It is said that Alibaba will cancel the “361” assessment system for employees


Sina science and technology news at noon on December 28, Alibaba employees revealed on social media today that Alibaba will cancel the mandatory “361” assessment system and no longer force its direct leaders to give 10% of its employees a performance rating of 3-3.25 points. Ali official said it did not respond to Internet rumors.
But some Alibaba employees revealed that the performance appraisal has not changed a lot. All along, Ali’s performance appraisal system has been allocated according to the proportion of “361”: 30% of employees have 3.75-5 points, 60% have 3.5-3.75 points, and 10% have 3-3.25 points. If the employee’s year-end performance is 3.25 or less, the year-end bonus and promotion opportunity will be cancelled. (Mirs)