More than ten yuan to draw big brand shoes and clothing “blind box”? Don’t take money to help businesses eliminate inventory


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On the second-hand platform, you can “randomly” draw several hundred yuan worth of brand clothes, shoes and bags, or even famous brand cosmetics for only a few tens of yuan. Can anyone buy such a blind box?
Recently, many netizens revealed to understand notes that on several well-known second-hand e-commerce platforms, there are blind boxes of famous brand cosmetics and clothes. Buyers can buy random blind boxes for about 20 to 30 yuan to 60 yuan. Some businesses even boast that the goods they deliver are well-known brand clothes, shoes, bags and famous brand cosmetics, and the buyers only make money.
Different from the past, which only cost a few yuan to extract the “mobile phone blind box”, the goods delivered by these blind boxes are no longer a large number of cheap digital accessories, but more than 80% new clothes. Look at the business evaluation page, also all the buyers praise, seems to be excellent reputation.
So, this so-called “fashion blind box” can really find famous brand goods? Will this be just behind some businesses “clearance” of the new routine?
Shoes and clothing “blind box” sales considerable
“When you buy shoes and clothes, leave a message about the size first. Buy bags can be taken directly, style random delivery
According to the clues provided by some netizens, we searched the word “fashion blind box” on a well-known second-hand e-commerce platform and found a large number of “blind box” sellers of shoes, clothing and cosmetics. Random selection of one of the businesses, roughly understand the blind box order.
In the automatic reply prompt set by the merchant, it shows that if you want to buy shoes and clothes, you need to leave a message about the size before placing an order. And the luggage “blind box” just need to take the corresponding link.
In the details page of “blind box”, you can also see such a description in your notes: you can buy clothes of Edgar, H & M, sharabel and other fashion brands at random for only 60 yuan.
Another company selling similar “fashion blind box” even claims that the buyer has the opportunity to “draw” traditional clothing / shoes of big brands such as Pierre Cardin, Lee and Benny road. The price is only 10 yuan or 20 yuan, which is really quite low.
In the face of such super affordable, people can not help but doubt whether these big brand shoes and clothing “blind box” products are genuine.
“All of them have trademarks and tags. They support the identification of the counter. They are not cut marks or imitations. You can buy them at ease.” A businessman firmly told me that the shoes, clothes, bags and other products randomly selected from the “blind box” on sale in the store all support counter identification, and one fake pays 10.
One businessman even revealed that the shoes, clothes and bags in the blind box are the end of the season and the inventory in the brand physical stores. Some of them are even genuine goods returned or exchanged by some buyers after the double 11 and double 12 activities, which are not suitable for resale. “After arrival, you can search the Internet for the same style, and I will return the goods with the original price less than 100 yuan.”
As for why the description in the details “the quality of the goods is guaranteed to be no less than 80% new”, the other party’s explanation is to avoid disputes. After all, some goods have been overstocked in the warehouse of the merchant for a period of time, and there are certain creases and dust in both the appearance and the packing boxes, but it can ensure that “they are by no means second-hand”.
“Some returned and exchanged goods will have damaged packaging, creased clothes or try on, but the quality is guaranteed.” In order to prove their reputation, the merchant also showed a screenshot of the buyer’s evaluation to understand notes. The pictures of the buyer’s show displayed in the evaluation are complete tags, complete brand trademarks, and no damage to shoes, clothes, bags. Among them, some buyers showed the same brand leather shoes of “blind box” bought for only 30 yuan, with the original price of 288 yuan.
Despite the promise of the merchants, but in the “blind box” details page, such a sentence suddenly appeared, “due to the special goods, non size problems will not return or replace goods, order as known.”
Similarly, the other party’s explanation of this sentence is: in order to avoid unnecessary disputes. Maybe it’s because the price is quite low, and the buyer’s idea of “can’t buy at a loss, can’t be cheated” is that in just one month, the sales volume of some businesses has reached hundreds of orders.
So, are the shoes, clothes, bags and bags in the “fashion blind box” really the last products of big brands as the merchants say? How many yuan does the buyer spend to buy the “blind box”?
Last single “blind box” cost or only a few yuan
“Hehe, how much did you pay for this dress?”
For 20 yuan, I bought a “blind box” of shoes and clothes on one of the second-hand e-commerce platforms and got a men’s jacket (the brand starts with the letter P). Taking the jacket that he “took” and understanding the notes, he found Tang Ge, a businessman who is in charge of wholesale business of shoes and clothing tail goods in Shahe, Guangzhou. I hope he can help identify it.
Tang Ge took the coat, sniffed it carefully, and said with certainty: this coat is not second-hand. However, based on the fabric and workmanship alone, he can’t tell whether the top is the genuine product of the brand. “You see, the cuff thread is very obvious, and the stitches begin to fall off. Even the tail goods are defective.”
When asked how much it would cost for a similar coat to be picked up in the tailoring wholesale market, he touched the fabric again and said that if the quantity was large enough, the price of a wholesale of thousands of pieces would only be 2-3 yuan. And the defective products are wholesale by Jin. After a little calculation, the seller who sells the “blind box” of the jacket, excluding the freight, earns at least 15 yuan.
