The CEO of social media platform Parler says its service may never be able to go back online


In the morning of January 14, Beijing time, John Matze, Parler’s CEO, said on Wednesday that the social media platform may never be back online. Major U.S. Internet service providers had previously accused Parler of failing to regulate violent content, and collectively banned it.
After last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, a large number of U.S. Internet service providers have cut off contact with Parler.
Mats said it didn’t know when Parler would be back online, or even if it would. “It’s possible that it will never be back online,” he said. We don’t know about that yet. ”
Parler, which went online two years ago, said in regulatory filings it had more than 12 million users.
Mr. mats said Parler was in talks with more than one cloud computing service company, but declined to say which one was on the grounds of avoiding harassment. He said it would be best if Parler could return to Amazon.
Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon on Monday, which said it was worthless. Over the weekend, Amazon shut down Parler’s server because the platform, favored by supporters of US President Donald Trump, did not effectively regulate violent content. In addition, apple and Google of alphabet have kicked Parler out of their app stores.
“It’s hard to count how many people say they don’t do business with us anymore.” Said mats. He said the company was considering suing some other service providers, but declined to give more information.