The moat of fans and capital can’t keep Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng


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Source: new entropy (ID: Baoliao Hui)
The apology statements issued on the last day of 2020 failed to save Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng.
At 0 o’clock on December 31, Guo Jingming made up an apology statement to the writer Zhuang Yu for being 15 years late. Yu Zheng also followed suit and apologized on the morning of that day for plagiarizing Qiongyao’s works many years ago.
When the time line was set back to December 21, they were boycotted by 111 industry writers due to plagiarism, hype and other reasons, and then 45 new writers were added to the boycott team. In the face of the massive boycott, the two people who used to haggle over everything chose silence.
After that, mainstream media such as people’s daily and CCTV news also directly or indirectly criticized Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng for plagiarism. A series of follow-up reactions, so that the two continued to be exposed in the spotlight of public opinion.
And there is a chain reaction in the market. On January 2, “I am actor 3” was taken off the shelves in the past, but there was no scene of Yu Zheng in the new one. On the evening of the 4th, the two major ticket purchasing platforms, cat’s eye and taopiao, no longer displayed the ticket information of “Qing Ya Ji”, and the rumors that the whole network was offline were confirmed. Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng’s apologies seem to have come too late.
Cultural businessmen, unscrupulous
Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng are always mentioned at the same time, because their ways of making a fortune in the film and television circles are too similar. Guo Ming is projecting in Jingquan. On the road to success, both of them are equally unscrupulous. Plagiarism, cutting Hu and other means run through their career.
Guo Jingming’s “how many flowers fall in a dream” is one of his famous works. In 2006, the court ruled that the work was plagiarized, but Guo Jingming refused to apologize, and Yizheng solemnly said: “money, reputation, these things are really not so important. I can give them all, but apology, even if it’s just a simple sentence, will never be forced to give up their own principles, give up the hard work when they were created, and give up everything they still like My words are people’s hope. ”
However, in the apology statement on December 31, the former “principle”, “hard work” and “Hope” disappeared and replaced by “young vanity and resistance”. For Guo Jingming, who first tasted the shortcut to success and gained fame and wealth, admitting plagiarism is tantamount to breaking his future.
After that, Guo Jingming continued to publish books, open a studio, become editor in chief, and enjoy fame and fortune.
When Guo Jingming wrote “small age”, he might not have expected that his “small age” would end prematurely. After 2012, the rise of mobile devices announced the decline of the paper media era, Guo Jingming had to find another way. In 2013, Guo Jingming found a new identity as a film director.
Guo Jingming’s greatest convenience as a director is that as a writer, he has his own IP in his hands, and his own works are remade by himself, so the expectation of fans will increase. In the following two years, Guo Jingming’s first directing work, small times, appeared one after another. But the flashy lens, the artificial lines, the money worship and empty values make Guo Jingming fall into the long-term criticism.
Guo Jingming was criticized by the outside world for being ugly when one work was split into four. He was also accused of damaging the threshold of the industry because he paid more attention to traffic than acting skills. Guo Jingming was rejected by the film circle.
The investment cost of the “little time” series is about 220 million yuan, and the average score of Douban is only 4.8 points, but it has won more than 1.8 billion box office. It has become one of the series films with the highest cost performance and investment returns in recent years. No matter how the outside world criticizes him, Guo Jingming has won the right to speak in front of capital.
Compared with Guo Jingming, Yu Zheng seems to have a better method. Different from Guo Jingming, who is good at using traffic stars, Yu Zheng is better at creating traffic stars by making popular dramas. Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Tong Liya and other popular stars are all popular after the TV series being produced.
The secret of Yu Zheng’s making blockbuster TV series is not how talented he is, but that, like a businessman, he can always smell the market ahead of time and launch his own works first. It is Yu Zheng’s consistent style to attach importance to speed but not quality.
In 2010, after realizing the market potential of Qingchuan drama, Yu Zheng quickly launched “palace lock heart jade”. It took only half a year from shooting to broadcasting on the star. The plot was impetuous and Douban score was only 6.2. However, because it occupied the market opportunity, it became a phenomenon TV drama. Meanwhile, in the same period of preparation, the score of Douban was as high as 8.4, which was polished for nearly a year before it was broadcast on the satellite.
