Alibaba Damo Institute releases top 10 technology trends in 2021


On December 28, Alibaba Damo Institute released the top ten technology trends of 2021, predicting the development direction of materials science, quantum computing, AI, biomedical, industrial Internet and other fields.
Dharma Institute believes that the third generation of semiconductor materials will be used on a large scale, and AI will overcome the problems of drug and vaccine research and development. In addition, as the future technology of human-computer interaction and human-computer hybrid intelligence, BCI has great research value in the medical field. Dharma Institute pointed out that the academic and industrial circles are striving to overcome the problems of brain signal acquisition and processing, and help people better understand the working principle of the brain. The maturity of technology will accelerate the clinical application of brain computer interface, and will provide accurate rehabilitation services for patients who can’t speak or move their hands in the future.