Zhihu 10th anniversary Zhou Yuan: plan to invest billions of cash and flow to support creators (video)


Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 13, Zhou Yuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu, said in his speech at the 2021 Xinzhi Youth Conference that it would be Zhihu’s long-term strategy to focus on creators in various fields and create value for users. In 2021, Zhihu plans to invest billions of yuan in cash and flow to continue to increase its support for creators.
Zhihu founder and CEO Zhou Yuan
Zhihu was officially launched in 2011 and is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. As of December 2020, Zhihu has more than 44 million questions and 240 million answers, with more than 20 million new creations and interactions added every day.
In terms of commercialization, Zhihu has more than 2.5 million active paying users per month, forming a high-value paying content library with audio and video courses, e-books, journals and magazines, paper library and salt selection columns, with a total content of more than 3 million and annual visits of more than 3 billion.
In his speech, Zhou Yuan revealed that Zhihu has 100 creators with a monthly income of more than 100000 yuan, and 1000 creators with a monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. In 2021, Zhihu plans to invest billions of yuan in cash and flow to continue to increase its support for creators. (Xuemei)
The following is the full text of the speech by Zhou Yuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends
I’m almost ten years old. Ten years, short or long. For people, it’s still aging; for wine, it’s just aging; for Zhihu, we have taken root in the soil of the times in the past ten years, still full of passion and persisting in our dreams.
My sharing starts with a set of data.
By 2020, the total number of questions and answers on Zhihu has exceeded 44 million and 240 million respectively. The answers are more than five times as many as the questions. I think this shows that there are more ways to live than questions.
We found that in the past ten years, the two favorite questions of users are: what are we pursuing in our poor life? What knowledge will make your world different?
Among the 100 answers that received the most approval votes in the past ten years, most of the keywords were emotion, sports and entertainment, and more of them were promotion, persistence and discovery
What are we going to do?
We’re looking for our own solutions.
We’re meeting interesting souls.
We are lighting the lamp of life.
We are anchoring the course of life.
The biggest feature of Zhihu is Q & A. Q & A, as an ancient and remote cultural gene, affects the direction of social continuation and civilization inheritance.
For thousands of years, some questions and answers have been grand and touching. Huishi asked Chuang Tzu: son is not a fish, do you know the happiness of fish? Zhuangzi asked: I am not the son, I know I do not know the fish?
Some questions and answers are specific and practical. For example, the third question of Philosophy – who am I? Where do you come from? Where to go? For example, why is the earth round? Why do apples fall to the ground? And Needham’s question, Qian Xuesen’s question
Great questions lead to epoch-making answers. To some extent, whether it is the 10th system invented by Arabs or the 2nd system founded by Leibniz, the essence of the world is the “Q” system. There are always people who ask good questions and people are looking forward to them.
Questions and answers have nurtured civilization for a long time, and civilization has turned questions and answers into instinct, sowing the seeds of continuous progress.
These seeds were left on the keel tortoise shells under the Yin Ruins and on the gate of the temple at Delphi in Athens. In the Internet age, they also stay in our blogs, forums and Zhihu.
Zhihu has long established its mission to enable people to better share knowledge, experience and insights and find their own solutions. We are committed to serving those who are curious, curious and energetic, and those who have the courage to explore, love sharing and sincere communication.
Together, we formed today’s Zhihu community. I think community is a tool for people to help each other and a way for people to become close. Because of this, the community has the charm of mutual regeneration, the vitality of mutual harmony and common prosperity, and the power of self driving growth.
The community will also form a unique culture. Zhihu already has its own community culture. In my opinion, whether an Internet community has formed a unique culture has three core marks.
First, it has formed a number of distinctive words. “Thank you for inviting”, “you win if you are serious”, “ask first if you are right, then why”, “don’t cross the border to answer forcefully”, “too many acquaintances, stakeholders” and so on. These words must be familiar to everyone.
Zhihu’s invitation response mechanism has existed since the beginning. After our research, the user “flypig” was the first person to indicate that he was invited in his reply. It was January 27, 2011, the second day after Zhihu was officially launched. Then, this stem was played by everyone one after another, but the wording was not uniform. It was not called “thank you” at the beginning. Some said “invited to answer”, some said “thank you for your invitation”, some said “I’ve been invited, so let’s talk about it a little bit”, and some said “why invite me to answer this question?”.
Suddenly one day, there was “thank you, I’m in America, I just got off the plane.”. Therefore, Xie yaoti went out of Zhihu and rushed to the world.
