also confirms the obvious low quality.
In the view of Yang Chen, vice president of Yuewen group, traffic literature is not the same as network literature. “The core of network literature content is wonderful stories, which attract readers with creativity and plot as selling points, and gain profits through online reading and IP development. Traffic literature is a completely different route, represented by countless unknown we media numbers. They seem to be everywhere, but they are deeply hidden. The operators behind them never appear in public. The content is a complete eyeball economy model, and there is almost no real story plot. ”
In addition to the novels and texts coexisting in the novel advertisements, the same purpose is to get traffic, and there is also a novel advertisement with short local video. This kind of advertisement usually takes less than 1 minute, and the shooting content selects the most “cool” paragraph in the “cool text”, which contains the eye-catching elements such as the overbearing president, the Hougong competition for favor, the passage, the horror, and so on. The plot is exaggerated, the cool points, and the slapping in the face are highly intensive.
Short video novel advertisement hits a lot
Guan Yunpeng, an actor who once participated in the shooting of such novel advertisements, told Jiefang Daily Shangguan news that from May to July last year, he may have shot hundreds of such information flow advertisements. “Although the specific roles and lines will change slightly, they all contain the routine of forbearance in the early stage, conflict points in the middle stage, and counter attack in the later stage. The content is actually different.”
For novel websites, short video advertising is obviously a quite effective way of drainage. Recently, however, even some online lending companies have taken specious short video ads. They have one thing in common, with the plot of the counter attack to attract attention.
In the advertisement, migrant workers are successfully upgraded in the airliner, and the way to solve the protagonist’s dilemma is to open online loans. The plot is completely bared there and then the logic is completely untenable, but the intention of the advertiser is clear: to use the low quality video to “sink” the market flow, and to pay for net loan.
Xia lie, a professor at Hangzhou Normal University, believes that it is wise to turn the “cool points” and routines in the novel into short videos of the plot and stimulate the audience to return to the novel reading by audio-visual means. “But if we only see the huge traffic brought by a large number of people online and the profit model behind it, we need to reflect. Everyone has the right to enjoy the culture of this era. Elite writers and scholars must also actively intervene, introduce high-level cultural tastes, and actively guide network literature and art. ”
Big data is just a means, the key is how to use it
It’s not hard to find that there are big data behind the net text factory and information flow advertising. A person related to a novel platform told Jiefang Daily Shangguan news reporter that after the big data survey on the platform last year, it was found that the popularity of novels with the theme of “Fu son-in-law” was on the rise, so the theme was remade into a video advertisement, which achieved good communication effect.
“Build a set of system to understand users’ reading preferences based on massive user data. By extracting tags from users’ basic attributes, reading interests and behaviors, we can understand the preferences of users of different genders, ages and regions in reading styles, reading genres and reading themes. ” According to the relevant person in charge of a free reading website, the introduction of big data for data accumulation is a kind of technological innovation compared with the traditional network text, “before, it was the editing team that judged the popular trend of works, now after a certain amount of data accumulation, it can give full play to the data and technical advantages of the Internet platform on the basis of novel editing, and empower the creators.”
But he also believes that big data is relatively mature in user personalized recommendation. When it comes to real novel creation, it still depends on the creativity of the author. “Big data can only help authors reduce the probability of trial and error. From the perspective of novel platform, we also do not encourage people to write a theme together, which is not conducive to the creation of content ecology. ”
In the eyes of many Internet writers, technology or big data is a neutral word. The key lies in how to use it and where the boundary is. “This topic reminds people of the AI poetry writing discussed before. Now 5g is very popular. In the future, it may take less than a few minutes to create a book with an AI software.” Chen Ji, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Internet writers association, believes that the popularity of big data may lead some people to compete for hot spots, so as to mass produce some assembly line articles. However, in the long run, novels or monotonous articles catering to hot spots will not be bought all the time. “Literary works have some emotional colors, which can not meet people’s emotional needs. In the process of the development of Internet articles, readers will have more and more sharp eyes.”
For a long time, some software can be found on the market under the banner of “network novel generator” or “writing artifact”. The title of the novel, the name of the hero and heroine, the influence of the school, the magic moves, and the panacea can be automatically generated.
Out of curiosity, Chen Ji has also experienced similar assisted writing software, “it really generates an article very quickly, and the quality is OK.”. In his view, with the development of science and technology, there will be people in the industry to try new technological means, big data is one of them, “but the industry will not be eliminated because someone tries new technological means.”.

Chen Ji said that from the creator’s point of view, online writing is not only commercial, but also a kind of catharsis of the author’s inner feelings. “Writing brings me spiritual nourishment. The real writing is not to cater to the hot spots in the market, but to cater to my own desire for expression. Many successful Internet writers use writing as an innovation to express something in their heart He compared that writing online is like playing Tai Chi, which is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is also like brewing wine, which requires time accumulation and waiting.