“Similar to the defective tail goods, whether in the market or to the clothing factory, are looking for a lot of.” Curious brother Tang kept asking from what channel he bought this jacket. When he learned that it was a “blind box” that he spent 20 yuan on the second-hand e-commerce platform, he couldn’t help laughing and saying, “this is really paying IQ tax. How can this thing be worth 20 yuan?”
In fact, when a similar top is first launched, the official store price will be as high as hundreds or even hundreds of yuan. However, after the season change, some of the unsold inventory will be put to the secondary stores and dealers for discount clearance. The inventory that has gone through many iterations of season change but still can not be sold will become the end product of the brand and flow to the end product wholesale market.

Especially after the double 11 and double 12 of every year, when the brand stores and dealers fail to sell a large number of stocks, there will be a large number of low-cost shoes, clothing and bags in the tail goods market, some of which are in stock, and some of which are defective products returned by buyers. “Slightly better, the flawless sweater costs 30 yuan, jeans costs more than 10 yuan, and T-shirt costs only a few yuan.”
Generally speaking, the finished goods without defects will be taken away by the wholesalers according to the starting quantity of thousands of pieces, and will flow to the physical clothing stores in some third or fourth tier cities for re sale. The defective products will be sold by catty, used as recycled fabric wool, made into rags or mops, etc. Generally, the tail goods will be disposed of before the new year’s day of a year to avoid overstocking in the warehouse.
“Two months ago, there was a special pick-up for defective products. It’s all about Jin wholesale. It’s about making blind boxes and blessing bags for sale. ” Tang Ge said frankly that in addition to some businesses selling defective leftovers online in the form of “blind boxes” and “Lucky Bags”, there are also some young wholesalers in the market doing their own “blind boxes” business and consuming leftovers.
Due to the overstocking of goods in stock, or due to the impact of the epidemic, the export of some tail goods is blocked. At present, there are many tail orders in the market. However, the number of live e-commerce swipes and data fraud is serious, which will also lead to a large number of sales of shoes and clothing of some brands. Businesses are eager to digest the tail order inventory. “However, after making a blind box, they can indeed digest part of the tail order inventory. The routine is quite clever. ”
Talking about the so-called famous brand cosmetics, which are also made into “blind boxes”, brother Tang guessed that the reason should be similar. Compared with the tail goods of ordinary shoes and clothes, cosmetics are more limited in terms of date. Compared with the defective shoes, clothes and cosmetics, these overstocked goods can even get rid of the situation of “cheap sale”.
Tail goods with IQ tax attached
“Do you know how much those big tail goods cost in the clothing stores in small cities?”
After learning that the “fashion blind box” on the current second-hand e-commerce platform can sell for tens of yuan, Tang GE’s expression has a kind of “so it is”.
He told me that the general brand tail, even if there is no defect, as long as the quality is relatively good, wholesale to the third or fourth tier cities entity clothing small businesses, the price is only one or two percent of the original price.
What’s more, defective products and processed products are not worth tens of yuan. The reason why a large number of consumers buy them is that after they get the “blind box”, they find that the defective products will still be praised by the merchants. It is estimated that considering the defects under the cost performance ratio, they are still reasonable, so they will be charged according to the order. This is mainly because of the concept of “blind box” and the sales mode.
“If it’s a physical store with a lot of defective brand tail goods, it’s sure that no one will buy a 40 or 50 piece.”
Tang Ge said that if offline stores spend dozens of yuan to buy a defective inventory of a big brand, most consumers will go back to the store and find trouble. However, after adding the concept of “blind box”, the situation is different.
Consumers don’t know what kind of shoes and clothes they will get on the screen. In addition to the accurate size, they basically recognize the random brand, random goods and random quality of the blind box. As long as the shoes and clothes you get are genuine, even if there are some defects, you will think it’s just your bad luck.
“It’s a bit like buying lottery tickets. Can you go to the lottery shop even if you don’t win five million The most amazing thing about the “blind box” of the tail goods is to let the other party default to all the random playing methods and all the rules of luck before the consumer places an order.
This kind of routine enables the brand tail goods, the defective goods sold by weight, and even the inventory goods that need to be pulled away by a car to sell at high prices of tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, and also makes every tail goods with “intelligence tax” earn huge profits.
On December 28, 2020, Xinhua News Agency once published an article pointing out that the regulatory authorities should further standardize the blind box business model to avoid abnormal development of the industry. At the moment of “everything can be blinded”, this concept has indeed generated a lot of opportunistic, even gambler like consumption psychology.
From worthless dolls to low-quality digital accessories, and now these cheap defective end products, as long as they are packaged with the concept of “blind box”, businesses can take advantage of consumers’ small money and “speculation” mentality to make money, and digest the “soon to be expired” inventory.
We hope that consumers can understand that although businesses blow up the blind box to the sky and make more promises, there will be no pie in the sky. No business can do business at a loss. Blind boxes and lucky bags are just a cover up for business.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)