Xiaomi 11 conference: excellent businesses will leave the honor to users


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By Liu run
Source: Liu run (ID: rUnLiu pub)
Xiaomi released its new machine Xiaomi 11.
Previously, some media said that in response to the call for environmental protection, Xiaomi 11 will cancel the attached charger.
what? You want to take the charger you gave me before? As a result, it has aroused widespread concern and even controversy.
At the press conference, Lei Jun said: consumers can choose [Standard Version] or [package version] independently. Both are priced at the same price. The package version contains a charger and a data cable.
Some people say that Lei Jun’s decision is stupid.
But I think it’s really smart.
Avoid the loss of users to avoid, but also the honor left to users.
What is loss aversion?
First, what is loss aversion?
Loss aversion is a kind of interesting psychology. Compared with the happiness, it is more sensitive to the pain of loss.
Let me give you an example.
For example, you pick up 100 yuan on your way to work. But just to be happy, the 100 yuan was suddenly swept away by the wind.
I picked up 100 pieces. I lost another 100. Happiness and pain should just offset each other. You should go back to your previous state and go to work calmly.
However, most people will be in a bad mood all day.
Ask yourself, is it the same?
This is loss aversion.
Some scientists have even studied that the negative effect of this kind of loss is 2.5 times of the positive effect of the same income.
Because of this kind of self-protection psychology, so in the business world, there are many interesting phenomena.
For example, you are an e-commerce business. Because of the rising cost of logistics, we decided not to send it free of charge. There is a delivery fee of 20 yuan for each item.
Obviously, consumers will be very dissatisfied.
The original services are available, but why not? It’s free all the time. How can it be charged?
However, this 20 yuan must be charged. What should I do?
Adjust the “sense of gain and loss”.
The direct collection of 20 yuan distribution fee stimulates the consumer psychology of loss aversion.
This is to take things directly from the user’s pocket, which is “lost”.
We can do it another way. Add the 20 yuan delivery fee to the product price. If the user does not need to deliver, it can be 20 yuan cheaper.
This is to let users “take advantage”, or have a “take advantage” feeling, is “get”.
Therefore, a lot of business practices may not be unreasonable. The reason why users resist is only to avoid the sudden loss.
What about Xiaomi?
Now, back to Xiaomi’s press conference, is it the same?
When I bought a mobile phone, I gave it a charger. Now, in response to environmental protection, the charger has been canceled? Just respond to environmental protection yourself. Why do you take what belongs to me from me?
The user’s mood, all of a sudden instinctive resistance.
What should I do?
Adjust the “sense of gain and loss”. Ease the pain of loss aversion.
For example, the price of two mobile phones is different. 3999 yuan, package version, with charger. 3900 yuan, Standard Version, without charger.
For example: two mobile phones have different rights and interests. 3999 yuan, package version, with charger. 3999 yuan, Standard Version, without charger, but free cloud service for three months.
For example: two mobile phones with the same price. 3999 yuan, package version, with charger. 3999 yuan, Standard Version, without charger.
No matter which solution you choose, it can alleviate the loss aversion in the hearts of users.
Xiaomi chose the third option, the standard version and the package version, which cost 3999 yuan.
For the users who buy the package version, it is equivalent to “free” charger.
This turns “random cancellation” into “free gift”.
More importantly, Xiaomi left the “honor” to the users who bought the standard version in the same way of pricing.
what do you mean?
Excellent businesses will leave the honor to users
I often stay in hotels on business, sometimes for several days. You can often see such a tip to the effect that:
If you are willing to support environmental protection and feel that the bath towel does not need to be changed, hang it on the pole. If you need to change it, leave the towel in the bathtub.
In this way, when the staff clean the room, they will know whether they need to change the supplies.
What does this give me?
I’m contributing to environmental protection. It’s not that I’m asked to contribute to the hotel.
What millet does is as like as two peas.
If you choose the suit version, it’s your right, absolutely right.
If you choose the Standard Version, this is your contribution, and I thank you.
Give the choice to the user and leave the honor to the user.
In response to environmental protection, I hope you will join us. But it’s up to you. I’m not making decisions for you.
Negotiation rather than notice, choice rather than coercion.
Speak in a normal way. It’s easy to say.
First, users will be very angry.
Second, users will leave you.
Last words
So, I think Xiaomi’s approach is not only not stupid, but also smart.
Users who buy the package version get the products they deserve.
Users who buy the Standard Version get extra credit.
Make friends with users and don’t bully them. In a gentle way, let users choose for themselves.
So, if it’s you, you buy the suit version? Or the standard version?
I decided to buy the standard version.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)