“Leaders should take the lead in vaccination, which can play an exemplary role”! Zhang Wenhong: I have been vaccinated myself


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According to the state health and Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on January 1, 2021, 22 new confirmed cases were reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, including 14 imported cases (4 in Shanghai, 3 in Tianjin, 3 in Guangdong, 1 in Liaoning, 1 in Fujian, 1 in Shandong and 1 in Shaanxi), and 8 local cases (7 in Liaoning and 1 in Beijing). No new death cases were found One more suspected case was imported from abroad (in Shanghai).
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new gene of the new crown pneumonia confirmed by the British Center for Disease Control and prevention. 1, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and prevention announced that the genome of the newly diagnosed crown pneumonia confirmed by the British Center was recently sequenced. It was found that the new crown virus gene sequence of 1 cases was similar to that of the recently reported variant virus in Britain.
What is the transmissibility of this new coronavirus variant that has emerged in the UK? How should the public respond?
CDC’s latest response
Xu Wenbo, director of the Institute of viral diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, responded to this yesterday, according to Xinhua news agency and CCTV news.
1. Has the transmission power of the mutants found in Shanghai increased?
The results of gene detection of the mutants found in Shanghai showed that the infectivity of the mutants to the cells was enhanced, but the human transmissibility was closely related to the human social activities, the climate in winter and the self-protection measures of the population.
2. Is the virulence and severity of the mutant enhanced?
At present, there is no difference in pathogenicity, severity or mortality between the new coronavirus mutant and the previous mutant. There is no obvious change in pathogenicity, so there is no need to panic.
3. Does the new crown vaccine have protective effect on the mutant strain in China?
At present, no new coronavirus variant has been found to affect the immune efficacy of inactivated new coronavirus vaccine in China.
4. Can the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents in China detect the mutants?
At present, the mainstream nucleic acid diagnostic reagents in China are targeted at the double target gene, N gene and orf1ab gene of new coronavirus. The protein gene variation does not affect the sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid reagents, and the Shanghai variant is detected by our native nucleic acid reagents.
5. Are the current measures to prevent and control the spread of ncrv effective?
China blocked the spread of new coronavirus in April. After that, more than 10 clustered outbreaks of new coronavirus pneumonia were caused by imported cases or contaminated cold chain goods, and effective measures were taken to block the spread. Regular screening of high-risk population, early diagnosis, early treatment, early isolation of infected persons and close contacts, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and keeping social distance are effective measures to block the spread of NCV in China.
6. What measures should be taken for the emergence of new coronavirus mutants?
People need not panic, we must strictly implement the existing prevention and control measures in our country, we need to strengthen the awareness of personal protection, especially to strengthen the protection of medical care and employees in hospitals or designated isolation Hotels with imported cases.?
Zhang Wenhong judged the inflection point of the epidemic situation
June and July 2021
At present, vaccines that are regarded as the “solution” have emerged. Throughout the development of world epidemic situation, how long will we persist in the normalization of prevention and control?
Photo source: People’s daily dajiangdong studio
Recently, in an interview with dajiangdong studio of people’s daily, Zhang Wenhong said that if half of the people are vaccinated, the epidemic will turn to an inflection point in June and July 2021. By the end of the year, it may play a role and the world will have a chance to communicate.
After Biden’s election, the United States has a 100 day vaccination program, which provides 100 million doses of vaccination to high-risk groups, which means that 50 million people will be successfully mobilized within 100 days. If the plan is successful, plus 20 million people who have been infected, it will be 70 million people
If half of the people are vaccinated, there will be an inflection point in June and July 2021, which may play a role by the end of the year, and the world will have a chance to communicate.
Once the world exchanges, flights increase, and internal and external exchanges increase, even if all the people on the plane hold nucleic acid reports or vaccine injection reports, it does not mean that the number of imported cases will drop sharply, and our import risk will still increase. This is a gradual process.
In addition, Zhang disclosed that he had been vaccinated. He also said vaccine coverage is more important than protection:
China should launch vaccination. Several of our doctors, including myself, have been vaccinated recently. We will monitor the antibody level for a long time. In the long run, we still rely on vaccines, not national isolation, so we should be fully prepared for vaccination.
Don’t worry too much about the protection rate of the vaccine. In my opinion, the current vaccine clinical research data are affected by a variety of factors. The protection rate does not need to be as high as 95%, and it can be widely vaccinated with more than 60% or 70%. Vaccine coverage is more important than protection. Improving the coverage rate of the vaccine to the Chinese population as a whole will have a good effect.
He said that the inactivated vaccine is safe as a whole. It has only short-term risks, such as allergy or local pain. It is not unique to this vaccine. It is the same with all vaccines.
“If you can’t get this vaccine, it means that you can’t get other inactivated vaccines either. China has used inactivated vaccines for a long time, such as polio vaccine and hepatitis A vaccine, and some of them are inactivated vaccines, such as chickenpox, which cause more adverse reactions. We need to give people a little time to accept the vaccine. ”
On how to arrange the vaccination plan, Zhang Wenhong said:
Voluntary vaccination, we should first call on people who are prone to disease and infection to vaccinate first. Customs, airport freight and other front-line staff should all be vaccinated, because they have a high risk of contacting goods and cold chain transportation. The second focus group refers to those with higher mortality after infection, such as the elderly. At present, there are few cases in China and the risk of infection is very small. But by the end of next year, if the vaccination is not completed, there may be problems.
It’s encouraging for medical staff, but it’s not yet compulsory vaccination stage. Now the chance of meeting local cases is very low for the first time. The staff of fever clinic have protection, wear isolation clothes and N95 masks. However, it is very difficult for freight transport workers to ensure that they always wear masks or protective clothing. Free and compulsory vaccination should be given to people working in such departments and frontline. Ordinary people can wait.

The key population must be vaccinated, and the vaccination rate of the whole population should reach 70%, otherwise the virus may spread in the gap of the network.
“I’ve said on many occasions that leaders should be vaccinated first. When you see that leaders are all right, you can be more assured that they will be vaccinated sooner or later, and that they can play an exemplary role.”
Zhang Wenhong: the virus is Wang Xiaoer’s year
On December 31, 2020, Zhang Wenhong also expressed his views through his micro blog. He said: the long night of 2020 has finally ushered in the dawn.
How to open the rhythm of Chinese new year when the Spring Festival is coming? Zhang Wenhong said that we believe that we will have a peaceful and United year of China, and we will have a year of Wang Xiaoer.
China’s inactivated vaccine has been approved for conditional marketing, and its disease protection rate (79.34%) has far exceeded that of the current influenza vaccine (about 50%). Therefore, as long as the coverage rate of vaccination is increased, it is enough to build a vaccine barrier in China. But increasing vaccine coverage also requires time and determination.
Before the implementation of full coverage of vaccines, I believe that China’s detection and traceability capabilities have far exceeded those at the beginning of the year. China’s epidemic prevention forces are always faster than the virus, and have the capabilities of “rapid response, timely disposal, accurate prevention and control, and dynamic clearing”. With the cooperation of the general public, with the gradual increase of coverage of vaccines on the market, the balance of the war with the virus has become more and more important Class tilt. However, with the advent of the Spring Festival, China will once again face the biggest migration in human society. The general public should be careful to have a peaceful Spring Festival, with family affection and protective actions.
I believe that we will have a peaceful and United year of China and a year of Wang Xiaoer.
Editor: Zhao Yun, Wang Jiaqi