Poisoned boss of Youzu: escape from school, dig coal, obsessed with games, love tea


Wen / Niu Geng
Editor / Sun Ming
On the evening of December 25, Youzu’s announcement confirmed the death of chairman Lynch. At 2 a.m., the entrance of Shanghai Youzu building is full of white flowers and candles for memorial service. This is the youngest chairman of A-share, who once climbed to a high position from the dust, and then came to an end in public consternation.
Police reported that Lynch was suspected to have been poisoned to death by his colleague Xu Yao. Xu Yao is the CEO of Youzu film. This company has the right to adapt the film and television of “three body” which Youzu network has spent hundreds of millions of yuan to buy, but the IP development is not smooth. Yao missed the best treatment ten days ago when he bought a variety of poisons.
After the death of his life, Lynch’s account said to the company’s employees: “I’d like to exchange all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” Goodbye, boys. ” Here’s a group of employees crying.
Lynch’s life is legendary. He had eaten the coldest and hardest steamed bread, but he was still drinking tea: “tea always needs to be drunk.” A ruthless force regardless of means, the achievement of Lynch, but also eventually backfired on him.
Childhood was dark and cold
“Father is the absolute stumbling block.” Lynch said of the family’s help.
Lynch’s parents are both in business and seldom look after their families. From the second grade of junior high school, Lynch lived alone and took his sister to school every day. What sustains life is the hundreds of yuan that parents send back each month. As for why there is so little money, Lynch can’t understand that he “always thought his parents didn’t have much money.”.
In the first five days of each month, Lynch spends all his hundreds of dollars, and then focuses on his sister’s money. But even so, there are still more than 20 days to go. Lynch went to relatives and parents of classmates to “raise money”: “I can recite poems and write (brush) words. Parents like these.”
Lynch always promised that his parents would help him return it when he came back early next month. But at that time, the money was not paid back. “It’s a matter for parents.”. Jiang nanchun simply commented on him and lived by “fate”.
Growing up in this environment, Lynch was obsessed with games to escape himself. In the eyes of his teachers and classmates, Lynch knew he was a bad boy. Lynch decided to give his father a lesson in his life.
This experience has been mentioned repeatedly in Lynch’s interview, but every time the details are different. Father told him: “if you don’t study hard, you can only dig coal in the future.” But Lynch said he was “interested in coal reserves.”. Whether forced or voluntary, Lynch went down to the coal mine to experience life.
In the coal mine, “that kind of cold and dark” scared Lynch to turn around and run without a few steps, and it took more than ten times to get into the tunnel. He was accompanied by a helmet and a little light. A small stone fell and hit his helmet, and he felt that the mine was going to collapse. But Lynch ended up under the mine for 14 hours. When he saw the light again, Lynch decided to take a good college entrance examination.
Jiang nanchun, who has known him for many years, later heard about it and commented: “no wonder he likes playing games. He’s full of fear in the real world and content in the virtual world. ”
Many years later, he was asked on TV to call his father. The first sentence was “Dad, I’m Lynch.” “Which one of you calls mom and Dad that way?” The guests were surprised. In high school, every time he brought back a bad report card, he was beaten by his father. As for his father, he is still worried. In Lynch’s life, it’s hard to say who gave him company.
Don’t make money for the poor
Lynch was admitted to the computer information management major of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications. But he didn’t know where the library was until he graduated. Lynch spent his college life in instant noodles and games. He was familiar with dozens of games and earned a little money by brushing props and practicing numbers.
In 2004, Lynch graduated from university and worked as a software engineer in Zhejiang Telecom.
But Lynch is not content with nine to five. “I always want to print my business card and write a general manager.” He raised $4.5 million to do property management software in Hangzhou. The most difficult thing is to break through the security guard in the community. Soon after his failure, he raised another 5.6 million yuan to start a computer company. Because of poor management, when he went to the company, he found that it was empty, the financial department took all the cash away, and there was only a desk left in the office. The third time, he took a stake in an advertising company, trying to lie down and collect money, but failed because of the rupture of funds.
“You shouldn’t make money from a bunch of poor people,” Lynch concludes. In 2009, Lynch founded Youzu network as CEO. Later, many people persuaded Lynch to enter the youth market, he said: No.
Youzu’s first game is “thirty six strategies” of war strategy. Lynch believes that this is different from the simple “second kill, brainless PK” page game, is a game that can fully mobilize players’ thinking strategy. After 2008, it is the beginning of China’s transition from mobile games to web games. Thirty six stratagems is a hit. The next year, Youzu network launched “a sword in ten years”, which was also a great success.
