Tesla: Production in strict accordance with Chinese laws, there is no phenomenon of “reducing quality for production”


Original title: Tesla: Production in strict accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, there is no phenomenon of “reducing quality for production”
Beijing, Shanghai, December 30 (Zhou Zhuo AO) – in response to the recent internet queries about Tesla’s use of substandard parts and reduction of quality standards for production, Tesla said on the 30th that the Shanghai Super factory of Tesla strictly carries out production and consistency management in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and there is no so-called phenomenon of “reducing quality for production”.
Tesla said that Tesla Shanghai Super factory attaches great importance to product quality and safety, and built in accordance with the requirements of Tesla’s most advanced factory in the world at the beginning of design. Tesla Shanghai Super factory and its products have passed the examination of the administrative measures for the access of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products and the administrative provisions for the access of new energy vehicle manufacturers and products, meeting the certification requirements of the implementation rules for compulsory product certification.
The relevant person in charge of Tesla said that under the highly automated and electronic management, the factory can accurately trace the manufacturer, part number, batch and other information of parts through the vehicle VIN code through MOS system. The key process parameters and quality control results in the production process can be found in the MOS system, and support the traceability requirements of the whole life cycle of the product. The data is stored for more than 10 years, “including the angle of each worker’s screw, the specific number of turns and the strength are recorded in the record.”
At the same time, the vehicles produced by Tesla Shanghai Super factory are also exported to Europe. They come from the same production line as the vehicles sold in China, and they are produced according to the same standards with the same parts, the same suppliers and the same workers.
Tesla said that in the four major processes of vehicle production, the stamping workshop uses 100% automatic fully enclosed press; the painting automation rate of the painting workshop is 100%, with only some manual inspection and surface treatment posts; the automation rate of the body workshop is more than 90%, of which the automation rate of welding, riveting and stud welding is 100%, and the production line workers only undertake a small amount of simple assembly and surface treatment Loading and unloading, quality inspection, etc.
Tesla shares are listed in the company’s global stock ownership plan, and all persons in charge can participate in the plan according to the company’s annual stock ownership plan. In addition, every employee of Shanghai factory enjoys complete welfare treatment in terms of “medicine, food, housing and transportation”. All managers do not enjoy extra treatment, no special car, no exclusive independent office, the meal standard is the same as that of employees, and the insurance standard is the same as that of most factory employees.
“Tesla has no large-scale sales of 120000 vehicles in China this year.” Automobile analyst Fei Zheyi said in an interview with China news. Com that for the quality problems of automobile products, specific quality data are generally needed, such as the national inspection quality report and the owner’s complaint data. According to the existing materials, it can not be concluded that Tesla has quality problems.
Prior to this, the article “Tesla China chaos Season 3” released by science and technology blog pinplay triggered a hot discussion on the Internet. The article reported on Tesla from the perspectives of “disappeared unqualified parts”, “blood tears factory” and “contractor culture”.
At that time, the relevant person in charge of Tesla responded that there were problems in the logic of many of the above articles. For example, the models series were imported, and the article said that they were produced in Shanghai factory. “Obviously, it has not been carefully considered and does not conform to the facts.”. As for the report of pinplay, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla, said on Weibo that she was ready to sue pinplay.
Since then, pinplay official also issued a response to “Tesla is ready to sue pinplay”: there are details flaws in the report, and the article was immediately revised within more than an hour after it was issued. In addition, pinplay said: “based on the more information we have, as well as the very strict cross validation and screening of information, we should be able to write two more articles like” Tesla China chaos Season 3. ”
China News Network reporter learned from Tesla that Tesla has sued pinplay. (end)