The United States requires Tesla to recall 158000 vehicles: due to the failure of the central control panel


On Wednesday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asked Tesla to recall 158000 model s and model x cars because of a failure in the media control unit (MCU), which may cause the touch screen display to fail to work, thus posing a safety risk, according to reports.
NHTSA said it had informed Tesla that other car companies had launched multiple recalls due to similar safety problems, and the agency also sent Tesla a a detailed list of previously recalled vehicles.
The agency said the failure of the touch screen would cause major safety problems, including the loss of images from the rear view / reversing camera. The agency said other automakers had previously launched a total of nine recalls due to similar problems.
Tesla vehicles with a faulty touch screen may affect autopilot’s driving aid system and turn signal functions, because the audible time, driver sensing and alarms associated with these vehicle functions may also fail, the agency said. The agency added that system related alarm failures such as autopilot “increase the risk of a car crash because the driver may not know that the system has failed.”.
The failure of touch screen will also make the driver unable to use the windshield defogging and defrosting system, which may reduce the driver’s visibility and increase the risk of accidents in bad weather conditions.