Tesla: current limit, foreign help, many people direct “blind order”


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Original title: first line: real exploration of Tesla experience store after model y sales: current limit, foreign help as sales, many consumers directly “blind order”
Introduction: the increase in sales brought about by the price reduction has an immediate effect. Analysts expect Tesla’s sales in 2021 to double that in 2020, reaching 1 million vehicles.
Wang Jingyi, Zhao Cheng, reporter of Caijing
“It’s too hot. Our shop has started to limit the current.”. On January 3, the sales staff of a Tesla experience store in Daxing District of Beijing told Caijing: “in the two days of new year’s Day holiday, our store has sold more than 50 cars.”
Reporter Zhao Chengcai
The official sale of Tesla (NASDAQ: tsla) model y is the direct reason for the surge of people in the store. On the first day of the new year, Tesla released the news of new car launch and old version modification without warning. As the second domestic model launched by Tesla, model y is divided into two types: long range dual motor full drive version and performance high performance version. The maximum range is 594 km and 480 km respectively, and the corresponding price is 339900 yuan and 369900 yuan.
Compared with the imported model, the price of the domestic model y long-range model decreased by 148100 yuan from 488000 yuan, while the price of the high-performance model decreased by 165100 yuan from 535000 yuan – a price reduction of more than 30%. The market responded enthusiastically to such a big drop in prices.
The reporter of Caijing noticed that in addition to uniformed staff explaining the car to the customers who came into the store to see the car, many people in casual clothes were also introducing the product and sales policy to the customers next to them.
“These are the foreign aid that the company urgently transfers from other departments, because our own salesmen are not enough.” Tesla experience store sales said.
There are also market rumors that the sales volume of model y has reached 100000 within a few days of its launch (this is 20% of Tesla’s annual sales volume last year). Tesla said that the official data of China finance and economics is not available for reference.
Analysts are generally optimistic about Tesla’s sales performance this year, and predict that Tesla’s sales in 2021 will double that in 2020, directly to 1 million vehicles.
Impact on BBA or new force of car building?
On January 3, Caijing reporter saw in a Tesla experience store in Daxing District of Beijing that there were two model Ys and a model 3 in the small store, both of which were domestic models. The customers who came to see the cars made the store seem a little crowded. At the same time, the interior of each exhibition car was also full of customers with static experience.
Photo by Zhao Cheng, reporter of Caijing
“We can see from the internal system that hundreds of Tesla cars have been sold in Beijing in recent days, most of them are domestic models. On the day model y was launched, the sales volume of Beijing fangcaoyou store exceeded 100 cars. Our store is relatively far away from the urban area, so the sales volume is not as high as theirs.” The above-mentioned sales staff told Caijing.
The situation in Shanghai is similar. “At present, car booking is a bit like blind booking.” On January 4, a sales representative of Tesla’s Shanghai Changtai flagship store told Caijing that because there was only one real car in the store and there was no test drive, many customers knew that model 3 had good handling ability. They came to the store to have a seat, felt the space of Y, and started directly.
The salesman told Caijing that according to the order of production scheduling, the second batch has been started since January 3. Now the car is ordered, and it will be delivered at the end of February and the beginning of March.
The price of model y is 339900 yuan, which is the price range of traditional luxury car BBA, even lower than the price of some fuel vehicles such as Mercedes Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi q5l.
Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car market information association, believes that the competitive relationship between Tesla Model y and Audi Q5, Mercedes Benz GLC and BMW X3 should have obvious changes, and the price of model y has certain advantages, which will attract more luxury car consumers.
“Compared with Tesla, the products of the new force of car building have a clearer label. In particular, high-end brands such as Weilai are recognized by consumers with their good service quality, and the loyalty of the circle group is very high. I think the impact of this should not be very big. The main impact of Tesla’s price reduction is still the huge impact on the traditional car market. ” Cui Dongshu thinks.
At the same time, the price of model y is similar to that of some self owned brand pure electric vehicles, such as Weilai ES6, BYD Tang 4WD high performance version and other pure electric SUVs.
