Rush to buy Tesla Model Y: price attracts more, quality becomes the biggest weakness


By Wang Haixuan
January 6 is the coldest day in Beijing in this century, but the cold feeling of – 30 ° has not stopped Zhang Qian’s impulse to go to Tesla’s store.
Early in the morning, Zhang Qian took her mother to Tesla experience store in Yidi port, Beijing. “I’ve also seen the ec6 and ES6 of Weilai and the X3 of BMW recently. Each of them has its own advantages. I can’t make up my mind.” She told the economic observer. During the new year’s day, Zhang Qian has already come to the store to experience the real car. This time, she took advantage of her day off and brought her mother to check for her again. Because there are many people coming to see Tesla Model y recently, she came here early in the morning.
From the opening of the store in the morning, it took Zhang Qian only 50 minutes from entering the store to the final purchase. That afternoon, the flow of customers in the store gradually increased. According to the reporter’s statistics, within 15 minutes, more than 10 groups of customers went to the booth to consult and take this model. According to the reporter’s observation, most of the people who come to see the car are middle-aged people about 40 years old. Tesla’s sales staff also said that compared with Model3, modely’s customers will be older. The Tesla sales consultant, who is used to the big show, is obviously not surprised by the customers waiting to open the door.
“Today is still a small number of people. During the new year’s Day holiday, you have to queue up if you want to take a ride. Monday is also a working day, but there are still a lot of people, less on Tuesday and Wednesday. ” The experience store sales staff told reporters. After a few days of rush buying, Tesla’s official website adjusted the delivery time of modely to the second quarter on January 6. “The first two days were divided according to the car delivery before and after the Spring Festival (February 12 of the Gregorian calendar). Today is already the first quarter and the second quarter.” The salesman told reporters.
This has happened once since model 3 was made in China. The sales volume of Tesla Model 3 in the first 11 months reached 114000, which was locked in advance as the sales champion of this year’s pure electric single vehicle. Modely is repeating the impact of Model3 on the car market. The Economic Observer reporter visited a number of Tesla experience stores and found that many consumers have the same entanglement with Ms. Zhang, hesitating between luxury brands such as intermediate SUV, Tesla modely, and Weilai ec6.
This has also been confirmed by Tesla sales staff. “We mainly focus on luxury brand SUVs, such as Audi Q3 and BMW X3. Consumers will compare these cars.” Tesla China trade center experience store a salesperson told reporters. As a matter of fact, Tesla tongnange has reduced its price for many times, which not only impacts the electric vehicle market, but also diverts some luxury brand fuel vehicle customers.
Injured luxury car companies
“The price of modely overlaps with the retail price of luxury brand medium-sized SUV, which is expected to have an impact on these products in restricted cities. In addition, it also includes new power brands such as Weilai and ideal. ” Li Yanwei, an analyst in the auto circulation industry, said his statistics show that the mid-range luxury car market will grow by about 15% due to the addition of Model3 in 2020, but it will increase by about 1.8% if the sales volume of Model3 is removed. Model3 mainly grabs the market share of German cars, including luxury and non luxury markets
“Modely’s best-selling mainly has a certain impact on Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, as well as some new forces.” Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the Federation, told reporters on January 6. “I’ve seen Weilai ec6, ES6 and BMW X3. Weilai’s two optional cars are tens of thousands more expensive than modely, but they have a higher quality. BMW X3 is not as spacious as modely. ” Zhang Qian also told reporters that she is more inclined to Tesla Model y on the whole. She already has a BMW in her family, and modely will be her second car.
In addition, modely will have some impact on Tesla’s model 3. “Consumers do have this kind of entanglement.” Tesla Yidi port experience store sales staff told reporters. “As a car, model 3 has better handling. Consumers who care more about performance and driving will choose this car, while model y has more advantages in space.”
Modely’s big space is also very attractive to young people. A young couple of post-90s discussed when choosing a car, “we should consider some practical problems. If we want to take a pet dog to take a bath, the trunk of model 3 is definitely not enough. If it’s model y, it’s no problem.” Another post-95 consumer who had planned to buy Model3 told the reporter: “in this case, it must be modely. There is a lot of space.”
