Panasonic President: Tesla’s own 4680 battery does not mean it will become a Panasonic competitor


Sina science and technology news at noon on January 7, it was reported that recently, it was reported that Tesla would start to independently produce the 4680 battery cells designed by the company. Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic, shared his views on the news. He said that Tesla’s own production of batteries does not mean that the US electric car maker will become a direct competitor to Panasonic.
Tsuga expressed his view in an interview with Japanese media, in which he discussed Panasonic’s initiatives in various businesses, from solar cells to television. Most interestingly, Tsuga also discussed Tesla’s ongoing plans, as the electric vehicle manufacturer is transitioning to its newer, larger and lower cost 4680 battery cells.
The Panasonic president pointed out that the company’s 4680 battery cell development for Tesla is already in progress, but he also pointed out that the battery cell itself is facing the challenge of capacity climbing due to its large capacity. However, he stressed that Panasonic is not worried that Tesla will become its competitor in the future.
“We have started to develop a new 4680 battery for Tesla,” Tsuga said. Due to the large capacity, the structure of this kind of battery is somewhat complicated. We will produce prototypes in Japan and build a production method. High reliability is one of our strengths. We are not worried that Tesla will become a competitor, even though the company is seeking to make its own batteries. ”
For a long time, Panasonic has been a partner of Tesla. This Japanese technology group has participated in the construction and expansion of Tesla’s inner lake continent super factory, which is a joint venture between Panasonic and Tesla and is responsible for the production of 2170 battery cells. Since then, Tesla has signed battery supply agreements with LG of South Korea and Ningde times of China, but Panasonic still maintains a close cooperative relationship with Tesla, playing the role of the main battery supplier of Tesla.
Recently, the relationship between the two sides has been further consolidated. According to the 8-K document submitted by Tesla to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company and Panasonic have reached a 2021 pricing agreement on the production of battery cells in Japan, which are usually used in model s and model x models. Last month, Tesla’s Fremont plant suspended production of the above two models, triggering speculation. At present, it is generally believed that Tesla will make changes to model s and model X.