“At the beginning of the industry, the market was very good.” Lynch thinks that he has taken the elevator: “just like Wenzhou people made shoes 30 years ago, as long as the shoes can be worn, even if they leak a few steps, they can still be sold.”
In 2011, the scale of Youzu network has been expanding, with more than 10 new games. But the company is also facing the difficulties of “lack of people, money and products”. “From 2009 to 2011, I would calculate almost every week how much money was still on the account.” Lynch said that in his previous business, because he couldn’t pay his salary, “the next day things were gone, and there were only tables left in the office.”.
“I’ll never forget that feeling in my life.” Lynch said that he would continue to deduce obsessively until there was so much money on the account that he didn’t have to consider the issue of pay, so that he could sleep at ease.
Towards the highlight of life
“As a child, what can make time fly and make you happy? The answer is your pursuit in the world.” The life of Yu’s boss Lynch and Duoyi’s boss Xu Bo both confirm Jung’s words: they have eaten the coldest and hardest steamed bread, but they also know the most about loser mentality. Once they enter the game industry, they are like a big fish into the sea and quickly climb to the top of their life.

In 2012, CCTV’s “news studio” reported that you had a revenue of nearly 20 billion yuan in the first eight months of this year, and interviewed Lynch. In 2013, you Zu and Lynch took advantage of ChinaJoy to appear on the news network. In 2014, Lynch was a guest of financial weekly, with Yuan Longping, Liu Chuanzhi and Xu Jiayin standing beside him.
Also in this year, meihuasan, a backdoor listed company of Youzu, landed in a shares, and Lynch became the youngest chairman of a shares. He is worth more than 5 billion yuan, ranking third in Hurun’s list of the post-80s. After getting rich quickly, Lynch also got his father’s approval.
But this year also foreshadows Lynch’s life:
In August 2014, Lynch founded Youzu film, and announced that he would invest 1.2 billion yuan to shoot “three body”. This is the most valuable sci-fi IP in China’s history. At first, it is said that it was sold the film and television adaptation right for 100000 yuan, and more than 100 million yuan was bought by Youzu. In 2016, “three bodies” won the Hugo Award, which also made you hold the gold mine and doubled the pressure of public opinion.
And the performance of Youzu network itself has also encountered bottlenecks. In 2019, Youzu’s net profit was revised from RMB 550 million to RMB 257 million. Lynch was also found to reduce his holdings several times before the performance correction, cashing out a total of 14.73 million shares. Among them, the effect of “game buying” is declining, and it is difficult to get income and profit from promotion fees, which may be the problems faced by you.
Tea is always to be drunk
In the TV program many years ago, Charlie, the founding partner of starting point venture capital, commented on Lynch’s character: “entrepreneurs want to be the first. What about him? Just be second. I’ve been to the market. I’ve learned how to do mobile games. It’s not the first one after all. ” Chari believes that with China’s shift from page games to mobile games, the tour group will encounter difficulties.
But no one thought that Lynch would suddenly come to the end of his life. How to give Lynch a final conclusion?
Xiong Guicheng, former vice president of Baidu 91 wireless, believes that Lynch is “like a loser and a local tyrant”. Qu Heng, another good friend of his, the deputy general manager of Golden Mantis decoration, recalled: when he first met Lynch, Lynch was furious with his employees: “can’t get in touch? Shall I go to the road and look for it myself? ” Qu Heng thinks, how can this guy be so fierce?
Lynch himself is not morally perfect, and his personnel appointment is not critical. Some media pointed out that Lynch likes to employ “flawed talents”.
Many years ago, Lynch’s way of encouraging employees to manage themselves on TV programs was “self-management.”. But in the role-playing, he put great pressure on the employees who were paid. Guests at the scene said frankly that Lynch’s management style was “very untrue” and had a “rogue” side.
It is reported that Xu Yao, who was poisoned this time, may have lost 2 billion yuan to Youzu network due to the failure of investment, and was forced to pay back the money by Lynch. Lynch’s style of appointing executives and acting, in turn, engulfed him.
But this kind of ruthlessness is Lynch’s advantage. “Today, I’m going to Beijing to take the exam. I don’t want to learn from Li Zicheng.” Lynch, who likes Chairman Mao’s poems, is the most direct aspect of his character: from the dark small coal mine to the youngest chairman of A-share company, countless chains are connected with one momentum.
Wenzhou is the place where camellia is born, and the life of camellia is better. He has been drinking tea since he was a child, and he has not been able to get rid of this habit in the most difficult and empty days of starting a business. “You have to drink tea, don’t you? You can’t eat without food and drink without tea. ” People who know him say that Lynch is a jack up. Until the end of his life, these habits were with him.