In August 2011, Yu Zheng immediately started shooting his new work “palace lock bead curtain”, which was on the air five months later.
Many people think that “Gong Suo Zhu Lian” is a story of Zhen Huan, which is about to be launched two months after Hu’s death. The main characters of the two plays are the empress xiaoshengxian of the Qing Dynasty. However, due to its weak plot and numerous troughs, Gong Suo Zhu Lian failed to become a popular work before taking over the baton, and even failed to stop the spirit of Zhen Huan Zhuan.
This time, Yu Zheng realized that speed alone can’t win, and the depth of his work is also very important. Want to have both speed and depth, only plagiarism is a shortcut.
In April 2014, Yu Zheng launched Gong Suo Lian Cheng, the final work of the Palace series, which was judged to be plagiarized from Qiongyao’s meihualuo.
Plagiarism of classic works, of course, let the palace lock Liancheng get rid of the previous two Qing palace drama’s boast. But Yu Zheng not only did not copy to the essence, but also let himself be nailed to the column of shame of plagiarism. At the end of 2015, in the face of Qiongyao’s winning judgment, Yu Zheng refused to apologize.
The incident didn’t seem to have much effect on him. Since then, 2018 has been a year of great success for Yu Zheng, because after many years in public view, he has finally fought a beautiful turnaround.

In this year, Yu Zheng’s transition work “Yanxi introduction” was first broadcasted in the summer archives, successfully cutting off the Hutong theme work “Ruyi biography”, becoming a phenomenal blockbuster. Coincidentally, Ruyi Zhuan is the sequel of Zhen Huan Zhuan, which is quite shameful.
One relies on plagiarizing teenagers to become famous and rise step by step; the other relies on plagiarizing and cutting off Hu to seize the market. Both of them took advantage of the market opportunity to achieve accurate harvest of fame and wealth again and again. Coupled with the accurate control of the psychology of traffic star fans, Guo Jingming and Yu have been invincible in their respective fields in the past few years.
Fans and capital support
It can be seen from the incident that the star support club manages the happy family that fans flatter the slightly powerful in the entertainment industry. Enable the flow star, let Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng also bathe in the fans. But in fact, fans definitely don’t approve or like Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng. Instead, they indirectly buy their money through the films and TV plays that their idols play.
“My idol took part in Guo Jingming’s works. The criticism of Guo Jingming from the outside world will definitely affect my idol’s future development and popularity,” Wei Ke’er (pseudonym) told New entropy Based on the mentality of “love the house and love the dog”, traffic star fans spontaneously become the moat to protect Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng.
Just when the first wave of writers boycott was fermenting, there was also a scene that a large number of traffic star fans helped Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng argue.
Even if there are sober fans who have doubts or negative attitudes towards the two, they will be reduced by the power of public opinion. Love make complaints about Guo Jingming. “Before the show,” Deng Lun fan Tucao “does not like Guo Jingming, so he will return to fans.” don’t love brother Lun because of me. ” This wave of successful operation not only won him a good reputation of seeking advice, but also cut off himself and the stars, ensuring the film revenue to a certain extent.
As for Yu Zheng, after winning a certain reputation, he quickened the pace of “white washing”. Yu Zheng has long been a hot search regular. Many things in the entertainment industry, even if they have nothing to do with him, he will find a good angle and get involved in order to attract traffic, which makes many star fans very dissatisfied with him.
In early November 2020, Yu Zheng made his most successful “white washing”. After his new work Shangshi was questioned by South Korean netizens for copying Hanfu, Yu Zheng came up with historical data and evidence to fight back, which won the support of many netizens. With the banner of national emotion, Yu Zheng not only re established his image, but also promoted his new TV series.
Wave after wave of traffic star fans, contributed to the box office and ratings, which let the two get the recognition of the capital.
Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng, who are rich in capital and resources, are still relatively conservative in their playing methods in the past few years. They like to continue the successful methodology of the past, that is, to enable traffic stars and quickly launch a series of IP works to bomb the market.
