Transport minister of India confirmed: Tesla will enter the Indian market in 2021


According to reports, Nitin gadkari, Minister of highway transportation and transportation of India, confirmed on Monday that Tesla will start operation in India in early 2021.
According to gadkari, Tesla will first operate from sales, and then may consider assembly and manufacturing according to market demand. “India will become the world’s largest automobile manufacturing center in five years,” gadkari added
In October, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said in response to a tweet (twitter message) from India that Tesla would enter India in 2021. At that time, when a twitter user asked about Tesla’s progress in India, musk replied, “certainly next year.”
Recently, it has been reported that Tesla’s first model to enter the Indian market will be the more affordable model 3, which is expected to start accepting bookings within a few weeks. However, according to the economic times of India, the official sale may have to wait until the second half of next year.
Back in 2016, Tesla collected $1000 deposits from interested buyers in India. But so far, these consumers are still waiting for their cars. Some of them told the media they were disappointed.
In 2017, one year after the start of booking, musk once said that these cars could enter India in the summer (2017), but it was later delayed because of the foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations.
“Maybe the information I got was wrong,” Musk explained on twitter at the time. I’ve been told that 30% of the parts have to be purchased locally, and India has no corresponding supply to support that. “