Is the price of B & B unreasonably high for a night’s stay during the festival?


This is the snowy scene of mountain homestay in Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie City, which was shot on December 4, 2020. Some B & B in mountainous areas attract tourists to relax and enjoy the countryside in winter. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Wu Yongbing)
Is the price of B & B falsely high? Consumers vote with their feet
Professionals suggest that the industry standards and evaluation system should be improved as soon as possible, so that B & B can go on the road of standardized operation
Source: Workers’ daily
Our reporter Cao Yue
At present, B & B has become the choice for many people to travel and stay, but some B & B prices are unreasonably high, or the goods are not on the right board. Professionals believe that B & B should not only focus on decoration style, but also improve service quality and explore its own characteristics. The establishment of industry standards and evaluation system is conducive to improving the transparency of B & B pricing and promoting the healthy development of B & B industry.
Aibiying recently released its insight into China’s travel in 2021. Domestic tourism continues to be the theme, and travelers are eager to “live in all directions”. In the upcoming Spring Festival holiday of 2021, 66% of post-90s respondents said they would choose “B & B, short rent apartment, family hotel” for travel.
B & B has become a “good idea” for many people to travel and stay, but the price of some B & B is “too high to rise”. Professionals believe that the price of B & B should follow the law of the market. Consumers will vote with their feet. The B & B with high price but poor service and no characteristics will be eliminated in the market tide.
Some B & B prices are too high, causing controversy
Ms. sun’s family is planning to travel to Sanya, Hainan for the new year’s day. When she searched for accommodation, she found that many B & B rooms cost more than 10000 yuan a night. She is interested in a four person single family villa, which usually costs more than 4000 yuan a night, and rises to 11000 yuan on New Year’s day. “It’s understandable that the house price rises during the festival, but now it’s nearly tripled, and the price of more than 10000 yuan is catching up with that of star hotels.”
Reporter search found that, in addition to Sanya, during the new year’s day, the price of home stay in many parts of the country generally rose. Some of them even cost more than 30000 yuan a night, while their usual price is only a few hundred to a thousand yuan.
Some homestay owners think that their yard is waiting for people who understand it to live, and they will not rely on low prices to attract people. Some people in the industry also said that most home stay owners set their prices according to the target of cost recovery. They have limited time to earn money a year, and high prices are conducive to their cost recovery as soon as possible.
Previously, some consumers reported that Xijiang old story Inn, located in Leishan County, Guizhou Province, from October 3 to 4, 2020, the lowest unit price of ordinary Guanjingyang terrace room was 8383 yuan, and the most expensive exquisite standard room was 9863 yuan, while the daily price of this inn was only 150-300 yuan. After the supervision of the Network Management Bureau, the actual price of the hotel was 368 yuan.
Not only in the decoration style
Ms. Zhao of Beijing once reserved a B & B courtyard for eight people on the Internet platform, and the price was close to 10000 yuan. She told reporters that it was the National Day holiday and the B & B was in short supply. The photo she ordered looked more exquisite, but the evaluation was less. “It’s like a blind box. You won’t know the real situation of the room until you check in.” After moving in, Ms. Zhao found that the B & B was actually the farmhouse used to be. The toilet and bedroom were all old and “totally different from the warm and artistic image in the advertisement, and it’s not worth the price.”
Such cases are not uncommon. Previously, Jiangsu consumers’ Association commissioned a third-party agency to carry out a survey on the consumption situation of B & B in Jiangsu Province. The results showed that more than 60% of consumers were worried about the sanitary condition of B & B, but in fact only 19% of B & B beds were “basically clean”, and many B & B were not connected with the public security and fire protection systems. In addition, 38% of the B & B hotels do not have the charging standard of clearly marked price and the instructions for residents, and 43% of the B & B hotels do not publish the complaint telephone number and the person in charge telephone number, which has caused certain obstacles to the protection of consumers’ rights.
During the interview, the reporter found that with the “wind” of B & B becoming more and more popular, there are many cases of B & B changing from farmhouse to farmhouse, such as Ms. Zhao. Changing the name and decorating with reference to the “wanghong” style, it has become a B & B of “seeing mountains and water, retaining homesickness”.
Wei Xiang, a researcher at the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that B & B is a new entrant to the hotel industry. Especially under the background of vigorously developing rural tourism, many governments have issued documents to support the development of B & B industry, which is an excellent development opportunity for B & B operators. “It is also a natural process of market evolution for farmhouse and folk houses to follow suit and upgrade through renovation. With more entrants, B & B is no longer a scarce resource, which is conducive to stabilizing and reducing the price of B & B
At the same time, Wei Xiang reminded the operators of B & B that they should not only focus on the decoration style, but on the standardization and characteristic management of service. “Good B & B is not only for eating and living, but also for cultural experience and local cultural characteristics. In addition to providing excellent accommodation environment and standardized services, B & B can achieve sound development only if tourists can really experience the local lifestyle and cultural uniqueness. ”
Consumers vote with their feet
After the last failed blind election, Ms. Zhao said that hotels will still be given priority in future travel. “Compared with B & B, hotel services are relatively standardized and standard. We choose according to the star level, where the price is, and there is stronger supervision over the price increase.”
Tujia coo Wang Yuchen said at a B & B development conference that B & B is different from standardized hotel products. The landlords of B & B often come from all walks of life. There is no clear and comprehensive concept about the standard and professional operation of the accommodation industry. Some people also said that they often refer to the surrounding accommodation prices first, and then set the prices of B & B according to their own services and input costs.

In view of the high price of B & B, people in the industry appeal to improve the industry standard and evaluation system as soon as possible, so that B & B can go on the road of standardized operation. “From disorder to order is a sign of the gradual maturity of an industry. Only when the standardization is realized can the B & B industry under the mode of sharing economy release its maximum value. ” Said Chen Chi, co-founder of Xiaozhu short rent.
In 2017, the first national industry standard, basic requirements and evaluation for B & B tourism, came into effect. According to the standard, the operators of B & B must obtain the relevant licenses required by the local government according to law, and meet the relevant requirements of public security and fire protection of public security organs; the number of guest rooms in a single building of B & B should not exceed 14. In terms of health services, it is required that the bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and towels should be changed for every guest.
Various localities have also introduced measures to regulate the local B & B industry. For example, the new version of “three star” and “home stay” has clearly divided the basic conditions of Beijing tourism into three levels, namely, high star and low star. For the illegal operation and major complaints of B & B, the exit mechanism should be established.
In addition, some B & B platforms have launched their own grading standards. For example, in 2020, Tujia released a new “B & B grading standard”. By comprehensively scoring the hardware, decoration, service, landscape, characteristics, local architectural characteristics and host background of B & B, combined with the promotion of Government Association, manual sampling, on-site shop exploration and other evaluation, the B & B is finally divided into five grades: two diamond, three diamond, four diamond, five diamond and seven star B & B.
Wei Xiang pointed out that the establishment of industry standards is conducive to improving the transparency of B & B pricing, providing a basis for consumers to choose suitable B & B, regulating the operation of B & B, and promoting the healthy development of B & B industry. Wei Xiang reminded the operators of B & B that the price should follow the market rules. “Consumers will vote with their feet. If the price is too high, but the service is not in place, and there is no characteristic of their own, the B & B will be eliminated in the market wave.”