We went on a trip to MIHA to see the app store’s annual game original God from a different perspective


“Originally, I downloaded the original God in a critical mood, but now it’s really fragrant!” This is the personal experience of a player around me.
“Original God”, this domestic open world action game, was questioned at the beginning of its service, especially from the ruthless “trample” of the players of switch “Legend of Zelda: the rest of the wilderness”.
But the dispute belongs to the dispute, which does not hinder the achievements of the original God in a period of time. This game has won many awards, such as app store game of the year, Google play best of the year, gold rocker second, and so on. For a time, it became famous and even called “light of China”.
Yuanshen is known as “the light of China”
As a switch player, at first I had the same view on the original God as you “colleagues”, and I was not willing to try such a controversial game easily. However, when I was forced to open my business for testing the performance of my mobile phone, I found that the game was a little fragrant.
Second dimension open world to build its own IP role
Founded in 2012, Mikhail, the producer of original God, aims to become a global interactive entertainment company. Now we are familiar with the “original God” is the company to create the original IP. And before that, MIHA you has successfully launched a series of games – the same original IP created by the company.
In front of the building of MIHA tour company
Creating your own IP image obviously takes more time and polish than taking out the existing IP. The project of Yuanshen started in 2017, with a development time of three and a half years and a research and development cost of US $100 million. Even so, today’s “original God” is still not “complete”, originally planned to open the world in seven countries, now only two countries are open.
The role of the original God standing at the gate of the company
While making games such as “original God” and “crash 3”, mihayou also launched many comics, light novels, animations, and even native music and peripheral products.
Obviously, the company does not confine itself to mobile games or even games, but defines itself as an ACG company. ACG refers to a-anime animation, C-comics comics and g-games. From these perspectives, we can enrich our IP characters and make users more familiar with the stories behind the characters.
It can be seen that the next big game of Mikhail is around the original God, and each step is carefully designed.
Slogan “technology house saves the world” on the elevator of MIHA tour company
For those players who like the role of the second dimension, the combination of open world and the second dimension is undoubtedly hit their pain point. For me, what really makes me feel “delicious” is the quality of the game.
Facing the future and giving full play to the performance of mobile devices
I don’t know if you find that there is a very interesting phenomenon in the game “original God” — the project was launched in 2017. Three years later, even the top performance iPhone 12 series still can’t match the “Curse” of “extremely high image quality, 60 frames”. Although the original God can run smoothly with the help of the powerful performance of the iPhone 12 series under extremely high image quality, it still can’t bear the power consumption and heat.
This also makes the game “original God” a necessary option for “mobile phone performance test” – only games that are very hardware intensive can truly explore the performance limit of a mobile phone.
Three years later, even the top performance mobile devices still can’t run stably under the top picture quality setting for a long time. It’s kind of incredible.
Version 1.2 of the original God has been launched
In fact, Liu Wei, the founder and President of MIHA you, told Sina digital in an interview after Yuanshen won the annual game of app store that at the beginning of making Yuanshen, MIHA you roughly estimated the development time and the ability of mobile chip in three years.
The implication is that in the original God’s own development plan, it is a game that makes full use of the performance of today’s flagship equipment, and then has such a picture expressive power.
Architecture with Chinese style
And that’s not the limit. After all, the story of the original God has just begun. Today, only two out of seven countries are open in the open world (as mentioned above, there were originally seven countries, but now only two countries are open). A lot of content updates for this game, I believe it will be a “protracted war”, and the iteration of smart phones will not stop. In the future, there will be more powerful devices. By that time, can the image quality and quality of original God be maintained at a higher level?
This is what Liu Wei said about the estimated R & D time and the future capabilities of mobile chips. Before the end of the story of the original God, MIHA you strives to keep the image quality and experience of the game above a high level. It’s kind of future oriented.
Get through three terminal data iPad Pro will have a better experience
In addition to the excellent performance in image quality, the original God also made a feat to get through PC, IOS and Android data. It’s a rare experience to lie down and continue with your mobile phone when you are tired of playing on your PC.
Is it difficult to get through the three terminal data? It’s not necessarily true, but there are too few game manufacturers really doing this. So much so that when I switched to the iPhone and continued to take risks after playing on Android for the first time, I thought it was incredible.
Shouldn’t Games be like this? Must it be divided into mobile terminal and PC terminal? In order to realize multi terminal intercommunication, MIHA tour has also been optimized for different devices. The PC terminal naturally needs to adapt to the keyboard and mouse, while the mobile terminal mainly uses the touch screen.
Original God wins iphone game of the year in App Store
From the feedback point of view, among the many devices, the iPad Pro is the most outstanding. Not only has the enough performance to do the support, moreover the bigger volume is advantageous to the heat dissipation. In addition, it seems that some optimizations have been added to MIHA tour, which has a dynamic blur effect on the iPad.

For developers, there is almost no difference between the development of IOS and iPad OS, but the resolution is different, and not much needs to be adjusted. This is also Apple’s ecological advantage. Even if there are many models of iPhone and iPad, the same game doesn’t need to be adjusted too much.
Another small detail, among the configuration requirements announced by “Yuanshen” in the public beta, the minimum requirement for Apple devices is iPhone 8 plus. Because Android system needs to adapt to various brands of mobile phones, it can only be roughly considered based on the processor model. The specific product that can run and how it works still depend on the situation.
IOS / iPad device support handle
At present, MIHA tour has started to adapt the handle for the original God. In the future, iPad and iPhone users can use the handle to play games. This will go a step further for the experience of the original God.
At the end:
The reason why Yuanshen is favored by many users is not only that it has good enough image quality and experience, but also that it brings the two-dimensional and open world play to the mobile terminal, and it also gets through the data of various platforms, which is different from other games in the past.
Maybe the original God is not perfect enough, but what can be more demanding if you can play games close to or even surpass some end game quality on the mobile terminal.