At the end of the “small time” series, Guo Jingming vigorously developed the IP of “jueji”. But surprisingly, Jue Ji, which has a more luxurious star line-up, ended up with a box office of 382 million, which is lower than the box office of the first, second and fourth films of little times. Douban scored only 3.8 points.
The failure of Jue Ji means that Guo Jingming’s consistent methodology fails, because some traffic star fans are not willing to pay for the boastful works.
Jue Ji 2 was supposed to be released in 2018, but it was not released as scheduled due to Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion. After overstocking for more than two years, “Jue Ji 2” changed to paid webcast. Next to this plate is the Tencent video closely related to Guo Jingming.
Tencent has a deep relationship with Guo Jingming. When Tencent film was founded in 2015, it brought Guo Jingming to the platform and announced that it would conduct external cooperation and Exploration on the IP works of Jue Ji. There are four original works of Jue Ji, which is different from the rapid development of the small age series. The third and fourth films of Jue Ji have not yet been filmed, and Guo Jingming has already turned to adapt other people’s novels.
Yu regular hugs iqiyi’s thigh. After the case of plagiarizing Qiongyao was settled, Yu Zheng once lost power. Fortunately, iqiyi did not give up, all the way blessing, Yuzheng soon recovered.
Yu zhengshikong’s entertainment film and television co operated closely with iqiyi. Since 2016, he has CO produced such works as “beauty is the stuffing”, “cloud top”, “biography of haola” and “sideburns are not Begonia red”. In addition, the TV series “Aixi” also got the depth of cooperation through the network.
Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV also have a deep cooperation with Yu Zheng. Huanyu TV and mango TV have cooperated to launch such works as half demon and Chaoge, and many of Yu Zheng’s previous popular dramas are premiered on Hunan Satellite TV.
Like Guo Jingming, Yu Zheng’s methodology of developing series of works is also beginning to fail.
In the four years before the case of plagiarism in plum blossom brand happened, Yu Zheng was in the most glorious period. He held three popular dramas, namely “palace lock jade”, “beauty trick” and “Legend of Lu Zhen”. But Yu’s follow-up development of “Palace” and “beauty” series works, the water is not big, and other film and television works are not hot.
In the six years since the outbreak of plagiarism, Yu Zheng has participated in the production of 14 TV dramas. Only “Yanxi introduction” has the same popularity as the previous three popular dramas.
Creating a series of IP is a lazy way to quickly launch works and preheat them in advance. The use of traffic stars also ensures the basic disk of film and television works. Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng’s abnormal play method of speed first and flow first has caused serious corrosion to the film and television industry.
Lack of ingenuity is more than utility
In recent years, Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng can hardly hide their anxiety, which comes from the strength of their peers. The film and television companies represented by midday sunshine have developed the production line of high-quality TV dramas, and the TV dramas such as Langya list, ode to joy and river have been unanimously recognized by both inside and outside the industry.
The shoddy fast-food films and TV works can no longer meet the market demand, so Guo Yu and his wife were forced to transform.

Yu Zheng’s transformation is more superficial, and the biggest change people see in “Yanxi strategy” is in the way of serving. Yu Zheng gave up the previous bright colors and chose the more advanced Morandi color system to enhance the overall quality of the TV series. However, the plot still has a hard wound, such as “lightning rod leads thunder to revenge” and other low-level scenes, which are still criticized by the audience.
Color contrast between gongsuoxin jade and Yanxi introduction
Guo Jingming’s transformation is relatively thorough, giving up the adaptation of his novels. His transformational work, Qing Ya Ji, is adapted from the novel of the same name by Japanese author Meng zhentapir. This way of thinking is undoubtedly a direct imitation of Chen Kaige. Chen Kaige’s previous “cat demon biography” is also adapted from mengzhentapir’s novel, and the art directors of the two films are the same person.
Guo Jingming is smart. He thinks it’s time to follow the steps of authoritative directors and shoot the works of famous writers. As a result, “Qing Ya Ji” was forced to go offline 11 days after its release, and Douban’s score remained at 5.1.
It is obvious that Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng have no patience to polish the heart of their works. They are more and more active in front of the stage, trying to attract attention and traffic to themselves, so as to consolidate their position in the industry.
