Qualcomm CEO molenkopf will retire at the end of June, and current president Amun will succeed him


According to reports, Qualcomm announced today that its board of directors unanimously selected Cristiano amon to replace Steve Mollenkopf as the company’s CEO with effect from June 30, 2021.
Prior to that, Mr. molenkopf had informed the board of directors of Qualcomm that he had decided to retire and resign as CEO after 26 years in the company. Amun has been working at Qualcomm since 1995 and is currently president of the company. To ensure a smooth transition, molenkopf will continue to serve as a strategic adviser at Qualcomm for a period of time.
Molenkopf, 52, was CEO of Qualcomm in March 2014. His career began as an engineer who, over nearly 30 years, helped define and lead Qualcomm’s strategy and technology roadmap. His work has helped push smartphones into the mainstream and made Qualcomm a leader in 3G, 4G and now 5g. He also oversees the expansion of Qualcomm into new industries such as Internet of things (IOT), RF front-end and automotive. Morenkopf has played an important role in the development of Qualcomm as a smartphone technology provider. In addition, he has successfully led Qualcomm through a series of tough environments and challenges.
“I am very proud of what we have achieved at Qualcomm and the company’s leading position in the world of wireless technology,” Mr morenkopf said. With our business model clearly proven and our leading position in 5g, it’s time for Cristiano to lead the company and host what I think is the biggest single opportunity in the history of the company. ”
“Cristiano took the lead in developing our 5g strategy, including its acceleration, industry-leading technology roadmap and global promotion. He is also a key architect and promoter of Qualcomm’s strategy to expand and diversify our business beyond mobile to new industry segments such as automotive, RF front end and Internet of things. Qualcomm is well prepared for the future, and I believe that with Cristiano as CEO, the company will continue to invent leading technologies to create value for all our stakeholders. ”
“Mark Laughlin has faced more environmental problems than most of his seven-year career as CEO of Qualcomm,” he said. Under Mr. molenkopf’s leadership, the company remains focused, creating great value for shareholders and inventing key technologies to drive economic growth and improve lives. On behalf of the entire board of directors of Qualcomm, I would like to thank molenkopf for his vision and leadership as CEO. ”
“Amun is a clear choice for the next CEO of Qualcomm. He has a record of successful execution, profound knowledge of the company, a strong relationship with our partner ecosystem, and a strategic vision to drive the company forward. He is a true leader and has played a key role in the success of the company. We look forward to working with him to lead the company to a new chapter of growth. ”
Amun, 50, has been president of Qualcomm since January 2018. “I am honored to be appointed as the next CEO of Qualcomm, and I thank Mr morencopf and the board for their trust in me,” Mr Amun said. I look forward to working with our 41000 employees around the world to create technologies that will revolutionize people’s lives, work and how they connect with each other. “