This vocabulary is still growing. At first, it’s like a secret sign. After a long time, you will find that it’s more like mainstream everyday language.
When Zhihu answers questions, the Shanghai Higher People’s court often uses “thank you, I’m in court, I’m just out of court.”.
Global times, in Zhihu, said, “thank you for your invitation, people in the Third Ring Road, covering the world.”.
The first sentence of astronaut Wang Yaping, who came to know Hu interaction, was “thank you, man in space, just got off the spaceship.”.
The second sign of the formation of a unique culture in the Internet community is the formation of a convention on public order, good customs and autonomy based on value recognition. Zhihu formed the “Convention on good discussion”, and produced a “crowd Adjudication” system in which everyone participates in community maintenance and judges together.
Third, it has a high degree of inclusiveness and firm exclusion. Zhihu welcomes every user with an open mind, but we take a clear-cut stand to defend scientific rationality, advocate independent thinking, oppose ignorance and anti intelligence, and combat ridicule and abuse.

Such a unique culture comes from the community, which in turn nourishes the community and enables Zhihu to continuously upgrade and develop. The massive content of community precipitation condenses our wisdom and records the changes of the times.
You want to know, in the past ten years, which answer has won the highest approval? Which city has the most creators? Let me make a forecast here. In a few days, Zhihu will release the ten-year wanzan analysis report.
In the past ten years, Zhihu has been like a mirror reflecting the atmosphere of the times. In Zhihu, people know themselves, explore the unknown and discover a larger world.
We are concerned about current affairs. When brexit is coming to an end, we know that there are rich and detailed discussions to show the context of the negotiations.
We reflect on the disaster, worry about the loss of Malaysia Airlines 370, grieve over the explosion in Tianjin port, and cheer for the prevention of the new crown epidemic.
We focus on science and technology, feel the shock of the first picture of black hole in the universe, and share the joy of the successful launch of tianwen-1 Mars probe.
When Tu youyou received the Nobel Prize, we were very excited.
When the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the Champions League again after 16 years, we cheered.
When the news of Kobe’s helicopter crash came, we choked and wept.
We find not only the bigger world in Zhihu, but also the beautiful mind. I have an unforgettable user who has never been out of bed in his short 20 years of life, but his attitude towards life has moved many people. His story, like a torch, gives countless friends the power to move forward.
This user once answered a question: “what’s the price of being a maverick? What will be gained? At the end of the answer, he said, “I hope that everyone is unique because they are ordinary, but not ordinary because they are unique. ”
I often wonder if there will be some decisions that will affect the world after many years, that is, to grow our own little horns on Zhihu?
Someone asked me, what does Zhihu look like? I think Zhihu is like a virtual cafe of unprecedented scale. We shuttle here, or listen carefully, or talk, we are friends of gentlemen, and different.
Although it is a virtual space, Zhihu always keeps pace with the real world. The switch from real to virtual is just a stroke between fingertip and screen. In a question and answer conversation, in the interaction of approval and attention, the liveliness and silence of reality, laughter and annoyance are recorded word by word, screen by screen. The hot spots of current affairs are interpreted and analyzed here; the doubts and rumors are identified and clarified here; the views and attitudes are collided and agitated here.
This world needs an open communication space, a serious and friendly discussion environment, and an efficient Q & a place. And Zhihu, with the help of the power of technology interconnection, undertakes this mission and stimulates the energy of Q & A.
Today’s Zhihu is growing rapidly. Every day, Zhihu will add more than 20 million pieces of creation and interaction.
I think the most important thing to pay tribute to here is the creators, that is, the respondents of Zhihu.
The creator is like a street lamp. In the dark, a lamp can bring light, a lamp can warm the heart.
I am also a creator of the ashes class. I’ve answered some of my life’s little experiences, such as, “what are some quick ways to fall asleep? He also answered the methodology in the process of Entrepreneurship: “how should start-ups recruit people? But more importantly, I draw new knowledge and nutrients from the knowledge, experience and insights shared by other respondents.
Today’s creators, with their professional knowledge, influence and love for the world, are becoming brand-new content brands. We are willing to provide enough empowerment for all creators.
I would like to say that it will be Zhihu’s long-term strategy to focus on creators in various fields and create value for users.
Two years ago, a senior media person asked me: how to insert moving pictures into an article? Where do these motion pictures come from? At that time, I thought, is this teacher out. In fact, there is a certain universality. The change of expression and the upgrading of media are for everyone.
