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On June 10, Zhao Xinyu, CEO of worldstate, released his circle of friends early in the morning: I hope you will cherish it and have a long future. In fact, since June, a number of staff circle of friends have issued a farewell to the world state. The recovery of tourism industry is still difficult. Worldstate is not the first tourism website to stop operation due to the epidemic
Since June 29, employees of sailin automobile have been informed to leave one after another. It is reported that since May, sailin automobile began to default on employees’ wages. On June 16, two factories in Rugao City were closed down. On June 29, a group of employees sent text messages to guide them to leave. On June 30, former senior vice president Chen Lei sent another message to urge them to leave
At the end of August, an online cat raising app named “meow meow” exploded and thousands of people lost their money. The so-called “mutual help” profit model of meow meow app is a typical “lie win” trap
Since 2020, more and more parents rent apartments. Led by eggshell apartments, Hangzhou Youke apartment, chaoke apartment, Shanghai lanyue apartment and many other long-term rental apartments have exploded, and the headquarters is empty
In 2020, how will these technology companies step by step on the road to explosion? Who else will be affected besides the employees? Sina technology takes you to find out.