Former employees of soul were sentenced for malicious reporting, and social product UKI almost died


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Source / hedgehog commune (ID: ciweigongshe)
On December 30, UKI was maliciously reported by former employees of rival soul. The first instance result was released. The Shanghai Putuo District People’s court ruled that Li and fan committed crimes of damaging business reputation and commodity reputation.
Hedgehog commune learned from UKI that the trial was held in private on December 25. The suspect Li was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, one year’s probation and a fine of 50000 yuan; the other suspect fan was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, one year’s probation and a fine of 30000 yuan; Li and fan paid a total of 3.3 million yuan to UKI company.
According to Hedgehog commune, according to the judgment, the labor contracts of Li and fan confirmed that both of them were employees of soul. Li served as audit manager and fan served as operation post. However, there was no judgment of 3.3 million yuan for Li and fan in the judgment.
Soul replied, “our company learned through the media that the case has been adjudicated. Because it involved the former employees of the company, we have certain concerns about it, but the case has nothing to do with the company. Our company is not aware of the result and process of the judgment, so it is not convenient for us to express any opinions. ”
Hedgehog commune learned from another source that the crimes committed by Li and fan were only personal acts. The court refused to accept UKI’s action against the two defendants, which constituted the crime of sabotaging production and operation and was a unit crime; the court refused to accept UKI’s claim that the two defendants did not voluntarily admit their guilt and punishment, and the court refused to accept the request that they should be sentenced to actual punishment; the sentencing consultation report issued by the public security organ, UKI thought that they had suffered huge economic losses, and the court refused to accept the objection.
In the past Internet wave, countless products died, and some products survived. This is a rare malicious report event. It is completely different from the conventional competition. The bad little action outside the normal business development directly killed a social product which is in the rising period.
“We’ve missed some opportunities that we’ll never come back.” Fu Hu, the technical director of UKI’s products, told hedgehog commune that he was anxious and resentful, “it’s a trick of others We’ve wasted more than a year of our efforts. ”
Cut off one’s life
Fu Hu still can’t forget the scene that a middle-level meeting of the company was interrupted on November 17, 2019.
At that time, everyone was holding a meeting in a conference room. According to the plan, during the winter vacation in 2019, there will be a holiday wave across the country, and UKI’s data traffic will have a large growth space. UKI’s various technologies, products and operation posts should make plans to meet this flow.
All the people present are full of vision, discussion and confidence for UKI’s future. Suddenly, a staff member in charge of the operation of the app store pushed the door of the conference room in an emergency and panic, saying that he received an email notification from the app store that UKI was removed from the app store.
In order to search for fake mobile phones in the app store, everyone took out the fake UKI. Fu Hu said: “found that the search can not be found.”
The first group of people who knew UKI had been taken off the shelves were shocked: what caused it to be taken off the shelves?
UKI was originally named “Niuka” and its founder was Sun Mingjun. He started his business in University and went through several versions of iteration and evolution. In 2019, he changed the name of “Niuka” to UKI, and the target group also changed from college students’ entrepreneurial group to post-95 young people, focusing on strangers’ social interaction.
The social field of strangers is full of “hormones”. Once the supervision is not effective, it is easy to become a hotbed of pornography, violence, fraud and other negative behaviors.
It is understood that UKI team adopts the secondary audit mechanism of “machine audit + manual audit” to screen the content. Among them, all published contents on the UKI core function page “Plaza” are manually reviewed.
The top management of the company called up the middle level of R & D, content security, products and other posts to hold a meeting, “assign the very detailed work, let everyone go down to investigate deeply, do we have any problems?” At the same time, the personnel of content security department actively cooperate with the regulatory department to communicate.
After a round of investigation, there was no reason for UKI to touch the red line. Soon, UKI was interviewed by the competent department’s online information office, and someone reported that UKI platform connived at illegal content. At this time, the reporting materials they saw showed that some users uploaded “harmful pictures” in UKI.
“At that time, we were shocked by the strict training content of the security department.” Fu Hu stressed, “a very strict training.” According to UKI’s strict content auditing process, “we’ll never miss this picture.”
After the interview, UKI conducted a purposeful investigation on the specific violation content, and found that this kind of violation belongs to malicious reporting. Someone signed up for a UKI account, downloaded illegal pictures from other websites and uploaded them to the UKI account.
“Because all the content on our platform is first approved and then sent, after users submit, the content is only visible to themselves, and other people will not see it on the public platform.” Fu Hu said that the content uploaded by users will flow into the public link only after passing the internal audit, and other people can see it.
The screenshot of the report shows that the picture uploaded by the report account is in the process of audit and has not entered the public circulation. After investigation, it was found that the IP address of the reporter’s registered UKI user account pointed to the same place – Soul office area.
UKI immediately reported the case to the Putuo District police in Shanghai, where the company is registered and where the office is located. As many computer log data have to be kept for 180 days according to law, more solid evidence was soon found.
