Spring Festival ten thousand yuan B & B: three nights for two months salary, do you still live?


Source: China business net
Original title: three nights for two months, ten thousand yuan for Spring Festival. Do you still stay?
By Huang Yulu
The epidemic situation can not resist the steps of traveling to the sea, but can not resist the “moat” feeling of city people returning to the mountains and forests.
Just after the new year’s Day holiday, the high priced B & B in the suburbs of Beijing has begun to book. A B & B in the west of Beijing is priced at more than 10000 yuan a night, and the three days of the Spring Festival have been fully reserved.
On the other hand, the discussion of “whether the price of B & B is too high” remains unresolved. At night, thousands of holidays, one night, ten thousand days, not five star’s life, but got five star disease. Many netizens make complaints about the price and service, but the objects and photos are not unified.
“If you travel now, you won’t stay for a long time. If you choose to stay for a long time, you will be very disappointed.” This is the conclusion drawn by Chen Mo, a post-95 girl, after experiencing B & B in many places for several years.
People love to live in B & B, what they love is stylized space, personalized service, and even luxury brand aura. But it’s not that you can just take out an empty room and call it B & B. what consumers want is not only “expensive”, but also the reason why it’s expensive,
In the discussion, in recent years, the culture and Tourism Department has also issued standards and norms related to B & B, but compared with the hotel star standard that has been promoted and popularized for more than 20 years, the B & B industry and relevant standards are still “little brothers”. It is still a question whether the B & B industry should be subject to standard management and who will supervise it.
Ten thousand a night. What’s the price?
The new covid-19 outbreak has been scattered, and it has cast a shadow over the upcoming Spring Festival holiday in 2021. But some high priced home stay in the suburbs of Beijing have opened the booking mode.
Open OTA software search can see, located in the western suburbs of Beijing villas, from the year of the rat on the 29th of the twelfth lunar month to the first day of the first month of the year of the ox, three nights with hot spring full courtyard have been reserved, a night unit price of 11760 yuan, a total of 5 rooms, can live 12 people, each room price reached 2350 yuan, per capita cost of 980 yuan. Usually, double rooms with one to two thousand yuan per night are no longer open for reservation. The manager of B & B said that all the three days are reserved by the same group of guests.
Reservation of a hot spring B & B in West Beijing for Spring Festival holiday
The price of the Spring Festival is almost twice that of the working day, which is 20% to 50% higher than that of the weekend. If you live for three days, the whole family will spend more than 30000 yuan, which is equivalent to two months’ salary. Such a price is of course unattainable for ordinary wage earners. The price of a single room is the same as that of a five-star hotel, while the decoration style is a new one. It’s not the luxury style of the hotel, but the exquisite and simple style.
But every holiday, the discussion about whether the B & B in the suburbs of Beijing is high or not is rampant. On the national day of 2020, the Beijing Evening News reported that at that time, the prices of wanghong B & B or slightly well-known B & B in the suburbs of Beijing rose, and a double room of 2000 yuan a night was only a medium level.
On the one hand, B & B in Beijing suburbs is very expensive. A person who has been engaged in the B & B industry for more than 10 years told me that the B & B market in Beijing and its surrounding areas has not been fully developed, and it has become a scarce resource on holidays. Coupled with the high housing prices in Beijing, even in the suburbs, the rent is higher than that in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, where the B & B industry is more mature.
Jiang man, President of Jiuyuan Design Institute, also revealed in an interview with Beijing Evening News that the occupancy rate of B & B in Beijing is about 33%, and the annual operation time is only more than 100 days. The B & B industry that has invested millions or even tens of millions of Yuan hopes to recover the cost in three to five years as much as possible, so it must reverse the estimated price according to the initial investment rather than the service.
On the other hand, the phenomenon of “rising prices every festival” not only exists in the B & B circle of Beijing, but also in popular tourist destinations. During the new year’s Day holiday in 2021, the worker’s Daily reported that the price of single family B & B in Sanya has risen from more than 4000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The price of B & B in many parts of the country has skyrocketed, even to 30000 yuan a night.
According to Wu Liyun, associate professor of the China Institute of culture and tourism industry, Beijing International Studies University, the price of home stay is not necessarily based on the cost plus pricing method, just like luxury goods, brand value and scarcity are the most important pricing factors.
For particularly expensive B & B, Wu Liyun believes that there are two core factors: first, there is a great demand for products in the market; second, high-quality B & B is still relatively scarce, which leads to higher prices, especially in the peak period of holidays. The 2019 Chinese mainland homestay development data report also shows that the luxury and luxury home class accounts for only 0.6%.
High price equals high quality?
But the price is high-grade and the quality is not high-grade, which is the main “slot” of some consumers for B & B. In the view of some residents, high price and high quality can not be equated, and even the bottom line of “one cent for one cent” sometimes fails in front of B & B.
Not long ago, Xinhuanet launched a home stay experience vote on its microblog. Among 106000 participants, 25000 chose “not good”, 11000 more than “very good”, and 62000 chose “average”.
In the past two years, Chen Mo has lived in B & B in Xiamen, Dali, Lijiang and other tourist cities. She has experienced B & B at different prices ranging from 300 yuan to thousands of yuan. The mismatch between quality and price is Chen Mo’s big feeling.
