Tiktok blocks Trump’s incitement to mob videos, blocks attacks on Congress and other topics


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According to reports, tiktok announced that the platform would ban all content related to us president Donald Trump’s incitement to mobs. Yesterday, thousands of trump supporters went to Washington to attack the US Congress. The company confirmed that it had formulated policies around the turmoil in Congress and would remove all videos of Trump’s speeches inciting supporters. In addition, the company will also reorient the topic labels used by rioters, such as “shock Congress” and “Patriot party”.
Tiktok said that trump once again claimed in his speech that there was fraud in the election results, so the videos would be deleted because the content of the speech violated the company’s misinformation policy. The company said it defined misinformation as inaccurate or false content. The company also explained that while tiktok encourages people to engage in dialogue on topics relevant to them, they do not allow misinformation that could harm individuals, communities or the public.
But tiktok said the platform would allow “counter attacks” against Trump’s videos. It’s a common form of speech aimed at cracking down on misinformation, where the creator presents factual information or challenges a statement in another video. Tiktok, for example, will allow users to comment on speeches using the green screen effect unless they support riots.
In addition, tiktok will allow videos of violence in the Capitol to remain on its platform. For example, if the purpose of the video is to denounce violence, or if the video comes from a news organization, then the video may be retained.
Tiktok also said it would remove videos that tried to incite, glorify or promote violence because they also violated the company’s content policy. The platform’s automation tools will identify these contents and delete them. In addition, users can report these contents on their own initiative. After receiving the report, the platform will also delete them. “There is no place for hatred and violence in tiktok,” a tiktok spokesman said. Content or accounts that seek to incite, glorify or promote violence violate our community norms and will be removed. ”
In addition to tiktok, snapchat also announced after the turmoil in Congress that it would suspend Trump’s rights to publish content.
“We can confirm that earlier today, we locked in President Trump’s snapchat account,” a snap spokesman said in a statement Trump will not be able to share new content until snap decides to lift the restrictions, the spokesman said, noting that his account was locked on Wednesday local time.
Although snapchat is primarily a private messaging app, public figures and media companies will also post content under its discover tab, which the company claims was accessed by 70% of the U.S. generation Z population last year. In June last year, the company organized trump to publish content in discover, because at that time, trump said that if black live matter protestors rushed into the White House, he would use violence.
Trump often uses snapchat to share his content posted to other social networks, including campaign ads. His profile shows that 1.9 million snapchat users have subscribed to his account
After inciting supporters to attack Congress, Shopify, an e-commerce platform, also pulled off Trump’s two related online stores on Thursday. “Shopify does not tolerate incitement to violence,” a spokesman for Shopify said in a statement on the decision. Based on recent events, we have determined that President Trump’s actions are in violation of our policy, so we have terminated the stores associated with President trump. ”
Twitch, Amazon’s live service, also said it had banned Trump’s channel indefinitely. Before banning Trump’s channel, twitch had taken measures to stop the spread of hate speech on its platform.
On Wednesday, the company banned a popular expression that gamers call “pogchamp” because the individual shown in the picture made inflammatory comments on twitter.
Twitch said the man in the picture, named Ryan Gutierrez, had incited fans to further violence on twitter. The well-known gamer co founded cross counter TV in 2010, an entertainment network for fight game enthusiasts, and spread the coronavirus conspiracy theory on twitch.