Wait, wait. It’s hard
It is understood that in July 2019, Li found that the function of UKI was similar to that of his company’s social product soul, and instructed his subordinate fan to report; on February 19, 2020, the public security organ submitted the case to Putuo District procuratorate for approval to arrest the suspect. On February 25, the prosecutor contacted UKI company by telephone for communication.
Two days later, sun Mingjun threw a message into the company group, saying that UKI was back on the shelves, and he was jubilant.

“We didn’t have any celebrations.” “We think it’s a matter of course,” Fuhu said
After reporting the case to the public security organ, UKI thought that the product would be back online to the app store soon. They’ve predicted many times when they’ll be on the shelves. Fuhu expects to be back on the shelves in December 2019, but fails; Fuhu expects to be back on the shelves in January 2020, but fails again.
“At the beginning, we had idealism. It’s not our problem. We have explained it clearly. We can get on the shelves immediately, but the whole process of getting back on the shelves is quite complicated.” Fu Hu said.
When the epidemic hit, many government departments and units were unable to carry out work. In order to cooperate with the epidemic work, the team members could not walk around at will.
“It’s too hard. It’s really hard. On the one hand, we spend the whole March digesting negative energy, on the other hand, we have to keep a positive momentum and work together with the team to do something.” Fu Hu said.
This is a very young entrepreneurial team.
The main body of UKI is Shanghai Niuka Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2015. The founder started his business when he was in college. According to tianyancha, UKI has received three financing projects from kuanggu capital, witness investment and Jingwei China.
UKI currently focuses on virtual avatar anonymous social networking. Users can quickly and efficiently find interesting peers through instant matching, interest party, voice control and other product functions.
According to 36 krypton, sun Mingjun believes that the focus of existing social products is only one-way relationship. In essence, users interact with published content unilaterally. In contrast, effective social connection is two-way relationship, which can generate interaction and feedback. Under the defects of recommendation algorithm, users with better performance in all aspects get more recommendations, while ignoring most of the middle and long tail users with lower performance in information can not only produce their own highlights, but also find people who appreciate the highlights.
There is an idealism advocated by the aesthetics of science and Engineering in UKI team.
“We want to solve a social equality problem in the virtual network.” Fu Hu said that most social products now selectively give head traffic to a small number of people, and it is difficult for most of them to get traffic.
“There must be someone as interesting as you on the Internet waiting for you.” Fu Hu hopes they can match the two people. “We never thought of stopping UKI to develop new products.”.
It was this belief that supported them through the dark three months.
“It’s almost fatal to us.”
On February 10, Fu Hu went to the office alone. He was the first employee to appear in the company after the double attacks of the epidemic and UKI’s removal. At that time, the whole company was empty. “If you need any related resources of the company, I will provide them in the company.”
Looking at the data of other products, I can’t help it. At this time, Fuhu is thinking about all kinds of product strategies to meet UKI’s recovery.
Before UKI was taken off the shelves, the daily living data was close to 2 million, and they planned to hit the 2 million daily living mark in the winter vacation of 2019. 2 million is not worth mentioning for absolute head social products such as wechat, Momo and tantan, but for UKI, which is on the rise, it is in the first echelon.
According to the interface news report, in terms of business model, UKI’s realization mode is the virtual gift, skin, dress up and other services purchased by users, which is in the early stage of data accumulation. Sun Mingjun believes that the number of daily active users, the number of monthly active users and the length of user use are the most important values of UKI at present.
Today’s daily living data of soul is remarkable, and UKI has to catch up to enter the same echelon. Strangers’ social interaction has always been the first need of young people. Tencent, Yingke, Momo and other major Internet giants have put their energy into exploring new products. There are many competitors, but no outstanding new products have been born.
UKI can be close to 2 million days from its launch in 2018 to its peak in 2019, which is growing very fast. “Two million days on the social track is a card point.” Fu Hu said that if you reach this point, you will be well-known. As long as you mention the post-95 strangers, you will think of UKI.
“Interesting people are waiting for you.” in UKI, strangers connect, express their opinions, share their lives, and have stories. UKI ecology has formed some niche circle culture. The team has also opened up a psychological consultation room on UKI to provide online psychological consultation parties for users, and built a positive energy propaganda position on the platform to raise donations to help Hubei fight the epidemic.
However, an UKI insider said that the malicious reporting incident has a great impact on UKI, because the epidemic situation, everyone lives at home, is a period of rapid growth of users, they are delayed at this very important time point, directly from the first group army to the pursuer.
“It’s almost fatal to us.” Fu Hu said.
Before the UKI recovery was launched, the team simulated many kinds of user data recovery schemes and set many goals. After UKI is launched, it strives to restore the user scale to the data state before it is removed. UKI’s current and future focus is on the innovation of recommendation algorithm, and further tries to make various social scenes around the starting point of “finding new friends”, so as to improve the efficiency of making friends, and the user scale is expanding.
“Although we haven’t reached the peak yet, we believe that with the continuous optimization of products and algorithms, we will continue to break through every level.” One UKI insider said.
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