Graffiti intelligence and Gartner jointly release “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”


On December 29, at the global hard technology developers conference (Hangzhou), naringdan, vice president of graffiti intelligent market and strategic cooperation, and Guo Lei, vice president of Gartner in China, jointly released the “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”, which was produced by global aiot leading enterprises graffiti intelligent, Gartner, global intelligent business and abv (aiot business Vantage).
The full text of the white paper is more than 120000 words. The white paper points out that in 2021, the open platform trend of the aiot industry will become increasingly obvious, and developers will become the key driving force for the development of the aiot industry.
According to the prediction of “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”, there are six major development trends in the aiot industry next year: developers will play a key role in the take-off of the aiot industry, aiot open platform will be the main driving force of the industry, cutting-edge new technologies will be further integrated with the Internet of things, and to The Internet of things of industry B will be large-scale, the industrial Internet will help the comprehensive upgrading of manufacturing, and the new infrastructure will accelerate the development of aiot industry.