Vipshop “on the list”: in front of the rules, the size is equal


Source: sweet aftertaste
On the morning of the 14th, the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision announced:
Recently, according to the report, the State Administration of market supervision has filed a case against vipshop (China) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou vipshop e-commerce Co., Ltd. for suspected unfair competition.
From the Internet giants with complex business categories to the relatively small vertical e-commerce, the recent actions of the state regulatory authorities have sent a clear signal: whether large or small, the market regulatory rules are equal.
The market is the most scarce resource in the world and also the resource for development. To protect and give full play to the advantages of China’s super large market, we must strengthen the governance of market economy order and promote the realization of fair competition among all kinds of market subjects. Fair competition is the foundation of market economy.
In recent years, with the vigorous development of the Internet economy, a large number of network platforms have risen rapidly. While innovating business models, injecting a lot of fresh blood into the market economy, and bringing convenience to consumers, homogeneous competition and multi field competition have become increasingly fierce, and the problem of unfair competition has become more and more prominent: online advertising blocking, traffic hijacking, data killing, click fraud, binding The influence of online unfair competition is transmitted to the offline. All kinds of unfair competition behaviors are harmful and hidden, which are quietly eroding the foundation of the healthy development of market economy.
To be bigger and stronger is the goal of every enterprise, which is also advocated and maintained by fair competition and escorted by market supervision laws and regulations. However, if we abuse this “big” or make it bigger through improper ways, other competitors will be reduced or even lose the ability to compete, and the whole market will become “unique” and cannot be “full of spring”. For the public, once the options are lost, the price of goods can be manipulated, and ultimately the cost will be transferred to consumers.
It seems that the cost of rectifying the chaos of unfair competition is very high, but if we sacrifice the order of competition and public welfare, the hidden cost of society in the future will be more inestimable. Because of this, the recent meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the central economic work conference clearly proposed to strengthen the anti-monopoly and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital, emphasizing “to strengthen regulation, enhance regulatory capacity, and resolutely oppose monopoly and unfair competition.”.
In a recent interview with the central media, the chief executive of the State Administration of market supervision and Administration said: “we have continuously strengthened the enforcement of anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition, clearly releasing the strong signal that no matter online or offline, we can not become a place outside the law of anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition.” the specific governance path includes “timely correction of the platform economy through case investigation and administrative punishment.” Some prominent problems in the disorder of economic competition.
Some may question whether the punishment will be more symbolic? The TA probably did not realize the guiding role of the case itself: the judgment and ruling of the law enforcement department has always had a far-reaching impact on the choice of the industry, and will play a great exemplary role for the same type of enterprises, guiding the enterprises to check whether they are compliant and whether they act within the legal scope.
It is this kind of regulation and adjustment that will make the concept of fair competition more and more popular, let all market players really put their energy into innovation under the healthy and orderly rules, let consumers fully enjoy the dividends brought by market development, and let us have a better business environment to cultivate more vitality.
This is the purpose of strengthening market supervision.