Tesla Model 3 accelerated into the lobby of the hotel, the driver said that he did not step on the accelerator, suspected brake failure


Source: City Express
By Qin Zhangyong
Editor: Wang Yan
On December 30, according to the city express, a Tesla Model 3 in Hangzhou left the parking lot opposite a local hotel at noon today and rushed directly to the hotel. Then it collided with another Tesla parked on the side of the road and finally rushed into the lobby.
According to the report, the entrance and exit of the parking lot is less than 100 meters away from the hotel lobby, and the parking lane out of the accident vehicle is a 20 or 30 degree slope. Witnesses at the scene said that “the speed is very fast.”.
According to the scene photos, the scene of the accident was in a mess. The pillars and tiles on the first floor of the hotel were knocked down, and a big hole in the glass curtain wall was also knocked out. The Tesla that was hit was the most severely damaged, with almost all the sides of its body damaged, and another Mercedes Benz was also scratched. But there were no casualties at the scene.
In the report of Qianjiang Evening News, the driver was not willing to say more about the accident, but said it was a unilateral accident. “I bought the car only in October. When I came down from the parking lot, I felt that I suddenly speeded up and rushed in. I didn’t step on the accelerator. I’ve been driving for more than 40 years. How can I step on the accelerator when I go downhill?”
The driver said, “it was not easy to use the brake at that moment.” he said he tried to use the tree basin outside the driveway of the parking lot to cushion, but failed. Finally, he rushed into the lobby, “the air bags all popped.”
At present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. As of press release, Tesla official did not respond to the above incident and related remarks.
Before this, Tesla also had the problem of sudden acceleration. On June 16 this year, in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, an owner of Tesla’s imported model 3 said in his autobiography that the vehicle suddenly increased its speed to 127km / h automatically at high speed, then stepped on the brake many times to no avail, and finally crashed into a roadside mound and overturned and caught fire. In this regard, Tesla replied that according to Tesla’s vehicle design principle, “the possibility of vehicle acceleration due to brake failure is very small.”.
In January this year, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it would review a petition, which required the agency to formally investigate and recall 500000 Tesla cars, said that the accidental acceleration of Tesla cars far exceeded other cars on the road, and urged NHTSA to recall all models, modelx and Model3 models produced since 2013.
But Tesla has always believed that its autopilot function can save lives. According to the safety report released by autopilot, an average of 4.59 million miles (7.38 million kilometers) of driving activities involving autopilot reported one traffic accident in the third quarter. In the driving activities without autopilot, an average of 2.42 million miles (about 3.89 million km) was reported as a traffic accident.