Exclusive | Jingxi business group established by Jingdong: focusing on sinking market Zheng Hongyan is responsible for reporting to Liu qiangdong


Sina science and technology news on the evening of December 29, sina science and technology exclusively learned that Jingdong group has established Jingxi business group facing the sinking market, and appointed Zheng Hongyan as the person in charge of Jingxi business group, reporting to Liu qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong group.
It is reported that Jingxi business group mainly includes Jingxi Tong Business Department, Jingxi business department, Jingxi Pinpin, Jingxi express and other business departments. It will focus on Jingdong group’s core capabilities such as supply chain, logistics and technology to serve the sinking market.
In addition, Zheng Hongyan is also the head of jingxitong Business Department of Jingxi business group. Jingxitong business department is composed of the upgraded new channel business department of Jingdong retail. Zheng Hongyan once served as the head of the new channel business department of Jingdong retail, and effectively implemented the retail Omni channel and sinking market strategy.
In addition, according to the notice of Jingdong, Li Yalong and Shao Hongjie were appointed as the head of Jingxi business department and reported to Zheng Hongyan.
Jingxi Express Business Department of Jingdong Logistics will undertake the planning, management and operation functions of logistics business of Jingxi business group, and build a new short chain logistics network, with Chen yanlei as the person in charge. (Mirs)