The next generation of MacBook is rumored to come back except for Apple’s self-developed chip MagSafe


Sina digital news on the afternoon of January 15, a well-known analyst focusing on Apple’s product industry chain, MIG Chi Kuo, said in a report today that apple is developing a new MacBook Pro model, with major improvements including the appearance and the return of the MagSafe interface.
Guo has long been concerned about Apple products related industry chain, so he has predicted Apple products many times. According to him, apple is developing 14 – and 16 inch models, code named j314 and J316. The new MacBook Pro machine will have a straight edge design, which Guo said is “similar to the iPhone 12” and does not have the arc of the current model. This will be the most important design update for MacBook Pro in the past five years. (however, there is also a saying that the appearance will not change)
All new MacBook Pro products will be equipped with Apple’s self-developed chips, and will be upgraded to add more kernels and enhanced GPU parts (so it may be the subsequent version of M1), and no longer provide Intel chip version – this is Apple’s further “de Intel” action.
In addition to more powerful chips, Apple also plans to use brighter, more contrast screen materials in the new MacBook Pro to enhance the display effect.
A more welcome change for old MacBook users is that MagSafe may return. It is said that another major change of the new product will be the charging method. For the past five years, Apple has been using usb-c ports to power and transfer data to laptops. But the company is now trying to get MagSafe back.
This kind of magnetic power interface was the landmark design of Apple MacBook. The accidental pull of the power cord will only separate it from the laptop, rather than tear off the whole computer. But then, in order to make way for the more powerful and versatile usb-c, apple abandoned it.
This magnetic charging port was once the iconic design of MacBook
People familiar with the matter said that the MagSafe connector after the return will be similar to the previous slender pill shape design, which will bring faster charging speed to the computer.
The existence of touch bar has always been controversial
Another argument is that Apple also tried to get rid of touch bar when developing the next generation Mac. Some professional users say they think touch bar is not as convenient as physical keys. But at present, it may only be a prototype product test, not as likely as upgrading the chip.