Apple announces Reji project cook talks about racism


Rendering of the propeller center. As part of the Reji project, the center will offer courses, internships and mentoring opportunities
Sina digital news on the morning of January 14, Apple announced today the “Reji” project, which aims to solve racism and help eliminate the unfair treatment faced by people of color.
Apple first announced its racial equality and justice initiative in June last year as a protest against the killing of breona Taylor, George Floyd and others.
The company said at the time that it would invest $100 million in the plan and has now revealed several uses of the fund. These include the propeller center, the first global innovation and learning center of the historic black colleges and universities (HBCU); the creation of the Apple Developer college to support coding and technology education for Detroit students; and the venture capital fund to support entrepreneurs of color.
Foreign media CBS broadcast an interview with Apple CEO cook this morning. Cook talked with the presenter about the Reji project.
When the host asked cook what made him pay attention to “racism”, cook, born in 1960, mentioned the examples he saw in his childhood
“People who were born in the 1960s and 1970s and grew up in those days have witnessed [the problem of racism] with their own eyes. When I was five years old, John Lewis was beaten on Edmund paters bridge. When I was eight years old, there was Stonewall riots, a series of violent conflicts between homosexuals and police in New York in 1969. It changed the time, it changed my life
“When you go through these things or look back at these events, and look at what’s happening today, you can still see structural racism and systematic racism. We should do something about it, or it won’t go away. ”
Cook also mentioned Apple’s decision last week to remove the right-wing social networking software Parler from the app store. Cook explained, “there are some problems with Parler’s audit. There are some examples of incitement to violence. They need to step up the audit. We want them to fix this and go back to the app store. We’ve temporarily taken it off the shelves, but it’s not permanently banned. ”
In addition to being removed from the app store, Parler’s service was also removed from its hosting company Amazon. Although Parler has since found new hosting, the future of the service remains unclear.