In fact, Tesla also intends to adjust the model configuration to prevent the model 3 and model y from fighting. When Tesla released the modified modle3 on January 1, it cancelled the long-term version. “In fact, 339900 yuan modely is a large model 3 long-range version. It costs 30000 yuan, but it has more space. I will definitely choose this car.” There are consumers at the scene.
But competitors also have their own combination of offensive. On January 6, during the test drive of Weilai ec6 in the blue harbor store of Weilai space, the sales staff mainly highlighted the luxury, quality and intelligence level of the vehicle, such as more exquisite interior decoration, good sound insulation performance, air suspension of medium configuration vehicle, etc. It is worth noting that both Tesla and Weilai have the possibility of further lowering the price of existing products. It is obvious that both modely and ec6 currently use ternary lithium batteries. If they are replaced with LiFePO4 batteries, the cost will be significantly reduced.

During the visit, the reporter of the Economic Observer consulted a number of sales staff and consumers, and almost all believed that the sales volume of modely would exceed that of Model3. The current sales volume of model 3 in China is 20000 vehicles per month. If the sales volume of model 3 remains unchanged, Tesla’s sales volume in China next year will be close to 500000 vehicles. This means that Tesla will be in the mainstream car camp next year.
Tesla trick
Although it seems to the outside world that the price of modely made in China has been greatly reduced, the sales staff of Tesla are not surprised. The price is not much different from what they predicted. “I guess the starting price is about 350000 yuan or even higher. Now there are still some surprises.” He said. Tesla insiders denied the rumor that Tesla modely “orders 100000 vehicles in 10 hours” on the Internet. However, it is predicted that Tesla may receive orders of about 30000 vehicles during the holidays, which is about the sales volume of Model3 in two months.
In the U.S. market, the standard version of model 3 starts at $37990, while the long-range version of model y starts at $49990, which is 32% higher than the former. However, in the Chinese market, the price of model 3 Standard Version and model y long-term version is 249900 yuan and 339900 yuan respectively, and the latter is 36% more expensive than the former. From this point of view, the price of domestic modely is even higher.
Guosen Securities recently pointed out in a research report that the price of domestic modely long-term version is 339900 yuan, the cost price is 238000 yuan, and the gross profit rate is about 30%. In contrast, the average price of domestic model 3 is 270400 yuan, the cost is 202600 yuan, corresponding to a gross profit rate of 25%, and the gross profit rate of model y is even higher. Guosen Securities pointed out that with the deepening of localization, the cost price of modely is expected to drop to 196000 yuan. If the gross profit rate drops to 25%, the future price of modely is expected to drop to 262000 yuan.
For consumers, the price has enough impact. “It’s too cheap.” A consumer who has seen the real car sighs like this. Because Tesla’s early models belong to the “million luxury car”, it has formed the illusion of being tall in the hearts of some consumers. In addition, the estimated price of Tesla modely published on its official website was relatively high, which formed a sense of impact under the final price comparison.
In order to ensure the effect, Tesla carried out strict confidentiality measures. Tesla store sales staff said that even their own sales staff are not sure when the new car will be on the market. “Before the official set a higher price, which can not only prevent the sales of Model3 from being impacted, but also bring enough surprises after modely’s official launch.” A salesman from a new force brand told the reporter his opinion. It seems that modely, which doesn’t play according to the routine, is well prepared. This is the intelligence of Tesla.
The quality of Tesla has become the biggest problem for Zhang Qian to buy Tesla. “The quality of Tesla is not as good as other competitive products.” She make complaints about Tucao Road, and then she points to the window of ModelY to the salesperson: “this won’t water leakage?” Even so, Zhang Qian chose to buy it, but she had one thing in mind: “let’s talk about it after the Spring Festival. Now we have a car at home, so we’re not in a hurry.” “Maybe we can reduce the price,” she said
(at the request of the interviewer, Zhang Qian is a pseudonym)