“The sound of the sound is tiktok is good, went to find the bathroom environment is bad, sewer taste, out of the window too noisy.” This is Chen Mo’s experience in Lijiang after a night of more than 700 yuan B & B. She said that at that time, she went to travel before the May Day holiday. After staying in a few nights of affordable B & B, she chose a more expensive B & B experience. Her husband chose it online for a long time, and the score was also very high. As a result, “it’s worse than staying in a hotel.”.
The contrast is more prominent in Dali. Chen Mo said that her travel photographer strongly recommended a wooden structure B & B, “saying this is the best one”, with a price of more than 1000 yuan per night, which is comparable to that of a high star hotel. She looked at the external environment and was still disappointed. “The sound insulation is not good, the furniture is very shabby, the bed sheet is similar to that of the hotel, the bathroom environment is general, and the sanitation is not so standard.” This home stay is mainly in Erhai Lake, as if in the clouds on the sea, “the result is that it’s cloudy and there’s nothing.”.

The host’s warm reception combined with the local culture is the main feature of B & B and favored by many tourists. However, Chen Mo said that during the golden week, the staff of her high priced B & B are no different from the hotel staff, and did not feel the friendly service promoted. On the contrary, a cheap B & B in zengcuolong, Xiamen, with a single room price of more than 300 yuan, gave her the best experience. The host of the B & B took the initiative to introduce local fun to her, and she talked with the boss until more than 12 o’clock in the night.
In Wu Liyun’s opinion, it is true that some B & B hotels are more expensive than other star and luxury hotels, but their services do not meet the corresponding standards. Some B & B hotels are even more expensive than five-star hotels. But B & B itself is a kind of personalized and characteristic accommodation product, which satisfies people’s psychology of pursuing differentiation. In particular, young people are more and more in pursuit of personality and prefer different content, which will also be an opportunity for the development of B & B.
However, Wu Liyun also stressed that for high-end B & B, while the price is high, it is also necessary to continuously improve the service level to provide high-quality service with consistent quality and price for residents. From the fundamental point of view, the B & B market has its own rules, but also needs guidance, including administrative supervision. Especially in the early stage of market development, “it depends on who takes the initiative.”.
Should there be a standard for B & B?
Although experiencing the vigorous stage of “everything growing”, B & B is still the “younger generation” in the domestic accommodation industry.
Since the 1990s, farmhouses and inns have gradually appeared in the mainland of China, which is considered to be the “originator” of B & B. after 2011, the number of B & B in China has increased from more than 30000 in 2014 to more than 60000 in 2019. However, the establishment of industry standards and evaluation system is far from as “horseshoe disease” as the development of industry.
Until 2017, the former National Tourism Administration published the basic requirements and evaluation of B & B, which is the first industry standard of B & B industry issued by the organization directly under the State Council. After being updated in 2019, this standard divides the level of B & B into three-star, four-star and five-star, defines the division conditions, and strengthens the requirements for health, safety and fire protection.
In September 2020, the first national standard of the B & B industry, rural B & B service quality specification, will be implemented. It is issued and supervised by the State Administration of market supervision and administration, and has made requirements on the hard conditions such as fire fighting and health, and soft conditions such as personnel service.
However, Wu Liyun said that at present, the above two standards are recommended rather than mandatory, and the introduction time is very short. The core problem is who will promote the standards. Similarly, in the accommodation industry, the widely recognized and popular “classification and evaluation of tourist hotel stars” has a history of more than 20 years. The former National Tourism Administration has also worked hard for the promotion of hotel star standards.
On the other hand, whether home stay should be subject to standardized supervision is still controversial. At the beginning of the implementation of the national standard for rural B & B, some people in the industry believed that hard facilities could be required, but this national standard has too many requirements for soft services, which will limit the personalized and characteristic development of B & B.
Wu Liyun also said that at present, many high-quality hotels no longer participate in the evaluation of star hotels, but pursue more the characteristics of their own products. After all, “while standardizing the development of business formats, too specific standard requirements will limit the diversity, individuality and characteristic development of enterprises to some extent.”.
However, some B & B operators have told me that today’s B & B industry is not as “pure” as it was in the early stage of development. With the development of capital, there are more and more B & B chains, which should be small and beautiful, provide personalized services, and enrich regional culture and ecology.
Wu Liyun also believes that just like in the early development of the industry, star rating is needed. At present, except for Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the B & B industry has just started in many provinces and cities in central, Western and Northern China. In the development stage, it is more advantageous to promote the standard of B & B, which can promote the development of local business.
In Wu Liyun’s opinion, relying on industry autonomy, such as the purification of Ota platform, is far from enough. Although OTA platforms, such as Tujia, have also issued the standard for rating B & B, it remains to be discussed whether the platform can display user evaluation fairly and fairly without being motivated by interests. During the new year’s day, some netizens reported that they didn’t display the bad reviews of B & B on OTA platform.
Wu Liyun stressed that it is still the key to the governance of the B & B industry that who will take the initiative to “solicit life” and which “mother’s” administrative agency will implement the industry standards.