Since 2019, Guo Jingming has participated in the first season and the second season of the variety show please be in place, as well as the tutor of the name of youth, and Yu Zhengzheng has participated in I am an actor.
It is undeniable that Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng, who are sitting on the judging panel with front-line directors and actors like Chen Kaige and Zhang Ziyi, have become the authorities in the film and television industry and have absolute say in the industry.
Their active performance in variety shows has also become the fuse of boycott by more than 100 screenwriters in the industry.
In fact, the “joint boycott event” is not only a spontaneous anti plagiarism movement, but also a “bone setting action” against public aesthetics, opportunists and capital inertia.
With this wave of boycott, other circles also began to spontaneously clean up. On December 30, 136 Internet writers jointly launched an initiative to refuse to follow the trend, plagiarize, infringe and pirate, and to strengthen the creation of high-quality products instead of just discussing heroes by click through. Tang qigongzi, jiuyuexi and other well-known Internet writers accused of plagiarism have also been asked by netizens to make a public apology.
The literary and art circles and the film and television circles have come to the critical moment of survival of the fittest and elimination of the rough.
In recent years, “love apartment”, “Sansheng Sanshi ten mile peach blossom”, “young you” and other popular film and television works are deeply suspected of plagiarism. “Love apartment” has made five TV dramas and a movie; “Sansheng Sanshi shishili Taohua” has also made TV series and movie versions, and all of them are first-line actors. The follow-up works of its author, Tang Qigong, are also very popular; and “young you” has won the prize. Indulging in plagiarism and expelling good money with bad money have accumulated industry resentment.
In the face of plagiarism, there is always a voice, that is, “why is the plagiarized work more successful than the original?” There are many reasons for this. For example, “love apartment” is accused of copying a large number of American dramas, but the audience of American dramas in China is narrow. It is not that the original work is unsuccessful, but that the original author of a foreign country has not been found or investigated, which makes the plagiarism doubt unable to be determined in the legal level.
The second reason is as mentioned above, plagiarism is a shortcut to quickly create deep works. The originator has spent a lot of effort to polish the original content, but the plagiarist can do further creation and adaptation on the established works of others. Compared with the original, plagiarists have more time. They can copy many works and collect the advantages of many companies, so they are more likely to succeed.
If this trend is not curbed, the creators will not be respected and protected, fewer and fewer people will devote themselves to creating, and the literary and art circles and film and television circles will begin to collapse from the foundation.
People in the industry also have doubts about this. Guo Jingming and Yu are busy with variety shows and hot searches. They are running their own business empire meticulously. How can they devote themselves to creation?
Guo Jingming used to rely on royalties alone to earn tens of millions of income every year. During the five years from 2007 to 2011, Guo Jingming firmly occupied the top two of China’s rich writers list, with annual royalties of more than 10 million yuan.
The decline of Guo Jingming’s royalty revenue began to appear in 2015. In that year, the Internet literature was very hot, and the works of countless Internet writers rose suddenly. Guo Jingming’s literature is no longer popular in the 20th place.
In fact, since 2014, Guo Jingming has not published any more books, saying goodbye to literary creation. However, his new film “the collection of fine arts” is also accused of copying Marvel’s film “strange doctor”.
Liu Heping, the writer of classic TV dramas with high scores, such as Yongzheng Dynasty and 1566 of Ming Dynasty, polished a script for seven or eight years. Chen Baoguo, a veteran dramatist, once praised: “don’t say a word about Liu Heping’s script. We don’t even change a comma.”
In contrast, Yu Zheng once satirized Qiongyao in an interview and did not allow the actors to change any word in the script. As a cultural businessman, Yu Zheng can’t understand Qiongyao’s rigorous attitude towards her works.
The lack of ingenuity and the excess of utility are the true portrayals of Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng. The collective resistance of employees and the gradual awakening of the public began to make opportunists have no escape.
Wind and rain are about to come, and the building is full of wind. Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng, who have always had a keen sense of smell, may have already smelled the smell of danger. But the late apology, after all, failed to save the situation. The two men, who have been surrounded by fame and wealth for many years, may begin to adapt to the days when they are left out in the cold.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)