Chinese scholars have successfully developed “read on demand” integrated solid state quantum memory


Recently, Guo guangcan’s team of academicians of University of science and technology of China has made important progress in this field. Li Chuanfeng and Zhou Zongquan’s research groups in the team have developed an “on-demand read” integrated solid-state quantum memory for the first time. Quantum memory is the core device to construct large-scale quantum network. Li Chuanfeng and Zhou Zongquan have been working on solid-state quantum memory for a long time. In recent years, they have developed laser direct writing technology to prepare integrable quantum memory on rare earth doped crystals. Using femtosecond laser and other technologies, the research group has developed an on-demand read-out integrated solid-state quantum memory for the first time. The storage fidelity reaches 99.3% ± 0.2%, indicating that it has high reliability. The results are of great significance for the realization of large capacity quantum storage and the construction of quantum network.