An Jian, head of China’s political and legal commissar, commented on the pinduoduo incident: sincerity and adherence


Original title: Zhihu bangpinduoduo “cut a knife”: aim at sincerity and abide by it
All day yesterday, pinduoduo and Zhihu “fought”!
On January 4, the sudden death of a 23-year-old female employee of pinduoduo attracted the attention of the industry. Immediately, the “life for money” remark suspected of pinduoduo’s authentication account on Zhihu aroused controversy. Soon after, the network platform was unable to search this response.
In the afternoon, pinduoduo issued a statement saying that the “official response of pinduoduo” in the online screenshot was not true.
Later, Zhihu declared that pinduoduo’s identity was true, and said that pinduoduo deleted the answer after creating the relevant answer.
In the evening, pinduoduo responded that after investigation, the content was released by employees of pinduoduo’s marketing cooperation suppliers on their personal mobile phones. This remark does not represent any official attitude of pinduoduo. At the same time, pinduoduo apologized for the lax control of the official account number.
In the morning of January 5, the Zhihu website showed that pinduoduo’s official Zhihu account was banned for 15 days due to violation of Zhihu community management regulations. According to the screenshot of netizens, the account was once permanently banned.
On this matter, some netizens joked that “Zhihu helped pinduoduo cut a knife”, while Chang’an Jun felt like riding a roller coaster, turning round and round. For this, there are three key words to say:
The first key word: compassion
Every life deserves to be revered, respected and cared for. We are all grieved at the disappearance of such a young life. Young people fall down on the road of pursuing happiness with the attitude of striving upward, which is undoubtedly a tragedy. No one wants to see such a thing happen.
In the first second, the flowers suddenly withered, and in the second, the people with ulterior motives, as soon as they smelled the “taste”, quickly came to eat human blood steamed bread, with a series of sayings such as “life for money” and “capital problem”, took the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with society and spread individual emotional remarks on the Internet platform, no matter whether they had the original intention of “rhythm”, which is undoubtedly a dilemma We can’t extricate ourselves from the mire of morality.
However, we are glad to see that netizens have kept sober and cautious on this issue——
This remark did not produce the effect of echoing. Instead, it was a cry of justice from countless netizens from all over the world, which made this post die out quickly and retained the last trace of beauty in the world for this girl.
Compassion and empathy should be the hot “core” of a civilized society, and a civilized society with warmth and humanity can always maintain “vitality” and “vitality”.
The second key word: sincerity
The production and operation of enterprises are “hard power”, and a sincere heart is “soft power” that can not be ignored.
With a sincere attitude and sincere action, facing employees, customers and the public, we can hold them closer and the heart to heart distance will be closer.
We aim to be sincere and abide by it.
But in the face of public doubt, pinduoduo denied it in his first reply, but was finally “slapped” by the official. Such “dishonesty” and “not magnanimous” brought about a greater disaster of public opinion. Netizens denounced: “it’s too much!”
Pinduoduo, as the “leader” of an enterprise, should take the initiative to bear the social responsibility of integrity and forge the social image of integrity in the market competition and enterprise development.
Treat each other sincerely and honestly, so as to move others from the bottom of my heart and finally gain the trust of others.
Sincerity can create the development of enterprises, the progress of society and the happiness of the people – harmonious society, warm the world.
The third key word: happiness
The original intention of pinduoduo must be to provide more services and convenience for the people.
As it turns out, pinduoduo has also brought people “Duoduo’s” happiness, from the parents’ generation’s joy in “collecting wool” on it to the young people’s joining the ranks of “ten billion yuan subsidy” and starting with good things
All of these create and maintain a harmonious state of social consumption. Therefore, pinduoduo employees can be regarded as “people who have created little happiness and happiness for everyone”.
Therefore, every effort and sweat they make should be cherished and should not be trampled on wantonly.
Enterprises should give them enough humanistic care. Humanistic care begins with respect and love from the heart. Therefore, scientific, reasonable and appropriate labor systems and rules should be formulated in accordance with laws, regulations and national policies to protect the legitimate rights and interests of every employee. The ultimate benefit is the sound development of the enterprise itself.