Shijiazhuang Shangchao all suspended offline sales, and the first batch of 51 platforms received orders online


Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of January 10, according to Shijiazhuang, according to the provincial and municipal government’s epidemic prevention and control requirements, Shijiazhuang commercial supermarkets have all suspended offline business and switched to online sales, implementing online orders and contactless distribution, to ensure that people’s living materials are constantly on file during their home stay. The majority of online enterprises have also taken active actions. At present, 51 platform enterprises can provide various life services for the public. The first batch of more than 50 participating enterprises promised to have the courage to take social responsibility, give full play to the characteristics of convenient and fast online platform and contactless consumption in extraordinary times, earnestly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures during the epidemic period, do a good job in relevant work, and take the guarantee of the market supply of daily necessities in our city as the primary task, so as to contribute to the war epidemic protection.