Explore the “love killing pig plate”: an unbearable high price online love


Li Shiyun of sina finance
In 2019, 27 year old Liu mingle met Feng Yuze through social platform. At that time, she thought that she had found her “right man”. But in the past few months alone, she has become an “anti cyber fraud coalition.”.
In the relationship between the two sexes, there is such a group of people who call themselves “pigs”, and the other party is “butchers”. To establish intimate relationship in the form of online love and friends, commonly known as “pig”. Then through the long-term induction of false investment and financial management, known as “do bureau”. The longer the pig is raised, the more vicious the swindler is. And experience a love “kill pig dish”, often come to nothing.
Imperfect pig
More than a year ago, Liu mingle, who has been single for some time, wanted to expand her circle of friends by making friends on the Internet due to the limitation of her occupation and city. Therefore, she met Feng Yuze on a well-known dating website. After the normal communication between the two through the love and marriage software, Feng proposed to add friends on the grounds that wechat communication was more timely and convenient.
“In fact, I was wary at the beginning,” Liu stressed many times, but Feng’s strategy got her into it step by step. In the process of chatting with each other, Feng Hui “prescribes the right medicine to the case” according to Liu’s criteria for choosing a mate, including daily greetings, sending some work news in the circle of friends, drying photos of her childhood, etc., which makes her feel that the other person seems to be the right one.
In Liu mingle’s eyes, Feng is not only a “poor man” who has experienced failure, but also a “successful businessman” who will invest. In their communication, Feng always mentioned consciously or unconsciously how much money he made by investing in the network platform. In a chat, Feng said that he wanted to do a meaningful thing with her, that is to take her to make money. “At that time, I had some rejection in my heart, but he would repeatedly put pressure on me on the ground of” don’t you trust me. “.
At the beginning, Liu mingle only needed to invest a few hundred yuan, and Feng took her to earn more than 600 yuan and successfully withdraw cash. Later, Feng Yuze mentioned that the platform had a lottery activity recently. He asked Liu mingle to invest 30000 yuan and invest 52000 yuan to earn more. “I have a mortgage on my back and admit that I really want to make more money, so I listened to him and invested tens of thousands of yuan into the platform.” this time, Liu mingle lost all his money.
At this time, Feng Yuze showed great guilt in his words and felt sorry for the failure of the investment. Liu mingle once said that he hoped the two could meet each other. However, the other side evaded him for the reasons of “no face to see others”, business trip or no time. He was bound to win back the money before meeting. Liu mingle said that he really had no money, “so he advised me to borrow money from platforms such as Jingbei and Jingdong. He also called this kind of behavior “borrowing money to make money, borrowing chicken to make eggs” and said that my pattern is too small. “.
Out of the mentality of meeting and turning losses into profits, Liu mingle borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from the online loan platform. At this time, the “investment platform” shows that her profit has exceeded 100000, but Feng takes the opportunity to say that if she continues to recharge, she can get more lottery money and enter a “higher level room”. Later, she lent more than 100000 yuan by credit card, and the final result was “all losses”.
Liu mingle, who is nearly 600000 in debt, said that she could not continue, but she did not get any comfort this time, and found that Feng lost contact. Finally, she chose to report to the police, sold her real estate under her name, borrowed money from her parents, and slowly paid off her debts.
The perfect butcher
Liu mingle’s experience is not an isolated case. As the victim Li Qing said, he met a man named Zhang Hao in 2018. “He packaged himself as a successful person, claiming to be a financier and driving Maserati. In Jinan, Guangzhou have real estate. Pretend not to get along with posture, all kinds of flattery and routine.
Li Qing then fell into a similar experience with Liu mingle. Zhang Hao began to share his way of making money, using his feelings as a bait, so that Li Qing successively invested nearly 200000 yuan in a so-called Tencent official platform. In fact, this “Zhang Hao” belongs to the Philippines Manila do “pig plate” gambling fraud gang.
In such a vivid case, the victim may not be perfect, but the “butcher” must be perfect, all of which are just carefully packaged. Now looking back, Liu mingle will think that this scam is very clumsy. Sometimes the victim thinks that he is facing a person, but he does not know that behind him may be a mature criminal gang.