In fact, in the past year, Zhihu community has witnessed the fastest growth in video, and a new generation of creators of graphics and video have emerged. We also launched a new video creation tools and video answer support program.
I’m very happy that the elder has become the video answer host of Zhihu.
I think that today’s Chinese Internet, driven by media upgrading and technological progress, will continue to expand the boundaries of the content industry.
Today, Zhihu has 100 creators with a monthly income of more than 100000 yuan, and 1000 head creators with a monthly income of more than 10000 yuan.
In 2021, Zhihu plans to invest billions more in cash and flow to continue to increase its support for creators.
On the way of growing up, Zhihu is often questioned by the outside world, such as the excavation of big V, the hydration of content, and the coldness of style.
A friend complained to me that Zhihu always pushed him the content of love, which was very vulgar and more and more watery. I joke that as far as content is concerned, it will love you as much as you love it. Content is absolutely loyal to you.
The sea of life has its own answers. Young people inevitably have emotional confusion. These contents, for them, can meet the needs and solve the problems. We also think about how to embrace more and more rich content and minimize the content noise to users.
Others say that Zhihu style is “high cold”. But in fact, the content of Zhihu is very diverse, including quantum entanglement and trivial matters. Both sentimental, but also to go abroad for postgraduate entrance examination. Both poetry and distance, but also work to make money. We are “high but not cold” and “low but not vulgar”.
Of course, we don’t shy away from our own problems. In the period of rapid development, Internet enterprises are prone to “three risks” – passivation of environmental perception, aging of enterprise body and weakening of innovation ability. In the face of problems, what should be done is not to explain, but to solve.
It is gratifying that in the past year or two, we have shown unprecedented momentum in user and business growth.

On May 4th Youth Day in 2019, I have a dialogue with college students in a university. I asked you that day, who is Zhihu’s user? The audience raised their hands in unison, including the photographers. I am very happy, so I continue to ask, who is Zhihu’s paying user? As a result, almost all the raised hands were put down, and the scene was very embarrassing.
Only a year and a half later, we now know that the number of monthly active paying users has exceeded 2.5 million, the total number of content has exceeded 3 million, and the annual number of visitors has exceeded 3 billion.
More than 2000 years after Huishi asked Zhuangzi, Marx pointed out in the outline of Feuerbach that philosophers only explained the world in different ways, and the problem was to change the world.
Among the active users of Zhihu, about 75% are young people aged 18-35. They are in the “second 18 years” of their lives and are in the critical stage from knowing the world to changing the world. Do you know how to better serve them? And make the world a better place?
The Q & A and content screening mechanism of Zhihu community encourages sincere expression, professional discussion and friendly interaction, and ensures the continuous output, wide dissemination and long-term precipitation of high-quality content.
Here, we hope that people can gain knowledge and wisdom; here, we hope that people can get warmth and emotion; here, we hope that people can gather into positive ideas and attitudes to provide power for a better world.
Perhaps, in Zhihu’s “virtual coffee shop”, there are some “little sharp corners” that have quietly changed the world.
Perhaps, this is Zhihu’s value coordinate under the realistic background of the rise of a great power and cultural confidence.
At the moment when the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship, users were not only celebrating, but also reflecting on why they had been silent for many years? Tu youyou stepped on the Nobel Prize platform, knowing that users are not only cheering, but also discussing how to make traditional Chinese medicine go to the world.
We have a consensus. When passengers are killed one after another, Zhihu users clearly point out the weak links of safety prevention and control, and give advice for the protection of travel.
We watched and helped each other. When a patient was dying of “severe pneumonia”, Zhihu immediately launched a transnational relay. It took only two days to deliver life-saving drugs from Japan to the patient, saving a fresh life.
We provide a mirror. Only four minutes after the fire broke out at Notre Dame in Paris, Zhihu had a professional discussion, which not only regretted the damage of world famous places, but also contributed to the protection of Chinese cultural relics.
In Zhihu, we use questions and answers to record the mind map and spiritual track of a generation. In this community that connects us, if someone asks a question, someone will answer it.
How to fight back the new crown epidemic, there is Zhong Nanshan’s answer.
How to overcome poverty has been answered by millions of poverty alleviation cadres.
How to build a better motherland, there are hundreds of millions of users know the answer.
So, how to be a better self,
What would you say?
The answer you give to yourself, the answer you give to the future.