Investment bank said the epidemic forecast was “very wrong” and raised Disney’s rating to “neutral”


Original title: lightshed partners: admitting that past forecasts were “grossly wrong” and raising Disney’s price( DIS.US )Rating to “neutral”
Zhitong financial app learned that lightshed partners, an investment bank, said in a report that it would( DIS.US )The rating was raised from “sell” to “neutral” and said the downgrade in May was “our mistake”.
“At that time, we focused more on how the market underestimated the impact of health events on Disney’s revenue in fiscal year 2020-2021,” lightshed partners said in the report. We believe that the company’s data will drop significantly, and the share price will also drop, especially when the leverage ratio is far beyond the historical standard. However, even if we have been an analyst for 25 years, the market is still teaching us new lessons. ”
Investors are looking forward to an economic recovery to revalue the stock, it said.
In addition, the agency also pointed out that it was appropriate for Disney to emphasize the positive move of streaming media, and it was a surprise: “when Disney promoted Bob chapek to the CEO of the company, we thought that the company’s move was a wrong choice. But we are impressed by the new CEO’s focus on streaming video at the expense of legacy assets and revenue. “