Amazon launches new products in India to enter the field of Education


Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 13, according to reports, on Wednesday, Amazon launched a new learning platform, Amazon academy, which aims to help Indian students enter the well-known engineering college, which is also a new measure for Amazon to go deep into the field of education.
Amazon college currently consists of a new Android App and an official website. Its purpose is to help students prepare for the joint entrance examination. Jee is the entrance assessment test for some engineering colleges in India.
Amazon said that the new application Amazon college has prepared some mathematics, physics and chemistry learning materials, on-site lectures and ability assessment for students. In addition, Amazon college platform will also provide some simulation tests to help students feel the Jee test.
“Amazon college aims to bring high quality and affordable education to all, and we start with those who prepare for the engineering entrance exam,” amol gurwara, Amazon’s director of education in India, said in a statement
“Our mission is to help students achieve results while enabling educators and content partners to reach millions of students. Our main concerns are content quality, deep learning analysis and student experience. This new product launch will help aspiring engineers get ready and win in Jee. ”
Amazon said that the content on the platform is free at present and “the free service will continue in the next few months”, but the statement indicates that the Amazon college platform will eventually charge students.
In addition to Amazon college, the e-commerce giant has many other education platforms and projects, including AWS education, which aims to help people master Amazon’s cloud platform, Amazon Web services. There’s also Amazon ignite, which connects educational content creators with Amazon customers to help them sell things like lesson plans and classroom games through digital downloads.
American technology giants Google and Apple also have their own educational products. For example, Google for education offers customized versions of a variety of Google products, while Apple offers discounts for students and teachers on its hardware.
Amazon has been expanding its business in India for the past few years. Compared with neighboring China and Western countries, India’s e-commerce market is relatively in the early stage of development.
Amazon declined to comment on reports that it currently has more than 65000 employees in India. In May last year, Amazon said it needed to hire another 50000 temporary workers in India to meet the business needs brought about by the new epidemic.
In December 2019, Amazon opened a huge new office in Hyderabad that can accommodate more than 15000 employees. According to reports, this is Amazon’s largest single building in the world.
Amazon is currently recruiting software development engineers and front-end engineers in India to work for Amazon pay, Amazon’s online payment processing service, according to Amazon’s online career portal.
“We are looking for senior engineers to build a payment platform that will provide new payment mechanisms for millions of our customers and make the” digital “economy possible,” one of the ads reads
“Amazon India payments has a bold vision to become Amazon’s most trusted and widely accepted payment solution, applicable to all online and offline transactions. To achieve this vision, Amazon India is systematically investing in local product innovation in areas such as payment experience, payment processing, innovative payment tools and merchant solutions. “