A long time ago, there was a specific “pig killing plate fraud process” spread on the Internet, which was divided into three steps: looking for pigs, raising pigs and killing pigs. In the process of “looking for pigs”, we need to determine the target image and platform. In the process of pig raising, fraud gangs will carry out self packaging, generally shaping an image of physical and mental health, successful career, eager for love and considerate love, and taking measures such as creating awareness, teasing and determining relationship with the victims. Finally, under the measures of technical support, set bloodletting, induce to delete evidence, pull black delete, change account number and so on, the “pig killing” was completed.
“Love killing pig plate” is not new. In fact, dismantling it is a typical “Telecom fraud”, which takes love as the purpose and uses a false investment and financial trading platform to embezzle the victim’s money. But why is such a scam repeated?
Chen Wenming, a lawyer from Zhejiang Xiaode law firm, explained to sina finance that it is difficult to crack down on such criminal cases, which is mainly related to the characteristics of such fraud, including the continuous renovation of fraud means; the spread of criminal activities is relatively large, and the development is very rapid; gang crime, anti investigation ability is very strong; transnational crime is relatively prominent. “It is difficult to trace clues, investigate and collect evidence, control illicit money, arrest suspects and coordinate work.”
Please learn to sugar yourself
The victims are not unaware of the difficulty. After being cheated for several months, Liu mingle opened an account on the social platform and became an “anti network fraud alliance”. Through voice and video, she recorded her complete process of “being killed” and made analysis and reflection. In the comments, she would advise those victims who are hesitant to report to the police or question the role of reporting to the police, “reporting to the police may not be able to recover (the money), but it is the only thing we can do.”.

Looking through the comments, we can see that there are not a few victims who have similar experiences with her, but few of them get the support of their families like her, successfully repay their debts and return to normal life. More victims are faced with incomprehension from family and friends, ridicule from strangers, and large debts that do not match their income. In addition, they may be targeted by the “second fraud” Gang and cheated again in the name of helping to recover the lost money. Under such circumstances, they are worried about raising money to pay off their debts, while at the same time they are deeply immersed in the complex emotions of being cheated, remorse and fear.
According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, nearly half of the financial fraud cases reported by “mutual communication” and “online love” were reported by men and women. In 2020, 31% of such fraud informants will be men and 69% will be women. According to the statistical analysis of big data by the public security organs, the victims are younger, mainly aged 20-29.
In the eyes of ordinary people, these victims are easy to be labeled as “stupid”, “stupid” and “greedy”. In the view of Xu Li, the founder of Jinli psychology, “lack of love and low self-esteem” are their common characteristics.
Xu Li said to Sina Financial analysis that it can be seen from the reports that almost every victim has a sad story. Growing up, who has been ignored, not recognized and not valued, has finally found a possibility to attach importance to and warm himself. Life has kindled great hope. The growing atmosphere that does not encourage self-confidence will make the victims dare not refuse, please each other again and again, and finally be cheated.
From the emotional point of view, Xu Li suggests that everyone can learn to please and take care of themselves first, and give themselves “sugar”. In addition, it can accumulate positive evaluation and enhance self-worth. For example, in work and life, every thing that is recognized by others or that you feel you have a breakthrough is recorded. “When you improve your evaluation of yourself, you also have the ability to give candy to others.”
From the legal point of view, Lawyer Chen Wenming suggests that we should strengthen the awareness of prevention, establish correct financial management views and values, and put an end to the psychology of “low investment and high return”. Do four no’s: don’t be confused by the temporary high interest rate; don’t trust the information such as stock recommendation and insider information released by strangers on the Internet platform; don’t easily download the financial management platform recommended by strangers that can’t verify whether it’s legal and compliant; don’t transfer money to the unfamiliar public and individual account. “When encountering similar fraud, report to the police in time and collect good evidence. Don’t continue to invest money into the platform with fluke mentality.”
Nowadays, more and more people choose to share their experience of “being killed” on the social platform like Liu mingle. Some victims who dare not disclose their status to their family and friends comfort each other on the platform. Even more people scroll to update the posts related to the photos, routines and scripts used by “butcher” every day, hoping to see people completely away from the “love pig killing plate”.
“People always underestimate their own desires and overestimate their control over them. This is human nature,” Liu mingle said in a shared post, warning the past self and the potential next victim.
(Note: Liu mingle and Feng Yuze are pseudonyms)