However, according to the data analysis firm, Tesla Model y has lost its first mover advantage. Previously, model s and X had plenty of time before any similar competitor went public, and model 3 also had a big first mover advantage. However, the situation of model y is different from that before. It is listed later than some competitors, such as Volkswagen id.4 and Ford Mustang mach-e. in the Chinese market, there are also domestic competitors such as Weilai ec6.
Will the sudden launch of model y have an impact on the new forces of car building? The founders said one after another that Tesla Model y had no impact on their own sales, and they even welcomed making the cake of electric vehicles bigger together to snatch food from the fuel vehicle market.
For example, Shen Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of Weima automobile, said: “we are still in the stage of making the cake bigger. Because of Tesla, Chinese consumers have a deeper understanding of electric vehicles, which also helps us these emerging electric vehicle enterprises grow up faster. ”
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He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng automobile, said in the circle of wechat friends that Xiaopeng was very confident about the price reduction of new year’s day. He didn’t even open the internal telephone conference, and the data also fully proved that the price reduction has proved to be only a way of marketing, and it must be a double-edged sword. Before the Spring Festival, Xiaopeng will also strive to complete the OTA of × 3.0, looking forward to bringing you a new experience.
Nearly 500000 vehicles will be sold in 2020
Impact on 1 million vehicles in 2021
Tesla has delivered 499550 electric vehicles in 2020. Although there is still a gap of 450 vehicles from the target of 500000 vehicles, Tesla CEO musk has regarded this achievement as the achievement of the target. “Tesla has achieved this important milestone, and I am proud of it.” 500000, which is the target set by musk in 2014 for 2020 sales.
Nowadays, the price reduction of model y will inevitably lead to higher sales. Huaxi Securities predicts that in 2021, the sales volume of model y in China market is expected to reach 250000, and the global sales volume is expected to exceed 500000; meanwhile, the sales volume of model 3 is expected to reach 300000, and the global sales volume is expected to exceed 600000. With these two models alone, Tesla’s sales in 2021 may exceed one million.
Guoyuan securities also concluded from the perspective of production capacity that Tesla’s global sales target in 2021 could reach 1 million vehicles. Specifically, Tesla currently has a production capacity of 500000 model 3Gy and 90000 model s / X in the United States; it has a production capacity of 250000 model 3 in China, and it is expected to add another 250000 model y in China in 2021. Meanwhile, according to the plan, the Berlin plant with a design capacity of 500000 is expected to be completed and put into operation in the second half of next year. Assuming that the capacity of the Shanghai plant reaches 400000 and that of the Berlin plant reaches 50000, Tesla’s global capacity will be close to 1.3 million. Therefore, Tesla’s production capacity is estimated to be 1 million vehicles in 2021.
In the future, will the price of model y go down again and again like the first domestic model 3? According to statistics, before the announcement of the price reduction of model y, Tesla’s model s, model x, model 3 and model y have been reduced seven times since May last year.
Previously, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla China, publicly said that Tesla’s localization rate target has been basically achieved, and there is little possibility of further price reduction in the future. “The price of electric vehicles is related to the cost, which is affected by the cost of raw materials and the cost of electric vehicle parts. If the price of raw materials or parts rises in the future, Tesla’s electric car is not without the possibility of price increase. ”
“The price of Tesla Model y is not low, but higher than I expected.” Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai automobile, said that model y should be less than 300000 if it is priced according to Tesla’s principle of cost. “Some car companies set prices according to cost, so the price will be lower and lower. However, Weilai has considered many factors in the later period from the beginning. We will not let the car owners who buy Weilai first suffer losses. This is also the reason why Weilai’s gross profit margin loss was relatively high in the first two years. ”
Li Bin believes that, according to Tesla’s style, after the capacity keeps up, the price will fall. In the future, model y may continue to reduce its price, while the initial version of Tesla may drop to more than 100000.
As of January 4, Tesla shares closed at $705.67, up 1.57%, with a total market value of more than $668.9 billion.